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16 June 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Fics everywhere  
This is a meme I snagged from windout- who I believe snagged it from savemoony. Anyways, it goes like this:

1. Find all the unfinished fics you have lurking around your computer.
2. Post summaries (and titles, if any) of these fics.
3. Laugh at yourself.

Well, I needed both a list of all my not-quite-finished-stories and a good laugh, so there goes.

A Knight's Tale

  • Getting Married? - Happy ever after is never that simple. And Chaucer and Wat need to make out. Oh, Chaucer spied on the French for the king IRL. Did you really think I could just ignore that?


  • Crack!Fic - This is nothing and no more than pure silliness; a crossover of the worst kind and most surely a spawn of evil. There will be characters appearing right and left for no apparent reason depending on my mood. People will be Out Of Character. Master and Commander Characters will be appearing constantly. The plot-bunny is almost certainly only a masked, demented guinea pig. Someone might even eat a puppy.

    The last thing was a lie; it’s a full-grown dog.
  • Crossovers100 - 100 prompts. 100 chapters. A pissed off sea goddess. A confused Sayid Jarrah. A fleeing Captain Jack Sparrow. Endless crossovers.
  • Good OmensxConstantine - It's post-the-end-of-the-world-that-wasn't. Aziraphael and Crowley didn't quite get away scot-free. Alternative universes can be such a bother sometimes.
  • Hp/The Crow/House - Draco and Harry are dead. Or at least they were. Now Harry's wandering around town in Halloween make-up in the middle of July, trying to spring Draco from the ER of Princeton-Plainsboro. Are patients supposed to bleed black and not have heartbeats?
  • Jeeves & Wooster/PotC - AU after PotC-DMC. Waaay AU for anything J&W. Captain Sparrow and Privateer Captain Norrington are stuck in some backwater town. They mess with the same group of pirates and must cooperate to escape. Sparrow spots a merchant ship he recognizes and in the face of approaching death-by-gun-shots-and-stab-wounds Norrington follows him on-board. The question then is: whose ship is it anyways? Being written 'cause the world needs ex-pirate!Jeeves working for a Captain Wooster. Idea based on this and used with permission.
  • Kinks from A to Z - Random drabbles from tones of fandoms, all based on fic-kinks of mine (not all smutty, get your mind out of the gutter...okay, so there's some smut...50%...or more *sigh*). melodytime and I challenged each other to do this to bust my writer's block. She'll be drawing hers *pleased grin*
  • PotC/Master & Commander - What would happen if Captain Sparrow found the Fountain of Youth? Well, most likely not this.
  • SGA/HP - AU where the wizards have control of the Earth Stargates. The Ancients are their ancestors. The ATA-gene is the 'magic'-gene. Sheppard is an Airborne Auror. McKay is a Squib with a couple of PhDs and a strong disliking for wizardian society. UK and US have the gates. Muggles get involved. The Minister of Magic is not pleased. Add Snape, Draco, Harry, Hermione and Ron and you have chaos.
  • SGA/Utena/Kyou Kara Maou - Where did all the Furlings go? McKay finds the answer.
  • The Fantastic Adventures of Random Hero(in?) - Parodies all fantasy quest story movies in general. Has cameos of characters from all kinds of fandoms. House gets to be a dragon...who wants his iPod. Good for him.


  • Chaos Project - Switching the roles and genders of 90% of all Elfquest characters and then acting out the plot. Sometimes I scare myself...or should that be 'mentally scar'?
  • Dart and Kimo - How these two got together. Gift fic for melodytime.
  • Elfquest-thingie - Shuna, Dart and Kimo traveling. AU, since they'll be meeting up with Ember's tribe right after they left Howling Rock.
  • Weird Recognition - 'Cause I've always wanted to know what would happen if Rayek Recognized with Winnowill still trapped in his head. And that poor guy needs to be chased around a little himself, instead of always being the 'needy' one.
  • What Aroree Found - AU where Rayek is raised by the Gliders. Otherwise things are normal. Winnowill breastfeeding Rayek was painful enough to write without messing with something else.

Harry Potter

  • Sirius/Remus - Marauders Era smut for melodytime.
  • The Marauders - Co-written with melodytime. Our take on the Marauders Era of the Potterverse. Told from the POV of Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.
  • Whys, Why Nots and Other Questions - Waiting-for-book-seven speculations mostly. Will most likely never be continued as soon as I've read nr 7, so it's on ice.


  • Rawwits - House has an idea. He calls it "The Bunny Theory".

Jeeves & Wooster

  • First Try - Aunt A.'s play at being a matchmaker goes horribly wrong. She wishes him to marry a Lady Elspeth Lamton. Only, Lady Lamton and her brother seem to have plans of their own, and while they involve the marriage of one Bertram Wooster they might not be so favourable for him. Will Jeeves have time to save the day as per usual?

Pet Shop of Horrors

  • New PSoH - Leon is ready to give up his search. He gets a little encouragement from D's grandfather. To put it mildly, that confuses the hell out of him.
  • PSoH in a cab - As a cab driver you hear the strangest stuff. This night is no different.

Stargate Atlantis

  • Biggest Fear - Radek and Rodney are tipsy and discuss phobias. Surprises ahead?
  • Hok'tar - Watching Heroes non-stop + thought of SGA cast with super powers + need for Zelenka love = Doctor Radek Zelenka is saved from being mugged one evening on the way home from the store. His savior is his somewhat intimidating, but friendly neighbor Ronon Dex. Dex and his girlfriend Teyla seem to be friends with most of the other people in the small apartment complex they live in and are more or less inviting Zelenka to share in that friendship, which is nice. The problem is just that Zelenka's on the run. When you can make any matter known to man bend to your will you tend to become quite the human target for all kinds of organizations. Therefore he's fairly paranoid and has a hard time trusting these strangers. Well, at least until he finds out some quite interesting things about them...
  • Romance - Rodney sucks at the whole romance thing. Is he better at being courted? We'll see.
  • Siberia Sucks - AU from the time McKay spent in Siberia pre-Atlantis. McKay is bored to tears. Bored enough to resign from his job and run off with his new sort-of-friend? Well, when the friend in question has a spaceship... Somewhere along the ride there will be an orgy, 'cause there is no such things as an OTP for me in SGA.
  • The Name Game - A few of the Atlantians amuse themselves with finding out what their names mean...and taunting each other to death over the answers.
  • Whew - Sheppard think there should be a mandatory combat training day for all the civilian personnel. McKay and Zelenka disagree.

...29 unfinished fics. Damn, I've been busy with school for far too long. Better get a-writing!
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melodytimemelodytime on June 22nd, 2007 09:43 am (UTC)
The prompts! The prompts! *should get to work* *is lazy* *procrastinates*... No I _will_ get to work qwith those piccies... I will....

Also: PsoH in a cab? Rawwits? And the crow fic!! Dammit I crave the crow fic! iiiiiiiii fics! so many fics! I will never disturb you again and then you will write *nodnod*
Nonesane: Thoughtful Time Lordnonesane on June 26th, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
Someday they shall all be written down in a Word-document...then be rewritten...and rewritten...and beta-read...and rewritten...And somewhere around attempt number one-hundred-and-ten be finished. The Crow-thing isn't quite dead yet. Thinking about taking it off lifesupport sometime next week. Currently SGA is eating my brain whilst muttering in Czech. But yes, yes, I will get to writing other stuff soon. Will just have to indulge in some HP-fiction, so I don't get everyone completely out of character.