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Greetings from Berlin

Oh it's been forever since I last wrote something here *moan of shame* I've been pretty dead, as far as the Net goes, for the past three months or so. I blame school, though the true reason is most likely my own lack of abition... But I'm graduating this year so there's quite a lot of stuff to do! I've got my end-of-term project that needs finishing (needs it bad!) and then I have to write a report about that, and do a lot of tests, and write all those stories and fics I have started on (the Jeeves and Wooster things especially...not to mention "What Aroree Found" *goes slightly gaga*) 

Oh well, life's too short and all that. Hopefully I'll have time to catch up with things at the end of the Easter break, when I  _hopefully_  have finished all school stuff *crosses fingers and hopes* Now I need some's a little tough to find vegetarian food in Berlin, but I'll try *hungry*

Tags: rants, real life
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