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Final Quest #17

Had to take a few days to recover from nr 16. Here we go with nr 17. Oh boy.

Savah has traveled in a piece of the Palace to the swampelves, together with Sunstream. They have a naked, silent reunion. It is exactly as awkward as you're picturing it. Savah giggles.

Cutter remembers Sunstream, though calls him Suntop. Redlance, Nightfall, Skywise and Leetah keep being referred to as Cutter's "Heart Circle". I keep trying to remember if this was a concept before Final Quest. Also, Leetah sends with Cutter, talking about how the swampelves are tied to the World of Two Moons. Leetah commenting that the same thing is very true for Cutter.

The Djunslanders have arrived on the continent where the Wolfriders live. Shuna, human!Shenshen and currently-not-wolf!Kimo discuss strategies for dealing with them.

Then we're in the desert with Rayek and...Daboi. Now that I read his name again I can't help but think of it as some sort of stage name. Oh well, that's always the danger of made-up names. And real names, actually.

No matter. Daboi says he sucks at surviving in the wild and begs Rayek not to leave him in the middle of nowhere. Rayek owes Daboi one for helping save his life, sparing elves and humans both from Winnowill's freedom.

Now, Daboi refers to Winnowill as "The Evil One", which has Rayek go on a snooty 'we elves are above such petty words as evil' speech, along with explaining how recent events have changed him. Because telling is much better than showing, right?

...sorry I'm really having to force myself to read the comic at this point. All these clumsy hints that elves think differently than humans clash with all memory I have of Elfquest as a series. I miss the beautiful show not tell of the Original Quest. Just. Ugh.

Rayek says he'll take Daboi to Shuna, then thinks to himself how he needs to seek Ekuar's and Venka's forgiveness.

We cut to Venka, Aroree, Ekuar and Windkin watching over a wrapstuffed Two-Edge who is close to death. Cutter & co show up in the Palace, Cutter still not quite himself. Leetah heals Two-Edge. Cutter says he needs to speak with Two-Edge, related to the war, and won't say more to his worried tribemates than "Don't worry". Oh boy.

Over at High Winds Holt everyone is preparing to move again. Apparently Dart and Mender are so caught up in new love that the rest of the tribe are making fun of their very long hunting trips (one of which is going on now). And yeah, Dart basically acts like he's high. But this is interrupted by Ember sending to her people, with the help of Sunstream. She tells them all Cutter has been found, but that he's not coming home. Everyone is confused.

Back at Two-Edge's sickbed Venka let's Two-Edge down gently when he makes further romantic advances towards her. He thankfully takes the rejection with calm and acceptance. Kudos to you Two-Edge.

Cutter now reveals his plan: For Two-Edge to lead them to the Frozen Mountains so he can open the door that New Moon's key leads to. Because that will help. Somehow. (Really old armor will stop bullets???) Two-Edge isn't too into this, since the trolls there have begun to act strange, worshipping their current king and building weird things.

Ekuar says they'll need him for this journey, but Venka stops him. She wants him with her when she next meets Rayek, saying she will force Rayek to give Winnowill over to the Palace for healing; if he refuses she'll have do all she can to end his abuse of her power, and Rayek will need Ekuar in either case. Ekuar looks very worried at this. (I would be more drawn in by this plot if we didn't know that Rayek is heading back to beg both their forgiveness).

Btw, Two-Edge comments on how Cutter seems as mad as him, at which Cutter comments that Two-Edge isn't the only one with two in him.

They head off to the Palace to get Ahdri instead of Ekuar, then fly off to the Frozen Mountains. All but Ahdri immediately have private flashbacks to the Palace War. But on a brighter note Cutter is now fine with sending again. Leetah cautions Skywise not to use Cutter's soul name yet, so he's not completely fine.

Things are going smoothly until Skywise starts scolding Cutter for taking risks. Cutter goes "well you'll lose me one day no matter what, mortal and all that". Skywise again brings up the get-rid-of-your-wolf-blood discussion. Cutter 'solves' this problem by saying he'll accompany Skywise to the a spirit.

As you can imagine Skywise is not okay with this. He starts pushing Cutter around a bit, trying to get him to see he doesn't want a disembodied, time-free spirit for company. This all finishes with Cutter's calm breaking and he out right attacks Skywise. The comic ends with them brawling.

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