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09 July 2016 @ 06:18 pm
It's Time to Stare at My Far Too Many Projects in Despair  
Did a post like this almost two years ago...and most of my projects have remained at a stand-still due to work, health and a million other things *sigh*

It's list time again! (Whenever is it not list-time with me...). These are not all my writing projects, just the ones I'm prioritizing right now.

If anyone's curious about my writing projects (original and fanfiction), I have a tumblr for my writing and a tag on my ordinary tumblr for all posts about said writing stuff.

Projects are not in alphabetical order this time around, but instead in "how complete is this"-order, with closest-to-being-finished at the top of the list.

Soul-Stealing Elves (Part 1 of the "Of Elves and Dwarrows" trilogy)
In one sentence: Elves are soul-eating sirens with no purpose in life other than to conquer and enslave all other creatures in the known world. Or?
Summary: A young dwarrow by the name of Jale will have to confront this question head-on when he accidentally saves the life of an elf. Will he risk his life, his Clan's status, and his chance at courtship with the dwarrow he loves for the sake of an elf? A creature all legends speak of as unphantomably cruel and manipulative.
His sister Warsa and beloved Prince Onren are too busy to help Jale in this decision. A many decades long war with a nearby dwarrow queendom called The Deep Mines is coming to a head and demands all their attention - and possibly all of their blood.
Last but not least Kaaz, member of Prince Onren's personal guard and former Deep Miner, must fight to keep his place in the world. Facing accusations of treason and rumors of his cousin having returned to search for him, he might be in as much trouble as Jale.
Chaos is coming to Jadestone Mountain. The big question is: does it have pointed ears or not?
Genre: Fantasy/Steampunk
Inspiration: I've always been a huge fan of "classical" Fantasy creatures such as elves and dwarrows, and this sort of spawned from there.
Status: First book of three almost done! The last chapter and epilogue will get their first drafts finished once my revisions are done (some scenes in the middle need a lot of editing).
Part of a 'universe'? Very loosely tied to the "All the Changed" universe as "Of Elves and Dwarrows" takes place in the same universe as "Blood of Your Blood".
Tumblr tag? Yes, Of Elves and Dwarrows

Secrets in Ice
In one sentence: Two young women on a quest to save their kidnapped brother discover an ancient secret.
Summary: Three months ago an unknown military dirigible arrived at Anruq and Uluk's home, attacked, and kidnapped their brother Kila. With the rest of their people tangled up with vital repairs following the attack only the two sisters can be spared to track the kidnappers. This quest brings them close to the ancient home of their people - and a war they're far more involved in than they'd wish.
Genre: Solarpunk/Steampunk
Inspiration: My sister chibiangle and I did a "Mix and Match"-game a while back that spawned this. This is as much her story as it is mine! Especially as she'll be illustrating the book.
Status: Current NaNo project! (Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016)
Part of a 'universe'? - Sort of, with some of chibiangle's other art.
Tumblr tag? - Upcoming! As soon as chibiangle starts posting her lovely art :)

Witches and Fae
In one sentence: Four witches, one magician, two detectives and one indentured servant get tangled up in the business of the fae.
Summary: The story beings with Ringa, a young witch who has grown up with her mother Hida and grandmother Agnhigd as her teachers and guardians. However, she knows her grandmother had a twin brother once, who got stolen away by the fae. As her Trial, Ringa chooses to try and get him back.
Genre: Fantasy/Steampunk
Inspiration: Definitely a big dose of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the music of Abney Park.
Status: Playing around with the characters and the story layout. I think this will be collection of short stories with both mini-plots and an overarching plot.
Part of a 'universe'? - no
Tumblr tag? - not yet

A loyal man
In one sentence: The story of a man who does despicable things to keep his best friend safe.
Summary: Aysela and Sen grew up as best friends in a world with few troubles. Sen used to say they were two halves of a whole, as their own personal magics complimented each other: he tore things apart and she mended them again, all with just a thought. But their peaceful world one day started losing its stability – a natural disaster no one saw coming. The only solution was to flee, but in the new world loyal friends soon turn to enemies...
Genre: Urban Fantasy (with Science Fiction elements)
Inspiration: All "undercover" characters super loyal to a female BFF in fiction who die before facing the consequences of their actions (e.g. Ichimaru Gin from Bleach, Severus Snape from Harry Potter, etc.)
Status: The world-building is done and I sort of have a chapter layout. Will have to make this one of my future NaNoWriMo projects.
Part of a 'universe'? - Part of a loosely connected universe I call "All the Changed".
Tumblr tag? - Yes, A loyal man

Rumskompisar och Oknytt
In one sentence: A collection of short stories in Swedish.
Summary: Stories of different room mates and the trouble they can get you into.
Genre: Fantasy
Inspiration: All my older relatives keep wanting to read my stuff and I keep wanting to write something in Swedish. I asked for some prompts and ended up with "room mates" as a common theme. Let's see how this goes...
Status: I have 5 ideas and the first draft of 1 is complete. Still need at least 5 more ideas.
Part of a 'universe'? no
Tumblr tag? none

12 Months of Villiany & Equilibrium and Professor Balance
In one sentence: A universe that runs on comic book rules can be an interesting place to live.
Summary: Professor Balance was never cut out to be a villain, but circumstances prevent him from being either a civilian or a hero. Eqilibrium is living the superhero dream, being the one to come save the day, fighting the good fight. There is an attraction between them, but is that only coincidence?
Genre: Erotica/Superheroes
Inspiration: I've always had a hard time finding nice, consensual BDSM with femdom involved. So I'm making my own. With superheroes. Because.
Status: "Equilibrium and Professor Balance" is almost done, but it clearly is in need of a prequel to set the mood, thus I need to get cracking on the short story collection "12 Months of Villainy".
Part of a 'universe'? no
Tumblr tag? Yes, Equilibrium and Professor Balance

Chase and Capture
In one sentence: A lenghty courtship ritual is about to come to an end - violently or happily only time will tell.
Summary: Two lovers have been playing the longest courtship game in known history; he runs and evades, she does her best to pursue and capture. So far, he's been lucky, and as she can't use deadly or maiming force in this chase that is no shame on her. But the two have started missing each other and their number of enemies is growing - will they managed to survive to their wedding day?
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy
Inspiration: Because of that silly Muskeeters movie where Mads Mikkelsen has an eyepatch. Honestly.
Status: I've planned 7 chapters and an epilogue. A few scenes have been written.
Part of a 'universe'? - I'm pretty sure it's the same universe at "Court-ship"...we'll see.
Tumblr tag? - not yet

In one sentence: More BDSM-Fantasy-femdom-fun!
Summary: Paktren (Pak for short) is a young, shamed nobleman from a small, poor noble family. Strategist Machle has spent the past ten years on the run from his mad wife. They're both about to have their lives turned around.
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy
Inspiration: I think Game of Thrones of all things might have inspired this, in some remote way.
Status: Sort of a chapter number planned and a few scenes have been written.
Part of a 'universe'? - I'm pretty sure it's the same universe at "Court-ship"...we'll see.
Tumblr tag? - not yet

Those with Magic
In one sentence: Three magic users take a trial to become full fledged guardians.
Summary: Three very different people and how they are introduced to an immortal group of magic users who fight evil. Joining is a great honor, but the initiation could have...less than pleasant.
Genre: Fantasy
Inspiration: For my love of "somewhat military organizations" such as seen in Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist etc.
Status: A ot of stuff in my head, not so much written down.
Part of a 'universe'? - maybe "All the Changed"? We'll see.
Tumblr tag? - none yet

Blood of Your Blood
In one sentence: Follow three generations of a small clan of shapeshifting dragons as they struggle through life.
Summary: This is actually 3 novels, each focusing on a different generation of a small dragon clan, living on the border to the human lands, in the ruins of a once proud city:
1) At first there's only Argera and her two children - one is her biological son Masar, the other an adopted human boy she's named Rotet, who was left out to die in the woods near her home. The first novel follows them as bounty hunters, collectors and four assassins stumble over them and either add to or subtract from their peaceful existence.
2) The true origin of the dragons that was revealed in “book 1” has the dragon clans fighting a civil war and the human nations to the West are growing stronger.
3) Two young children of a powerful duke find out a traumatizing secret about their own origins.
Genre: Fantasy
Inspiration: Because I love dragons, 'raised by fantasy wolves'-scenarios, families who form because they're basically thrown together yet still love each other, and long as well as epic tales of how characters age and new generations come into the world and have their own adventures.
Status: Little has been written, but the characters are very, very planned out. I even have a badly drawn family trees...
Part of a 'universe'? - Yes, "All the Changed"
Tumblr tag? - none yet

Portal Guards
In one sentence: People planning revolution get unexpected help from a creature guarding a dangerous treasure.
Summary: The armies of High Queen of Favet has conquered the small queendom of Nalane. Our heroes, both once servants at the royal castle - one a soldier, the other a cook - are thrown into exile at the country's border, close to the edge of the eastern Wildlands. Loyal subjects of the rightful queen they plot ways to overthrow their new ruler and find unexpected help in the woods.
Genre: Fantasy
Inspiration: Because the world needs more F/F romances and epic female friendships! Also, magic.
Status: Fairly planned out character wise and the overaching plot, but not in details.
Part of a 'universe'? - Yes, "All the Changed"
Tumblr tag? - not yet

Scifi (no actual title yet)
In one sentence: I just really like aliens and making up xenocultures.
Summary: Not quite there yet...
Genre: Science fiction (yeah, no surprise there)
Inspiration: I've for a long time had a deep love for space aliens. I just really want to invent a scifi universe of my own :)
Status: World-building~! And a handful of characters.
Part of a 'universe'? - no
Tumblr tag? - Yes, Science Fiction

List of fanfiction WIPs is coming up soon. Because lists.
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