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Soooo...we're getting a cat. Jupp, a cat. The whole process of deciding to get this new pet (for we have had every rodent known to man, a salamander, two birds and some fish - no felines or canines though) was fairly obscure and sudden. This afternoon my mum just casually mentioned how nice it would be to have a cat. I agreed of course, since me and my sister have been nagging our parents to get a cat for...well, ever, I suppose. And we'd given up, long ago. Then all of a sudden mum wants a cat. Which is great, but kinda "where did that come from?"

Anyways, so she said that and I - in my mind - went Well, that'll probably happen...when both me and sis have moved out...and mum and dad have retired...and are feeding pigeons in the park. I thought mum just had made a random remark. Boy was I fooled. Must have eaten oblivious-oatmeal this morning or something, 'cause the next thing I know dad's calling a friend at the animal shelter, sis is running about the house collecting a-thousand-ways-to-raise-a-cat-without-risk-of-damage-to-mental-health-books and mum's planning a heated box-typa-thing that the cat can seek refuge in if it's outside in winter and we're not home. It was all a bit crazy.

In the end there actually was a cat for us to come and pick up at the shelter. This Monday. A lot faster than I'd imagined the whole "let's get a cat"-thing going. I'm terribly confused, yet very excited at the same time. I've seen a picture of him - looks a bit like a grey/white, fluffy Garfield with attitude to match. Just neurotic enough to fit in with us I gather. Can hardly wait until Monday!

In the world of fandom everything is good at the moment. New RP-period begins in aternaville tomorrow and fic writing's going well. Currently working on a McKay/Zelenka fic that includes time travel, angst and not much else. Not very original I know, but the plot bunny was chewing at my brain as if it was a golden carrot and I needed to warm up with something familiar, since I haven't written SGA-fics before. Hopefully I'll manage to get a beta-reader and that it won't suck completely.

Might write a McKay/Sheppard fic sometime in the future, since that seems to be a rite of passage for SGA slashers. Currently working on my McKay/Zelenka table at lover100, but I ship orgy!Atlantis so any pairing in that fandom is ok with me. McKay and Zelenka just happen to be my favorite characters and there are still far too few Zelenka fics out there (there's especially a lack of weird AU ones, which happens to be my speciality), so McKay/Zelenka seemed like a good choice for the whole "100 fic"-challenge. My muses and plot bunnies want me dead, I'm quite sure of it.
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