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15 June 2016 @ 03:36 pm
My Descent into URGH  
Been reading through past updates I've made over on Goodreads and came across my Wheel of Time readings. I just had to share my slow descent into despair as I read through the series XD

(If you love Wheel of Time this might either amuse or annoy you - read at own risk).

Wheel of Time #1 - The Eye of the World

  • (20%) "Finally getting to reading this! So excited! Seriously - I know so many people who've read and liked this, so I'm greatly looking forward to sharing in the fandom. Thus far it's been entertaining, if a little slow. Looking forward to learning more about this world. It's clear a lot of world building has gone in to this story."

  • (38%) "With this book being one of the "classics", I'm not that surprised that it's been a bit predictable thus far. Also, a lot has been happening, but I feel that it's not lead anywhere yet. A lot of build-up, little payoff yet and I'm 11,5 hours into the book. That said, it's the first part of a very long series, so I'm looking forward to that pay-off sometime in the future. I do like long series :)"

  • (50%) "Haven't got a favorite character yet and the plot is moving a bit slow for my taste. Also, I don't much care for Perrin's POV. It drips way too much of "women are mysterious creatures I'll never understand" :/"

  • (61%) "I just want to learn more about Egwene! Seriously, she's the most interesting character to me, and she gets no POV. It's also a bit disheartening that the female reader gets to read so few chapters since there are so few female POV moments :/ Also, Rand and Perrin, you'd deal much better with people of other genders if you didn't think of us as aliens *sigh*"

Wheel of Time #2 - The Great Hunt
(100%) Now we're talking! The gender and culture iffy-ness is still there, but in the same way that there is in most media, especially media from "the past" so to speak. The reason I like this book better than the first is that the plot has gotten going and the female characters actually got more POV moments, huzzah! They also got to actually do things, which was very welcome.

Not that the female characters did nothing in the previous book, but it was kept much in the background. In this book there's a better balance in regard to heroes and villains of different genders (sadly only two genders represented, but eh, small steps and all that) and the plot is finally starting to feel like it's building up to something epic.

I get that the first book was the starter, so to speak. I'm glad I made it through that one so I could read this one. Will be interesting to see how many threads of plot the series will managed to weave together! (Here's to hoping all "femme fatales" don't turn out to be evil...)

Wheel of Time #3 - The Dragon Reborn

  • (14%) "Interesting beginning and enjoying the characters. Hoping it will continue like this!"

  • (32%) "Is Matt gonna start up this "my male friends are so much better at talking to these women-creatures" too now? *sigh* But the chapters with the female characters have been really interesting and I'm enjoying the deepening of the plot!"

  • (37%) "I'm very invested in Egwene and Nynaeve's part of this story! Just wish Egwene could get more plot that's clearly separated from Rand's. I know he's the dragon and all, but her entire fear-conga was all about him. What about her parents? Or her friends? Or, well, _anyone_ else in her life? Seriously."

  • (51%) "Still interesting, but also still annoying with all the "wink wink nudge nudge" to gender stereotypes I'm apparently supposed to agree with. No book, I don't think all men are stupider than all women or that all women are sneaky and manipulative. It's a good thing the plot is interesting..."

Wheel of Time #4 - The Shadow Rising

  • (26%) "The worship of gender roles still annoys me (especially the whole "women submit to their magic, men conquer theirs"-crap), but the plotting is still good. I'd love to learn more about the emotion-eating-snake-people. They were cool. I hope they return in a later book or something."

  • (27%) "Yeah Perrin, threaten to spank your romantic partner if she blows your cover. That's not creepy of infantilizing at all. Yuck."

  • (29%) "Thus far Faile and Perrin's relationship has mostly been toxic. Not a fan. I like them appart, mostly, but together they are a disaster."

  • (32%) "Now this is more interesting and less frustrating! Liking this ship-section and the gender stereotypes are a bit more character based here than the previous "wink wink nudge nudge" at the reader the precious chapters entailed. Not completely free of it, but there was enough plot and character development here to distract from it."

  • (39%) "Sigh. The microaggressions this book pokes me with really distracts me from the plot...which is going slowly. Oh dear."

  • (40%) Not sure if I can handle 24 more hours of this. Gender stereotypes are hailing, Strong Female Character Syndrome is prevalent and the character are very predictable right now :/ It was interesting to find out more about the Way of the Leaf, but I feel so boxed in by this book. I mean, Rand can't even have flashbacks of past history from POVs from anyone else but other young men (thus far)."

  • (42%) "Made it through another chapter. As my mother - who overheard a good bit of said chapter since this is an audio book - put it: "So many descriptions! When are they going to stop talking about pointed beards this and red hairs that, and get to the point?"

  • (44%) "Ew. Ew, ew, _ew_! Not only is Faile being horrible manipulative and abusive, but the story keeps treating her behavior as harmless and even amusing, urgh! And Perrin's reaction is no better - spanking her? _Really_?!? Way to make woman-on-man abuse look like nothing to take seriously, book. This is all messed up and icky and I want the two of them to get separated in the Ways and never see each other again. Yuck!"

  • (45%) "And here we go with the "women are so bloody ineffable" crap again. TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND ASK QUESTIONS AND INSIST ON GETTING ANSWERS! ...I really am not enjoying my time with Faile and Perrin. Really not."

  • (58%) "There is an interesting plot here. Too bad it's buried under a ton of gender stereotypes and manipulative relationships :( Seriously, does _one_ person in this universe have a healthy, non-manipulative relationship with their partner??"

  • (75%) "If this audio book had a "We have gone X minutes without referencing weird gender stereotypes" it would reset to 0 every five minutes. Seriously, the characters are so fixed on gender that I hardly can tell them apart anymore! What plot there is gets buried under men thinking of how ineffable & stupid women are, & vice versa. TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!"

  • (82%) "We had a few minutes of excitement and character development with Swan and Min - why can't it always be like this? Why must there be endless repetition and description of characters I will never read about again? Why is there such focus on gender? Why are all the women in dangerous situations ending up naked? Does the author have a fetish?"

Wheel of Time #5 - The Fires of Heaven

  • (4%) "Not giving up on this series, though I am giving up on the audiobook versions. Too bad, the readers were very good, but I don't have 30-40+ hours to spend on a book that's mostly skimmable descriptions. You have no idea how much faster I got through the prologue reading (& skimming) the book version! I think I'll have a better experience like this - at least I hope so."

  • (10%) "If the reader can skip 60% of all the words on each page of your book and still keep up with the story just fine, maybe you should cut down on those words. Maybe. Oh, and the stereotypes continue in new weird ways, with men being 90% stronger at magic than women, because of course :/"

  • (11%) "Here we go with the naked women in peril again. I don't care that she's a Darkfriend, she still counts on this tally. It's getting ridiculous."

  • (16%) "It's amazing how fast I can read this when skipping over all the descriptions. I've barely had time to look at this book since my last update, yet I got through almost 50 pages while eating dinner. Huh. Also, please quit it with naked women being forced to do unpleasant things. It's a running gag at this point, and not a funny one :/"

  • (23%) "Do these people ever do anything other than bad-mouth other genders, worry and get captured? Seriously, you can face down one of the Forsaken, but you can't see through a very obvious (and illogical) trap? Urgh, plot-stupidity..."

  • (27%) "The romantic relationships in this book are starting to bleed together. They all have the same feel to them - an unpleasant, tedious feel, to be honest. No one is really communicating, even with _themselves_! I can't count how many times I read the POV character go "oh it's not like I'm scared/glad/angry about this" when that is exactly what they are!"

  • (37%) "Sooo, the author has a thing for older!men/younger!women-ships and naked women in peril. Oh dear. At least Morgase is showing her Aes Sedai training at last."

  • (55%) "I've just realized all the characters basically are the same character. They're all in denial about a lot of things (down to their own knowledge and emotions), they all have no idea of how to communicate with other human beings, and they all seem set on the idea that most human interaction means manipulation. So sad. And annoying."

  • (62%) "To quote Nynaeve: "When are you going to learn you can't depend on anyone but yourself?" That sums up this series for me - no characters trust each other and there is no character development :/"

  • (71%) "Looks like this battle won't end for a few more chapters. And the lack of character development keeps dancing along to the tune of denial with a capital D."

  • (80%) "Of frikkin' course. Women have troubles? Just throw children at them and they'll calm down! Yeah, even the ones who say they don't like children! Urgh. Also, does every single character have to be in denial about their own behavior? This series should be called "Pot Calling the Kettle Black - A Saga", seriously."

  • (92%) "If I roll my eyes any harder at Rand's "women are more precious than any male life"-obession I'm sure they'll roll out of my skull."

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