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14 February 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Another week, another list not finished  
Mostly because my Internet keeps dying. It's a good thing I'll move in 2 weeks' time or I'd be really worried (though not knowing when and how one will have access to the Internet is quite stressful).

Posting this now in case the Net dies before the days is over...

Things that got done
[X] Contacted the electricty company and address change (done, though nothing could be finished due to Skatteverket being slow at registering the new building...)
[X] Finished The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan (and decided to give up on The Wheel of Time).
[X] Re-read at least to chapter 48 in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.
[X] Caught up on Council work in RTH!
[X] Game day on Saturday!
[X] Deadpool on Friday!
[X] Sorted through all possible prompts on the JS&MN kinkmeme.
[X] Re-wrote 1 third of Of Elves and Dwarrows, 1.
[X] Bookclub on Sunday.

Things left for next week
[ / ] Post at least two fics/drabbles in the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell kinkmeme.
[ / ] Find at least 10 stories and 20 artworks in RTH to comment on.
[ / ] Clean up old notebook with previous years' goals.
[ / ] Get all the files on my cellphone in order.
[ / ] Start archiving Lost Holt's latest phase in the RPG.
[ / ] Go for a run at least twice
[ ] Start writing Jan/Feb trade for RTH
[ ] Start writing Peggy's comment race prize
[ ] Finish at least two scenes in "Catching Up?"
[ ] Answer all e-mails awaiting replies + send new e-mails I've promised to send.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Listening to: The Ballad of Captain Robert - Abney Park

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