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18 June 2016 @ 09:39 pm
Final Quest #14  
Summary under the cut!

Remember how when we last saw Cutter and his wolf-friend Filcher they were about to get attacked by a pack of wolves without elf-blood? Well, turns out those wolves can sense that Cutter is more than one creature. Somehow. Though no animal has been shown to react this way to Cutter before...

One more for the plot hole pile. Anyways, the unsettled wolf pack just leaves Cutter and Filcher be. Filcher is shown to be very old and about to quit on life, but he keeps next to Cutter for a while longer.

Meanwhile Redlance is tracking Cutter...by listening to what the trees have seen...or something. Filcher is thankfully leaving a trail, because trees are notoriously bad hunters.

Leetah narms about on how she can't understand Cutter or sense his thoughts, until she falls into a sinkhole. Dre-Ahn shows off his strong man ninja skills and catches her with one hand. Also, seems songshaping is an official magic no because he's showing yet more proof of it – it just hasn't been named yet.

It's dreamberry time back at the Holt! Ember assures people that she'll keep to the Way and this leads the conversation to the Call. Pike asks who's had dreams about it. Aroree says she'll start living full time in the Palace soon, while Ohler says he hears the Call faintly now that he's with Newstar. Clearbook tells us that Ahdri, off screen again, decided to go to the Palace permanently once she'd finished helping the Cutter search party.

Yun too shows interest in going off to the Palace. Ember and Pike talk about who Yun's Skywise-pre-wolf-blood-like scent is a comfort to them. This leads to Treestump attempting to comfort Strongbow with the knowledge that though Moonshade is a pureblood now, her scent lives on in Dart and Freetouch. Strongbow isn't so sure he'll be comforted by remembering her old scent. More like heartbroken.

Btw, Ember's new Holt is called High Winds Holt, in case you, like I, had forgotten.

Current events in the Palace: Moonshade and two Go-Backs stand around looking at the spirits of the High Ones in their Star Home forms. Or rather, Moonshade is looking at them, the Go-Backs sort of sense them, maybe? It's very unclear.

Venka is back in the Palace and the rest of the Go-Backs not looking at things they can't see are reacting to her near-death in typical Go-Back fashion. Venka, however, isn't inclined to lead her people against the humans – instead she places all the blame on Two-Edge for inventing guns.

Ahdri helpfully reveals Two-Edge's location. Venka postpones meeting up with him since she's sure he won't like what she has to say, not matter how much in love with her he is.

Back with Cutter and Filcher, Cutter is beyond done. He's still beyond uncomfortable with being one creature in two bodies and though he thinks of Skywise and Leetah he's ready to give up and let his body die. Filcher is also on his last breath. But while they both go to sleep a wordless dream of the line of Wolfrider chiefs startles Cutter awake to find his wolf-friend dead next to him. Filcher has even stolen Cutter's sock one last time. Cutter gives him a last hug. It's actually a very touching moment.

Moving on! Venka goes to see Two-Edge (Wasn't she postponing that? Or is it much later now?) and gives him a speech about how Rayek is sure to go off on a power rampage soon, now that he's had a taste of Winnowill's powers. Then, humans will kill all elves because Winnowill will take over the world and no shields will help.

Oh yeah, she's sending this to him. Including how she was shot and how it will be his inventions that give humans the edge they need to kill all elves. And then she throws the shield he made her to the floor, next to him.

Not surprisingly, Two-Edge's reply to this is crying, clasping the shield and muttering to himself about how Venka hates him and how he'll likely be Forever Alone.

And we're back with Cutter! He's wandering around thinking about the Circle of Life, then faints. We have a fake-out where Skywise says "He's dead" – when you turn the page you see he's talking about Filcher. Days have apparently passed since the wolf's death (the timeline of Final Quest works in mysterious ways...seriously, the timejumps show up without warning every other page) and the gang is worried Cutter is slipping away from them now that he's without the anchor of his wolf-friend.

Then Redlance...feels the forest's warning...

Uhm. I'm sorry, but are trees sentient now in the world of Elfquest? Because while I recall treeshapers feeling sensations from trees, outright communication hasn't really been a thing before. At least not in the comics - maybe in the books? And why would trees send out a warning to elves about other elves? I'd understand if there was a forest fire or something, but...

…moving on. We are now introduced to the swamp-elves-ent-things we've seen glimpses of here and there in previous comics. They are apparently part of trees. Yupp. The first shot of one is the female-looking elf from this issue's covers melting out of a tree. She sends to other tree-elves about "The pesty, four-limbed shape" and they all start sending about how the four-limbs' Call sucks them back to "the bother of four limbs".

Clearly they are not fans of legs and arms. They refer to Cutter as "the shape that eats fresh kill and cannot change...that will not change...will not learn how". They swarm down a hill en masse, telepathically chanting about how they "will change it" aka Cutter.

They reach Cutter and the tree-elves comment with: "The good, red wet lies dried upon the shape...the dried red wet we can have...but not yet all...not yet all of the four-limbed shape! It is not all still. We wait...

We end on this scene. Just observe:
All the ent hugs!

What a cliffhanger. Or something.

Final Quest #15 is due at the end of July. The official website has this summary for what's coming next:
"After weeks of tracking, the Wolfrider rescue party finds Cutter in the clutches of an eerie new tribe of elves. But are they too late to save their chief from plunging over the edge of madness? Two-Edge and Ekuar rekindle their strange friendship – to ally against Rayek. How will this shocking turnabout affect the advancing human war fleet and the shape-changed WaveDancers who follow in its wake?"

I've got not more opinions. At this point, I'm just confused.
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