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01 February 2016 @ 06:37 pm
List for Week 5  
Let's get stuff done!

To do until Sunday the 7th of February
[X] Fix Internet for new apartment!
[X] Laundry. Evil, evil laundry.
[X] Have dinner with a friend.
[X] Read to at least chapter 39 in "The Fires of Heaven"
[X] Clean up my LJ-tags
[X] Clean out the microwave (it smells like meat :P)
[X] Write down meeting notes from DX-guide meeting.
[X] Re-read to at least chapter 22 in "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell"
[X] Go for a run at least twice.
[X] Book club! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.
[ / ] Post at least two fics/drabbles in the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell kinkmeme.
[ / ] Sort through all possible prompts on said kinkmeme.
[ / ] Find at least 10 stories and 20 artworks in RTH to comment on.
[ / ] Clean up old notebook with previous years' goals.
[ / ] Get all the files on my cellphone in order.
[ / ] Start archiving Lost Holt's latest phase in the RPG.
[ ] Start writing Jan/Feb trade for RTH
[ ] Start writing Peggy's comment race prize
[ ] Finish at least two scenes in "Catching Up?"
[ ] Answer all e-mails awaiting replies + send new e-mails I've promised to send.

Giving up on
[-] Sniff out that EQ artwork I want my sister to see. (I must have imagined this art, because I can't find it in any of the galleries I usually frequent online. Or the artist has deleted their work).

Do next week!
- Contact the electricy company!
- Get address change sorted out!

Reminder to self:
Year overview list, don't forget!
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Listening to: Opium - Serebro

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