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17 June 2007 @ 09:07 pm
'Cause Jacks That Are Captains Own My Soul  
Two things happened recently that has made me close to insanely happy. One is this. Seriously, a poll for favorite slash couple on the official website? Made my week, even though Zelenka and Beckett are missing - three pairings are still more than none.

The second is "Utopia". There was human!Master. There was timelord!Master, who apparently had been sniffing something quite interesting and refreshing (villains on speed = lurv). And then of course there was Jack. He needs no comment.

I'm quite convinced that somewhere, on some small planet there's a religion dedicated to Jack Harkness. Very fertility oriented mind you. Big families. Friendly towards visitors...

That needs to be a fic I think. Involving alienstriedtomakeusdoit!Plot (why should Stargate have all the fun when Dr Who has more aliens?). And lot of flirting!Jack. And a Quantum Mirror so it can end up a crossover with SGA.

I think I just scarred myself for life. Oh well. Though now I have 30 unfinished fics. And I have to decide which dragon slayer team Jeeves fits most. No sleep tonight either, whoopee.
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