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06 January 2016 @ 02:04 am
Final Quest #12  
Summary under the cut! And since this is the latest issue to this date, the spam of summaries will now stop for a while ;)

Final Quest 12

And we're back with Tomato in the Mirror-ElfQuest! Cutter is left staring at Cutter!Timmain as if he's seen a ghost, realizing all elfin spirits must have known he and Timmain were the same all along.

Timmain explains how all this We-Are-Tam business came to be, speaking of herself in the third person as befitting this surreal moment. She/Tam explains that when Timmain's wolf-self almost died in the hole the trolls of the Frozen Mountains put her in (way back before the War for the Palace) her spirit left her body, seemingly on pure instinct, and went out. She was drawn to the Wolfriders, at the time of Cutter's conception. Just as Joyleaf and Bearclaw are done getting busy, Timmain's spirit splits in two and creates the will-be Cutter, inhabiting the egg-and-sperm-combo in Joyleaf's uterus.

Wait. You're saying that a) wolf!Timmain spent more than twenty years in the trolls' hole and b) Timmain's spirit took over a would-be-baby after the Recognition already had been triggered and consummated. What happened to the original baby-spirit?? Did Timmain and it meld together? Did her spirit eat it? Was it pushed out?? Explain!

See, Timmain clarifies to Cutter that wolf!Timmain had no idea that Cutter-Tam was out and about in the world, until they met. And after that she's seen and heard everything he has experienced. And that the two of them are "a single being like no other among our kind!"

Yup, this is a completely unique event that has only happened to super-special-Cutter. No apparent precedence, no real explanation of why or how other than "Timmain wanted to learn more"; just, Cutter is super special. Oh dear.

Cutter asks if Leetah and Skywise know of this, since they know his/their soul name. Timmain is fairly vague, but her answer seems to say they don't know. Also, it's her Skywise has Recognized, sort of, which is why he and Cutter are soul-brothers.

I'm not even going to try and figure out how this "unable to truly fulfill Recognition"-thing Skywise has been going through since forever is supposed to work with what's been established earlier in canon. We're way past that point.

Understandably, Cutter freaks out big time once all this has sunk in. He runs out of the Palace and won't be talked out of his pure panic, even by Leetah. People try to follow him as he flees the Holt, but Leetah tells them to stay back, making clear Cutter wouldn't welcome company at this point.

So, Cutter is off in the woods somewhere. Timmain is left feeling rather crappy, since Cutter's wolf-blood makes him fight to survive as a separate being – this Timmain explains to Aurek, the only witness to this chaos. Aurek points out that the Scrolls have shown a possible future where telling Cutter this will destroy him. Timmain says that this is one possibility, but she sees all outcomes as equally good as long as something leads to their swift and sure departure from the World of Two Moons.

Sounds suspicious.

We switch to Sunstream taking Snakeskin, Korafay, Brill and Reef back home where the late Angrif Djun's war ships are attacking the humans living close to the Wavedancers. Sunstream wishes he could take the Wavedancers to safety, but Snakeskin says they can't keep running from humans forever + that their coral castle is at the bottom of the sea, far below the attackers.

Korafay points out that the bangs from the ships' canons are frightening poor Reef. Sunstream offers to take Reef back, but Reef doesn't accept. Instead he says he realized something in the Palace the night before – that he'd never been broken, just unfinished...

And thus Reef self-shapes, turning into what Scrooge McDuck would have looked like if he was a Lovecraft monster.


Clearly I'm not hip to the elfin aesthetic. Let's move on.

Sunstream returns to the Wolfrider Holt, only to find out Cutter has vanished and isn't answering sendings. Windkin and Aroree have been out searching for him, but found nothing. Skywise points out that Cutter could have escaped through the troll tunnels...since he's known them blindfolded since he was a cub...

Uhm. I distinctly remember from the very first issue of the Original Quest that elves entering the troll tunnels was a big nope before the fire that destroyed the first Holt. Sure, Bearclaw went into the tunnels often to gamble and get drunk, but I highly doubt Cutter ran around in there as a cub.

It's official, no previous canon is safe, we can just forget everything we think we know. *sigh*

Anyways, the Wolfriders are very, very upset. This is not helped by Timmain showing up looking half-dead. Skywise tries to get Timmain's permission to take a pod and go searching for Cutter, since Sunstream knows where all elves are (so Sunstream is like Google now?) and can guide him. Timmain says that using magic beyond a mortal Wolfrider's to track Cutter will kill him.

Oh boy. Okay, no asking questions, let's just go with it.

The Wolfriders summon their wolves and prepare to go Cutter-hunting. Dre-Ahn the Disney Princess silently offers to help too - Leetah senses he has zero investment in the outcome.

Ember stays with what's left of Cutter's tribe along with Freetouch and Dart, to lead them in Cutter's place until he's back.

Dart and Mender make their farewells too, since Dart says Mender needs to go back to Ember's Holt even though he wants to stay with Dart, Ember and Freetouch. Mender relents and decides to go back, saying to Dart: "What have I got myself into letting you always nudge me to do right instead of fight. But without you, I'll run amuck!"

Really sounds like they're an old married couple with huge amounts of backstory, doesn't it? Wouldn't it have been nice if that actually was the case, instead of them just randomly getting together a few issues ago? Oh what could have been...

Strongbow interrupts their farewell with a sending, telling them to stick together for as long as they can and to cherish every moment. He's very "life is short, things don't last". In the background, Moonshade is shown walking into the Palace.

After a comedic panel with poor Dre-Ahn's Palace-traumatized pony, we cut to Rayek and Ekuar who're hanging out in the Forbidden Grove. They see the Palace appear on the ruins of Blue Mountain. Rayek makes a comment about there being no need for chiefs once all immortal elves live in the Palace. Ekuar takes this comment with his usual calm, saying that this would be sad since Venka wouldn't have her position anymore then.

Later that day, Venka visits, bringing new Sunfolk designed clothes for Rayek. She also tells Rayek and Ekuar the less than happy news of a missing Cutter and that the human war ships are attacking the Wavedancers - or, well, their neighbouring humans.

Windkin flies in to confirm Venka's news. Rayek compliments Windkin's wings. Rayek, we've seen what you choose to dress yourself in when you get free reign – your compliments mean nothing.

Turns out that Windkin can wrap his wings around his arms when not flying. That's convenient at least. And they do look more fit for flying now. Good for you, Windkin!

After saying how the wings are what he wanted from Winnowill, but that he'll now settle for her gift of immortality (he really likes not having wolf-blood, clearly), Windkin recaps what he saw of the Djun's people when rescuing Ember.

Rayek wants to see the war ships for himself, so he, Windkin, Ekuar and Venka head off. We cut to the war ships having anchored by the poor human village near the Wavedancers. It's a horrific scene, as you can imagine.

An old man gets shot dead while calling on the good spirits. Naturally, Rayek is very pissed off at all this killing of the defenseless. With some urging on from Winnowill he sets off, attacking the soldiers from the war ships. It's a massacre in its own right since Rayek requests Winnowill help him kill the soldiers in the most agonizing ways a healer can :/

Venka understands that Winnowill is trying to get Rayek killed to get free and tries to block Winnowill. She stands up from her hiding place in the trees and tries to get Rayek to lock eyes with her so she can use her magic (has this been needed before? I've seen Venka block people she hasn't been locking eyes with...she and Rayek did stop Winnowill from flying off with the Palace in Shards while they were on the ground, right? Or is that ret-conned too??).

The comic ends with Venka getting shot in the shoulder, followed by a picture of Cutter, who looks utterly and completely feral.

Such a happy cliffhanger, right?

To be continued in #13.
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