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12 July 2007 @ 10:20 pm
Of Cats and Universities  
The last couple of days have been rather...roller coaster-y, or some word to that effect. My application for university managed to get a bit messed up, so I won't know until the 13th of August if I get in where I want to be. I might end up having to work full time next year - something I'd rather not do. Damn the weird application system they've created. I don't think I've heard from a single of my friends who've gotten theirs right. Something has to be done about that system. Because of that I'm feeling a bit down (though I'm sure it'll all be fine in the end, just really stressful while going on).

On the other hand I'm also feeling really happy. Sebastian arrived this evening and he seems to like it here. Dad's friend was really sad to see him go - though at the same time relieved that she'd found him a permanent home - so she was a little teary eyed and Sebastian was a bit nervous at first, especially after she left. But after a while he started purring and followed random family members around the house. At the moment he's fast asleep in what appears to be his new favorite corner - a cranny behind our oldest computer.

Now that things have calmed down a bit I shall get back to finishing my first Stargate fic. Feeling a bit nervous about that as well, but it can't do more than suck *smile*
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melodytimemelodytime on July 15th, 2007 10:42 am (UTC)
It won't suck! (because I've read a bit of it and it was very well-written and interesting, and as a sidenote - I actually did watch some Stargate Atlantis this weekend though well I still have no idea what I'm talking about, but the series did not suck and I did like McKay)

As for the university - I know it sucks to have to wait for an answer, but it looked like they needed students where you wanted to go so they'll be happy to have you, I imagine.

And you people have a cat now! POWER TO THE CAT! You are part of the global cat-maffia now (those conspiracy-makers got it all wrong - it's all about the cat-owners, not some weird old freemasons)
Nonesane: SGA meets Izzardnonesane on July 16th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
Sent the fic to my beta a few days ago - hoping to get a reply soon *bites finger nails* And ooooh, you watched SGA! And you liked McKay (though, who doesn't?)! Which episode was it? (The SGA love must be spread! Foremost the Zelenka love. McKay rocks the socks of all known universes and there are a lot of other great characters on the show, but there needs to be many more Zelenka fans!)

Speaking of watching-things-from-fandoms, I just saw Harry Potter movie 5 (the reason I wasn't online when you wrote me on MSN), so now I'm more than ready for the 7th book next week! And I've finished reading most of your recs. Me liked!

Re: the university stuff, I think I have it pretty much fixed now. They apparently had a lot of free spots on the course I want to join. I have to wait until the 13th of August to actually apply, but as no one else can do that before then either I think things are pretty okay.

And yes, soon the felines will rise to power! Only we, their loyal servants, shall be spared and live lives of luxury. May the Great Paw of the Sky have mercy upon the rest...*chuckles*