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I can drive a car...uhm, yay?

...woa. I actually did it. I got my driver's license! Took me nearly three years and cost a fortune, but I did it!

Yes, I'm a slow learner when it comes to practical things, such as driving; very slow. But on the other hand, getting a license is a pretty tough and expensive job here in Sweden. I talked to a few guys in the US who were about two years older than me. There was mentioning of _fifteen_ theory test questions and a driving test. There was much jealous anger on my part *smile*

Seriously though, after having suffered through two years of theory study (school doesn't stop just because you're allowed to start practicing for the driving test), waiting until I turn 18, a test with seventy questions, a trip to the test tracks (so they could see if I'd kill myself as soon as there's ice on the road and if I could handle hanging up-side-down in a car for more than two seconds) and a drive test that lasted one hour and fifteen minutes, I think I'm entitled to a little relief...and bragging, lots of bragging *sheepish yet blissful grin*

I've got another obsession too, by the way. How come I haven't noticed Numb3rs before? Charlie Eppes in particular. Well, no matter, now I have to catch up with the current season! (And perhaps study a little German along the way, we'll see).
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