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27 July 2007 @ 12:40 am
First SGA fic  
Okay, so I'm finally coherent enough to post something. Work is tough at the moment. I was not made to get up at 5.30 am and pick strawberries all day. But never mind that. The deadline on my first prompt for the lover100 challenge was reached faster than I had expected. The longer fic I'm working on isn't finished yet, so I wrote another, shorter one to be able to keep my claim.

Before you click this link, please take notice that it hasn't been beta-read. My apologies, but there was no time. Therefore I'll be twice as happy to recevie comments with constructive criticism!

Title: Discussion?
Author: nonesane
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay
Genre: Slash
Table: B
Prompt: 35. Act
Rating: PG
Word Count: 945
Summary: There’s a fight in the main lab.
Warnings: Not beta-read!
Notes: Sadly I didn’t have time to have this beta-read. I was working on another, longer fic and realized I was running out of time to post (it’s been almost a month since I made my claim), so I more or less threw this together. Hopefully it’s readable.
Disclaimers: Stargate Atlantis belongs to Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions and the Sci-Fi Channel, not me. This is merely a fanfic, no profit is made by me.

John inwardly rolled his eyes. The urge to say ‘here we go again’ was almost ridiculously strong. Zelenka and McKay were having another discussion. You really had to be both deaf and blind to not notice them. If the raised voices weren’t enough to get your attention, the mass escape of scientists probably was.

Men and women in white coats were drifting down the hallway, all of them moving away from the main lab. Some of them were trying to be discreet about it – failing miserably. The others appeared resigned, too used to these kind of outbursts to either be annoyed or subtle in their retreat.

John ducked into an empty, smaller corridor on the right and leaned against the wall. Waiting until the crowd thinned out was always an easier option than dealing with disgruntled geeks. Some of the newbies would most likely not have realized the futility of complaining yet and John always got saddled with explaining. Listening to people bitching about McKay was not how he’d planned to spend his day off.

A familiar blonde head appeared at the end of the hall. It seemed like Cadman was the unlucky person on patrol here. Or had been the unlucky person, at least. With their current rotation schedule she should have finished her security check a few minutes ago. She was making her way through the crowd, taking great care not to catch anyone’s attention. John gave her a nod as he caught her gaze and she apparently took that as an invitation to join him. She stepped around a couple of scientist and made halt in front of him, face split in a relieved grin.

“Any idea what started that?” John asked, gesturing in the general direction of the main lab.

Cadman gave a one shoulder shrug. “Don't know the details, sir, but I can guess. I think Zelenka and McKay didn’t see eye-to-eye on some theory one of the new guys had.” She indicated a young, fair-haired man that hurried past them. “When I walked by the others had just begun to clear out. No personal insults yet, though. At least I don’t think there were. I don’t speak Czech so I can’t be sure."

John didn’t sigh out loud. At least he thought he hadn’t.

“On your way to see McKay?” Cadman asked, her grin now more of a smirk.

“I was. Now I’m not so sure. When they’re like that they can go on for hours.” The prospect of listening to McKay and Zelenka verbally pulling each other’s hair wasn’t overly appealing. True, it could be a fun show, but interrupting them in any way meant facing their combined wrath. From what John could hear it sounded like they were on a roll. When that happened you disturbed them at your own risk. He didn’t feel like risking his first free afternoon out of curiosity.

“I think I’ll find myself something to eat instead.” A tactical retreat was never cowardly. Besides, he needed to catch up on ‘War and Peace’.

“Sounds like a good plan, sir.”


The main lab was completely silent. Ten minutes passed. Then:

“Are they gone?”

The sound of fingers on a computer keyboard filled the room. Steps moved over to the door. Clothes rustled faintly as a head was stuck out through the open entrance. Another minute went by.

“Yes. They’ve all left this section of the city. The majority of them appear to have relocated to the mess hall.”

The door closed with the soft noise of air being pressed together. The footsteps returned to the general vicinity of the computer keyboard. There was another, much briefer silence.

“We’re all set then?” There was an excited shifting from foot to foot.

“Hmm, I should think so. No one is patrolling the nearby corridors at the moment. And should they become curious enough to make use of the life sign detectors, they will simply think we have moved our dispute to your quarters. I think we will be left alone for the time being.”

“They’ll only have the guts to come look for us if there’s a real emergency. Locking the door is probably a good idea though. And let’s get out of here before Sheppard embraces his suicidal side again. He said something about dinner earlier…”

The chair by the computer desk turned 180 degrees with a soft squeak. “You had other dinner plans?”

Hands flew out of pockets to wave in sharp, nearly frantic, negating gestures. “Of course not! But you know Sheppard. When he thinks I’m working too late he’s as stubborn as…Well, he didn’t really believe my ‘I have other plans’ explanation and then he just sort of kept insisting.”

Chuckling. “Ah yes. He is a man of impressive patience.” A deep breath was drawn, no doubt to fuel a long, ranting protest. Thankfully said protest was cut off before it could begin. “And therefore I agree with your suggestion. I will need to gather a few items, then I will be ready to leave.”

Papers were being stuffed into folders. There was a short, loud ‘beep’ as the computer shut down. The door opened again.

“It is times like these that I miss life before this expedition. Then it was possible to have dinner in peace, without first staging an argument in the middle of a crowded room.”

“Yes, yes, I know. You can bitch about their lack of respect for privacy all you want in my quarters. After you’ve cooked me dinner of course.”

If a human being rolling his eyes could have been heard by other human beings, that sound would have echoed through the lab.

“And I am right about the last part of Anderson’s theory. You know that, right?”

The no doubt very scathing reply was lost as the lab door closed behind them.
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melodytimemelodytime on August 2nd, 2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
Still know next to nothing about this series - but that this drabble was very much readable for me anyway (and funny!) should reassure you that this is good. And it is good, you've gotten really good at not making the text awkward to read (well you never really did write awkward parts), but what I'm trying to say is that I can find nothing at all to critize. Someone who knows about the series will have to comment on the characters IC-factor though, can't say much about that.

BTW... Yay! You're listening to Säkert!.. & I love Sanningsdan!
Nonesane: SGA meets Izzardnonesane on August 11th, 2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it! Always great when a non-fan can read a fic and still like it *happy* Did some smaller edits now, but I'm pretty satisfied with it overall.

I don't agree that I don't write awkward parts (the first draft of "Unknown Effect" and that odd somewhat drabble being a few examples) but I'm practicing hard and I think I'm improving. Still need to work on the over explaining though. *shakes head at self*

Yes, Säkert! is great! I like "Sanningsdan" too, but my favorite is either "Och Jag Grät Mig Till Sömns Efter Alla Dar" or "Allt Som Var Ditt". Do they have an album out yet? 'Cause I need to buy it.
lilyayllilyayl on August 12th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
Very cute. I liked John's role in this. I can see Rodney and Radek having to resort to such techniques.
Nonesane: SGA meets Izzardnonesane on August 13th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Being the top two in the science hierarchy doesn't leave much room for shared free evenings - but I couldn't really see Zelenka and McKay letting something as simple as that get in their way. And I needed to write something cute while finishing "Unknown Effect" or risk going into depression *smile*

John was fun to write. I like how he interacts with Rodney, slash or no slash, so including him in this little drabble was almost a must.