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05 October 2007 @ 08:22 pm
Argh! Finally, finally some time for my poor livejournal. Living on my own for the first time + univeristy + new job = BUSY me! Trying to recap a bit - in other words: rant *smile*

I had a blast when the last book came out. Went to visit melodytime and we (and a lot of other people) sat in line for the book all Friday night/Saturday morning. Yes, sat. No way that I would stand four hours straight! Or was it five? I can't quite remember.

Anyways, we sat there, ate melons and ice-cream (an ice-cream truck stopped outside the book store when the driver saw the long line of people. Lucky us!) We also had a portable CD-player. The CD we played (loudly) contained songs from bands with such creative names as "Draco and the Malfoys", "Remus and the Lupins" and "Harry and the Potters". Band names aside the music was good and most of the lyrics easy to learn. Before long I had joined in the shout-singing. "These Days Are Dark", "My Dad Is Rich", "Umbridge Is Going Down" and of course the all time favorite "I Couldn't Kill Albus Dumbledore" were sung quite a lot.

The funniest thing about the whole thing was that three of our party (we were twelve in total...I think) weren't there to buy the book. They just wanted to hang out with us or something. They did cheer for us when we each got the book though *smile* As soon as one of us reached the end of the line and bought a book, those three'd chant that person's name while applauding loudly. Of course we all joined in the cheering as soon as we had our books. I was second-last of us to buy it, so I got quite a crowd applauding me. Great fun!

When the whole standing in line bit (which was almost half the fun with getting the seventh book) was over we retired to melodytime's dad's house and began reading. I fell asleep sometime around 7 a.m. and therefore got left behind a bit, as the others stayed up longer. Finished first though. About 9 p.m. the following day I'd read the whole book.

Still haven't quite realized that the Potters books are finished for good now. Will probably dawn on me sometime in the near future. Luckily I have Stargate Atlantis to fall back on.

Of course I can't just talk about reading the book without actually talking about the book. So here goes spoilers (though most people who avoid spoilers most likely have read the book already, I'm not taking any chances):

Whoa, I must just say. What a ride. My mum read me the first book when I was ten, so I've been in this fandom a long time. It's...weird for it all to be over now. Makes me feel old *smile*.

In an attempt to make this rant a little more organized I decided to add subheadings.

The Mood

The setting and actions shown in this book was quite different from the earlier adventure's of Harry. It was less a book for children and more one for young adults. That's a thing I like about the Potter books - they grow up when Harry does. The first book was very much one for younger people (though adults could read and enjoy it too of course), while the later ones have contained a lot more dark themes.

I've read a few comments here and there about people who think of this "darkening" of the mood in the Potter books as a bad thing. I can't really argue with that as everyone read books for different reasons. It worked for me though. Then again I've always been roughly the same age as Harry when a new book has been published, so maybe that's made me like the change of mood more.

The Dead

So many dead characters! I think that was what truely sent the "this is war" wibes. In my opinion none were "unnecessary" deaths though. The first two deaths (the ex-Muggle Studies Professor and Hedwig) were wake-up calls of a sort for us readers. There's a war on and no one is safe, not even the pets. Mad-Eye Mood dying and George's ear being cut off was "good" too - it would have been almost annoying for everyone to survive something as big as getting Harry to safety. Dobby's death was sad, but he got a good funeral. Pettigrew got a good end too, in my opinion.

"The Battle of Hogwarts" saw quite a few deaths. About fifty in total on Harry's side if I remember correctly. Fred and Collin Creevy hurt, which was good. Once again, they're at war. Bellatrix' death was almost funny - I had no idea the Black's had a genetic I'm-about-to-die laugh. I was never interested in Tonks as a character, so her death was sort of unimportant to me.

Snape and Lupin I was prepared for. That generation seemed sort fo doomed from the beginning. I would have liked for Lupin to have gotten a bit more "screen time" with his death, but Harry seeing everyone die would have been weird.

I didn't go into all the deaths. With as much having been written about this book on the Net I have no doubts that someone else already as dedicated pages to the characters I left out.

The Ministry

I loved how quickly Voldemort got control over the wizardian world and that he did it "from the shadows". It gave a much more realistic feeling than him storming the place would have. Muggle-borns being accused of having stolen their magic and having to be registered was just perfect. And Umbridge! Oh I do love to hate that woman.

Luna, Ginny and Neville

Luna and Neville got such good roles in this books; Neville especially. Leading a rebellion at Hogwarts and just generally interacting with other characters. Ginny on the other hand could have had it better. She too got to rebell at Hogwarts, which was great, but then she sort of melted into the background. Harry thought of her a lot, but it was all very abstract. She could have done more.

Ginny and Harry's relationship just felt very sporradic. They had that (odd) kissing scene at the Burrows, but otherwise Ginny was pretty much out of sight. She's an interesting character and the Ginny/Harry pairing would have been better if she'd gotten to do more.


There was a lot of background story...

Edit: Am both surprised and not surprised at him being gay. 'Cause I was seriously thinking "slash" everytime Grindelwald was mentioned. And not in the "oh they're hot, should slash them"-kind of way (seldom get that - prefer chemsitry in my pairings), but in the "how could they not have been making out like monkeys drugged with Spanish Fly"-kind. No complaints though *grin*


Snape is and will always be my favorite Pottervese character. I've seen his feelings for Lily being refered to as an "silly schoolboy crush grown obsessive" and similare things. Must disagree on that point. Lily was the poor man's best (only) friend and he got her killed, indirectely, but still. Obsessing over something like that doesn't seem all too weird to me. Yes, he obviously had a crush on her (or did he? Discuss among yourselves - being happy to have someone as a friend can be just as important as having someone as a girlfriend), but they'd also been friends since they were seven-year-olds.

The "feelings for Lily" weren't really a spure-of-the-moment thing. If I only had had one friend in my whole life and then in a round-about-way got her killed + didn't have much of a chance at an ordinary life what with having been on the side of the "bad guys" in a war, I wouldn't have hesitated long before becoming a spy either.

I haven't heard any complaints about Sirius' obsession with revenge against Pettiegrew - a way of redemption for his indirect part in James' (and of course Lily's) death. How different is Sirius' determination to more or less repent for their death from Snape's "turning to the light side", really?

The Epilouge

The only part of the book I really didn't like. It didn't bother me overly much though as it's so easy to ignore. It all felt very random and the whole "they're married with children = happy happy joy" annoyed me a little (and no, I've got nothing against either marraige or children).

The Rest

Hmm, what else, what else? Well, the whole "Deathly Hallows" thing was a bit sudden I must say. I would have liked to have had hints dropped earlier about that. More of a built-up to it.

Could have been much, much worse though, so in conclution I'm not the least traumatized. The Harry Potter Era(tm) has come to an end of a sort and I'm feeling rather good about it. My childhood can rest in peace I believe *smile*

SGA and House are back on again, both for their fourth seasons! *happy* Just saw the first episodes and things are (IMHO) looking good for this autumn. Heard there'd be an okay amount of Zelenka. McKay I have no fear will show up often and be as brilliant as always. And there was a lot of House vs Wilson snark in "Alone", oh happy day!

Hopefully I will have time to actually watch the damn episodes *sigh*. Luckily it's two weeks until the next exam.

Need sleep now. Or possibly chocolate.
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melodytimemelodytime on February 16th, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC)
I love what you've written under the heading "Dumbledore"; _There was a lot of background story_

lol lol - yes admittedly there was. And then comes the part about snape which is half a page. I lol at you really >_<'

And we had a blast, didn't we? :D
Nonesane: ...he isnonesane on February 16th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
I did try to keep things brief, as just about half the Internet and their dog had written essays on the damn book before I even thought about it. But I needed to vent a bit, so here is my rant *grin* Will edit in "Dumbledore be gayz", when I feel I have time - cause not mentioning that would just be sad.

As for writing so much about Snape (which was more of a Snape/Lily-relationship rant), he is my favorite HP character. Of course I write the most about my favorite - seriously what did you expect? *wink* And I got a little tired of the people that were talking about the "unrealism" of Snape being so devoted to Lily (they were everywhere for a long time...*twitch*) Not that I deny that such devotion is hard to find - but
1) It's canon - only way to contradict that is to write AU or type around it *cough*Tonks/Lupin*cough*
2) As I said above: you get your best (only) friend killed = feel a bit of guilt, right? Combining that with a future with nada possibilities = obsession/klinging to the past. Not saying what he did was healthy, just pointing out that it wasn't very odd.

Now I'll stop ranting, have a nice day! *grin* And yes, we did have a lot of fun when this came out. Good memories!