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15 June 2016 @ 10:25 pm
Final Quest #13  
At long last I've had time to re-read this. Summary under the cut!

Venka has been shot! Windkin and Eukar are shocked by the damage the gun has done to her should - and Rayek is really, really not happy. Windkin & Ekuar head to the Wavedancers for healing, while Rayek has this exchange with Winnowill:

Winnowill - "Let your friends fly, beloved. You and I will punish these lice tht dared wound your own flesh and blood!"

Rayek – "I have never loved you more, dark spirit, than at this moment!"


Rayek and Winnowill go berserk even further on the late Djun's soldiers, which Ekuar isn't too thrilled with.

Below the sea the Wavedancers are chilling, clearly not at all bothered by the invasion going on above the surface. Windkin sends to them for help and Skimback answers with showing them a cave they can meet in, that's not under water. Scrooge McLovecraft, ehm, I mean Reef promises to defend Venka & co from the humans.

Venka worries about Winnowill overpowering Rayek. Rayek, on the other hand, is having a more or less matter of fact conversation with Winnowill about how she's clearly trying to get him killed. It's a very frenemies kind of moment.

Windkin makes it to the cave without incident and hands Venka over to Snakeskin and Skimback. The healing starts and Reef scares away any humans soldiers who dare approach the cave.

Outside Rayek and Winnowill have set pretty much everything and everyone on fire. Winnowill comments on how mass-murder clearly is better than sex. Rayek's control seems to be slipping and Venka sounds ready rush to the rescue when Windkin jumps in, telling her to rest and that he has an idea.

What idea? Well...

Windkin has Care Bear powers

Yes, that just happened. With more build-up it could have worked, but right now it just feels like Windkin went CARE BEAR STARE on her :/

Rayek and Windkin return to the grotto, which freaks Reef out big time, understandably. Not even Korafay can keep him from shifting back to his elf-form and running away from Winnowill's spirit. Venka is, on the other hand, completely confident that Rayek can keep Winnowill under wraps.

Rayek thinks the Wavedancers look "shimmering" and "vulnerable"...okay. Also, he's really grateful for them healing Venka. All then have a very straight-faced freak-out about the massive damage gunshots can cause.

Back in the Wolfrider Holt there is more straight-faced freaking out. I mean, people have been emoting now and then, but it's oddly Uncanny Valley-esque to watch the Wolfriders talk about Cutter having gone utterly off the edge and possibly ending up dead as if they've just misplaced their favorite pet rock.

Okay I'm exaggerating, but there's absolutely zero panic. They're beloved leader is gone and they're calmly debating who's going to go look for him. Strongbow, being the Only Sane Man of the elves, has a heart-to-heart with Nightfall about what a complete mess life is now for the Wolfriders. Leetah has a moment of guilt while Strongbow and Nightfall hug things out.

Skywise has a flashback to that morning, before the Palace left, when he and Wolfrider!Timmain said farewell to each other. Skywise then came to the conclusion that he can't go to the stars without Cutter and Timmain tells Skywise he must find out what could make Cutter join the Palace's travel to space.

Off to search for Cutter we have Redlance, Leetah, Nightfall, Clearbrook, Treestump, Skywise and the pony riding Disney Princess Dre-Ahn – Leetah completely trusts Dre-Ahn by the way, because she has a good feeling about him. Or something.

We have a trippy moment with Cutter who's pretty much gone feral, not wanting to think because he doesn't know whose thoughts he'll be thinking. He snaps out of the Now a bit when his wolf-friend Filcher shows up to defend him from a pack of wild wolves.

At the troll tunnels we see the Cutter-trackers bargaining with Picknose, Oddbit (who looks much younger thanks to Mender) and Old Maggoty. Cutter has definitely been through the troll tunnels and the trolls are less than pleased.

Somehow Ahdri is in the tunnels with them, though she wasn't shown to be part of the party tracking Cutter...just add it to the plot hole list.

Ahdri knows the tunnel the trolls saw/herded Cutter to go through and says she'll go with to make head room for Dre-Ahn, since he won't get off his damn pony. Said pony freaks out both Oddbit and Picknose, but of course Trinket wants one. Trinkets looks to be in her mid to older teens by the way.

Over by the Wavedancers the Djunslanders have taken off, one ship down. Korafay sits on a rock out at sea, sending with Sunstream about the less of pain that life brings. Korafay is all for living in the "star home" since it seems much nicer than all that pain business. Sunstream answers that she can go there as soon as "all the songs inside you that belong to this world of two moons have been sung".

Oh boy.

Windkin, Venka, Rayek and Ekuar are flying about, talking about how the humans can't be blamed for all this killing business since it's Two-Edge who gave them such powerful weapons to begin with. Ekuar is also all aboard on the Elves Go Back To Space deal since he thinks they've been causing unintended harm and are likely to do so again in the future.

Again: Oh boy.

By the way, turns out one of the Long Rider kids Ember's tribes rescued went back to human civilization when he grew up, so he could become a surgeon like his dad. And now he's working on the Djunsland fleet. And he says a not so thought through comment at just the wrong moment, so now he's being tortured for information by his superiors.

So...Djunslanders are heading to Iceholt, which is heavily indicated to be Cutter & co's Holt. We'll see how that goes. Eventually.
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