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19 December 2006 @ 10:50 pm
I-I can't believe it! I actually finished my Yuletide story and uploaded it in time! *faints*

Okay so it might not be a miracle, but it's pretty close to one...for me at least *sheepish smile* Besides my usual slowness I'm a little sick at the moment *cough*had a fever yesterday that maked me hallucinate about Santa Claus *shame**cough* so I was kinda worried that I wouldn't finish the fic in time.

And spirits and dishwash socks was it hard! *insert standard whining* I had writer's block half of the time and the other I wasn't at all happy with what I was writing *more whining* I'm not completely satisfied with the result (so, _so_ sorry to the person-I'm-giving-it-to-who-still-shall-remain-nameless) but it has its good points.

But now I have the holidays before me (yay, New Years Eve! Wait, whadda ya mean Christmas?) and can concentrate on the rest of my poor neglected fics as soon as this cold lets go of me (which hopefully will be soon).
Current Mood: shockedshocked
Listening to: Necessary Evil - The Dresden Dolls