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Final Quest #16

I'm waaaay late with this summary, but it's because 1) my comic shop was late notifying me the comic had come in, and 2) #16 & #17 left me feeling rather...blank.

Also, I'm suffering burn out, but that's more of a side note.

Oh boy. I just. I just don't know any more. Let's just get into this.


We start with Ekuar, Two-Edge and Petalwing busy trying to trap Rayek in wrapstuff to prevent him from flying off and blowing up the Djunland ships. They fail.


Rayek goes all Legion on them, talking in both his and Winnowill's voice at the same time. Two-Edge gets his sledgehammer smacked into his stomach, distracting Petalwing. Then Rayek stuns Ekuar, saying how he'll never trust him again.


Side note: Ekuar feels odd in this scene. I mean, having read Rogue's Curse with its many Winnowill-makes-Rayek-do-not-good-stuff scenes, this stammering and helpless Ekuar makes no sense to me. End side note.


Anyways, Rayek flies off and we cut to the Palace. Venka is asking the Go-Backs to calm down a little, since they're demanding the Palace's powers be used to make war on the Djunland fleet. Timmain shows up and basically says that they can go ahead and make war if they think that sounds like fun, as long as they do it for love. They can't use the Palace's powers though, because "reckless rage from within can throw the Palace's magic askew". This is apparently the reason the Palace crashed the first time around.


Sure. Whatever. Moving on.


We're back with Cutter & co in that glade somewhere. Redlance reveals that the swampelves eat dead skin when they hug people. Because of course they do. Nightfall is not so comfortable with this.


More attention is payed to why the swampelves react to Savah's name. We as readers get to see the swampelves sending about Leetah, calling her "she-shape, offshoot of Savah!" Apparently gender is a thing among the swampelves. Huh.


The swampelves seem happy to see this she-shape, "lost to them", returned. But enough of that! It's time for Cutter to get his memories back, for some reason. Don't ask me how, I have no idea.


Rayek attacks the Djunland fleet while the Wavedancers and that human-raised-by-Ember's-tribe watch, and Winnowill cheering him on. There is a lot of exploding and a lot of people being ripped to pieces.


Korafay isn't down with this and floats up to yell at Rayek. Rayek is alarmed by this as she's now in harm's way and also because she floats...but can't fly...except they're at the same height and...I've given up on trying to understand how Elfquest magic works at this point.


The human soldiers hesitate to shoot her because she's "too beautiful", *sigh*, but eventually do. Rayek flies to protect Korafay and thus gets shot in her place. Winnowill gloats about how she'll soon be free and encourages Rayek to give up. Korafay helps the mortally wounded Rayek down to the water where Snakeskin and a terrified Reef begin to heal him, with the help of human guy (I seriously don't remember his name).


We get a brief look at Cutter & co, realizing that the swampelves are distant ancestors of the Sun Folk. Cutter is getting his memories back, though seemingly only the pleasant ones.


Back to the dying Rayek! Salt tries to comfort Rayek. Rayek mistakes him for Ekuar and says he's oh so sorry. Reef, so freaked out by being close to Winnowill, accidentally goes out and meets Winnowill's spirit. Winnowill doesn't recognize him. Reef, finding out that her "attack" on him was an accident, forgives her. This somehow startles Winnowill "into innocence", leading to this scene:


This makes no sense to me


Still no clue where all this is coming from. I don't recall what Palace incident Rayek is referring to. It's weird how Rayek acts like this is an established thing about Winnowill, as if we've seen her getting jogged back to a crying innocent before. I mean, have I missed some really major plot points???


Oh well, let's continue. Rayek is healed. Since he and human-healer can't breathe under water Rayek flies off with him, the both of them strengthened by Reef and Snakeskin's healing magic.

According to the comic we then go to "Somewhere...Somewhen later..." Seems the comic is as lost as I am. Dre-Ahn heads on back to the Palace. Cutter talks about how the swampelves are awesome at hiding and one with nature. He thinks about how he too could hide here. Then he has a flash of Timmorn, thinking of him as both his ancestor and first cub. Cutter's life is confusing right now. Also, he thinks about how there would be no Star Home without the key in his sword's shaft.

The comic ends with Cutter saying he needs Two-Edge. We get a glimpse of Two-Edge in wrapstuff, watched over by Ekuar.


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