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29 September 2016 @ 08:31 pm
Final Quest #15  
Summary (or rather, page by page disbelieving reaction) under the cut.

We start with Team Rescue Cutter barreling through an overgrown wood. Dre-Ahn is humming - I assume Ride of the Valkyries - the wolves are freaking out and Redlance is getting a trailed from the...trees. Because trees work like that now.

They spot Cutter in the loving embrace of the Swamp Elf Things. Leetah basically throws herself off a cliff to go to his rescue, which does not please the wood elves. They don't like Leetah at all, but back off. Leetah, showing that the Pinis remember some character development among their characters, asks Cutter to give her a sign that he wants to keep living - which he gives. Healing starts. Swap Elf Things not pleased.

Dre-Ahn starts humming louder and strips off all his clothes. Guess he's switched from Wagner to the OST of Magic Mike. Naked Dre-Ahn is apparently something Swamp Elf Things find interesting and they calmly swarm him.

Our regular schedualed trainwreck of a wolf chief is interrupted by Strongbow being SAD. He sends to Moonshade, who is appropriately cult-member-level-always-happy, which Strongbow doesn't take well. They send about how they will Never Ever Be Getting Back Together Ever.

And we're back at the woodland orgy. Well, not quite. Dre-Ahn's humming calms the Swamp Elf Things and the Cutter Rescue Team get naked - because for some reason that is needed??? - and the Swamp Elf Things start poking them. Redlance notes that their new friends(?) smell rotten, which is...good?...while Nightfall notes that they don't seem to be able to send. Also, Swamp Elf Things do not like healers.

Cutter wakes up, still clearly very out of it. No one dares send to him. Oh, and the first thing he sees after Leetah is the Swamp Elf Things. That's probably great for his mental state. As you could guess he runs off again.

Another cut-away! Salt and Spray have with help from Reef gotten a fish-tail vs legs and are going to the Palace. Yay? Oh well, they're off with Skimback and Korafay. Cut-away over!

The Benny Hill music stops and Team Rescue Cutter has caught up with him again. Cutter is completely out of it, not answering when spoken too, empty-eyed and numb. Not even getting New Moon back from Skywise lures words out of him. Skywise and Leetah try to bring him back to himself by talking to him about the Swamp Elf Things he's "found". Skywise comments on how Cutter always seems to be the one to find new people - well, minus the Wavedancers - and how he seemed to "know the name of Sorrow's End before they got there" (and if Cutter turns out to have some magical inner Elf Tribe Compass I will head-desk soooo hard...)

Now, this trip down memory lane gets Cutter to mutter "Sorrow's End" and "Savah?". Dre-Ahn then uses Savah's name in his latest remix, which has the Swamp Elf Things freaking out, staring at Dre-Ahn and all sending **Savah?!**

Cut to the elf in question, talking to Moonshade in the Palace! And boy do I feel stupid, because I didn't even realize in that dramatic scene back with Strongbow being SAD that the reason for his SAD this time was that Moonshade had assumed High One form. It's pretty obvious when I look back at the page now, since she's taller than the Sun Folk featured in the picture - I dunno, must have thought it was a perspective trick or something.

So Moonshade shifts back to her shorter Wolfrider shape and cries on Savah's shoulder for a bit about how it's hard not sharing a dream with your Recognized. In the room next door Sunstream is sending to Brill about how the Palace is splitting lifemates apart and it is soooo sad.

Now, remember how I mentioned how the Pinis have remembered some character development for our dear elves? ...yeah, prepare to have all of Rayek's development from Kings of the Broken Wheel and Shards thrown out the window.

Rayek, possibly egged on by Winnowill, wants to go on a revenge quest, hunting down and killing all humans who were responsible for hurting Venka ('cause he didn't get them all last time or something??). He and Ekuar argue, he won't listen to Ekuar, he flies off to hunt food for Ekuar that Petalwing can wrapstuff so Ekuar won't starve while Rayek is off killing...a bunch of humans. Who and where is not specified.

Two-Edge pops out of the ground while Rayek is gone and allies with Ekuar. Apparently Two-Edge thinks he can earn back Venka's favor by imprisoning her father...I'm sure that made sense to someone somewhen. Ekuar is totally down with locking Rayek up in wrapstuff for an undermined amount of time. He and Two-Edge attack Rayek (we're talking sledgehammer to the head kind of attacking) when he comes back from the hunt.

Yeah, I don't care how much Ekuar yells about Two-Edge doing no permanent damage, I do not at all recognize him anymore. Used to be so calm and fatherly, and now... *sigh* I'm too tired to try to loop my head around the revolving door that is Rayek's plot. Next!

Salt, Spray, Reef, Korafay and Skimback run into the Djunlander Armada on their way to follow the Call. Reef - in his Lovecraft's Scrooge McDuck form - dives down and sees that the ships have a metal hull. That's trouble.

Aboard the ships Daboi - you know, one of the human kids raised by Ember's tribe in a few previous issues of Final Quest yells at them to flee and warn Cutter and Sunstream. The armada is going to attack Father Tree Holt. Daboi asks for forgiveness and Reef has him jump ship, just before other crew members can arrest him.

The five Wavedancers send a warning to Sunstream, who relays it to all elves ever. Ember, when she hears about Daboi's betrayal of their secrets, says Teir should have pitched Daboi off a cliff. As a homeless child. Lovely.

Ember sends to Teir, who says he'll be bringing their splinter tribe to the Father Tree Holt, to fight like a group, or something. Venka, outside the Palace, talks to her Go-Backs about how using the Palace in a fight would poison it, so that's a no-go. We also get a glimpse of a Glider (Door??) tunneling their way through rock while dragging along a Go-Back they call 'slave', who has a rope around his neck that the Glider is pulling on (I swear I recognize said Go-Back, but his name is completely escaping me at the moment). And finally we end up with Shuna, human!Shenshen and wolf!Kimo who sense that shit is going down.

I honestly don't know what will happen next. Maybe they'll form Captain Planet. It would make as much sense as anything else at this point. We'll see in #16.
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paintstroked on September 29th, 2016 07:29 pm (UTC)
I can't even.

What? WHAT?!

Thanks so much for the summaries... I don't even have any words anymore. I'm grateful that you can manage some sort of coherent reaction to this stuff....

Nonesane: Rayek n Winnowillnonesane on September 29th, 2016 07:38 pm (UTC)
Glad I'm not the only one going ???? at Final Quest. I usually hate being negative about other people's creative projects, and I don't at all begrudge people who're enjoying this series, but it doesn't feel like ElfQuest to me anymore. There's so much of established canon being ignored, so many new things being introduced without the slightest hint of foreshadowing, so many characters acting in ways I can't being to wrap my head around, and...yeah, it's a mess, in my opinion.

Will be keeping up these summaries to the bitter end, though. I just can't look away O_O

Edited at 2016-09-29 07:39 pm (UTC)