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06 January 2016 @ 01:42 am
Final Quest #11  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 11

Today on Days of Our Elfquest, it turns out the newcomer Dre-Ahn is a Disney princess. Apparently. He can't summon birds to braid his hair, but his singing summons dead Wolfrider spirits and make the living elves all nostalgic and teary-eyed.

Also his singing sounds like birds. And the forest. And small squeaky mice. All together. Try picturing that as soothing and nostalgic for a minute - I'll wait.

Skywise is snuggling up to Wolfrider-sized!Timmain and sends how utterly taken aback he is that she's downsized herself. She answers with "If only we could stand eye to eye. If I could hold her to me...warm her...". Which Skywise confirms is something he's said, but only to Cutter.

Apparently Timmain is going all Winnowill and snatching up sendings, or she's a mind-reader now. Neither of these terrifying prospects seem to alarm Skywise. He clearly needs help.

In the Palace, Sunstream and Moonshade are giving the grand tour to Reef, Korafay and Brill. Apparently Reef's fear of going to the Palace was solved off-screen, because he looks completely at ease here.

Reef asks if all elves in the entire world have answered the Call and arrived at the Palace (how much time has passed since the Call went out?! Only the Pinis know it seems...) Sunstream replies that some elves still fear and deny the Call.

Sunstream also points out the spirit of an elf who was killed by humans on her way to the Palace. There's also a pair of lifemates who were so badly traumatized by the journey to the Palace that they need to stay sleeping in wrapstuff despite all their physical wounds having been healed.


And do you know where Aurek/Egg has ended up? Why, he's on permanent Scroll of Colors turning duty, of course! But don't worry, Korafay assures Reef that Aurek is happy in his permanent trance, so that makes this situation okay, right?

Down in Picknose's new kingdom he and his lot are feeding the misfit troll which Picknose says will make them come around and be, eh, civilized or something. Oddbit, meanwhile, has called on the aid of Mender. Seems Picknose hardly touches her anymore, so she wants Mender to giver her an Extreme Make-Over, healer style.

Mender agrees and muses on how easy the trolls have it who only care about shallow outer beauty (he's such an expert on trolls and their social lives you know...). And then he muses on if he'd be 'lucky' too if all Dart cared about was outer beauty.

Uhm. It seems Mender has a thing for Dart now. Does anyone remember this being hinted at? Because while I'm not complaining that we're finally getting some same-sex attraction all official like up in here, it seems a bit out of left field.

Speaking of Dart, he and Freetouch - the artist formerly known as Chitter - are watching Moonshade give Timmain some clothes, since she's running around naked as usual. Dart and Freetouch talk about how happy their mother is and wish that Strongbow could understand.

And then we're back with Timmain and Skywise. Skywise asks what we're all wondering "Why minisize yourself and smooch on me now and not before?" - well, worded a bit differently, but you get the gist of it. Timmain says there are as many answers as the stars, which is basically a not-answer made to cover plot-holes, and then she called Skywise beloved.

This affectionate word makes Skywise more or less high with joy (that's how I'm reading the panels at least) and he starts sending about how he's always been longing for something, and he thought it was the stars, but it's now clear to him it was Timmain all along he was missing. And then they join.

So. Turns out that Skywise hasn't been longing for the stars all his life! And he hasn't been all free with his love just because that's what he's like as a person. Nope, it's always all been about meeting Timmain and joining with her. Yup. That's what the comic says so it must be true.

While that whole thing is going on Windkin is getting a pair of very Tyldak-y wings (minus the lack of hands) from Snakeskin and Leetah. They're very translucent and vein-y, and look like they'll be more in the way than helpful when flying :/

As if to prove the point that everyone in the Palace seem to start hating clothes, we see that Aroree has given up on pants and is wearing a bodysuit with a v-neck that's more neck (and chest) than v.

The Wolfriders & co are greatly enjoying their party. Ember and Cutter exchange some sendings in a panel so full of elves I had to look twice to be sure it was Ember and Cutter who were talking to each other.

Moonshade makes another attempt at getting Strongbow to be less Wolfrider-y. He says he can't.

Mender is sidling up to Dart and they're nostalgic about their time growing up in Sorrow's End. Dart says his memories of his childhood there are dim, but that he remembers Mender was quiet the, ehm, 'life of the party', to put it in a PG way.

Then Mender casually brings up that the death of Dart's lifemate Shushen nearly killed Dart, which Dart confirms. Dart says Shushen's death killed something in him and that he's now a shadow of what might have been, and that being with Shushen's spirit in the Palace "is good, but..."

Mender asks Dart to share with him what it was like being Shushen's lifemate and is overwhelmed by ALL THE FEELS. Mender then comments how Dart Recognized the daughter of Mender's brother Wing and fathered Bowki, to which Dart comments that he wasn't a fit sire for Bowki. Being a father wasn't in him, he sends.

Dart then goes on to send "What is in 'Dart'? What is there to him?" to which Mender replies "Life! You've had something I've never known... A friend of the body and spirit! A lifemate!" And they hold hands.

Again, it's sweet and all, but did anyone see this coming? Please tell me there are hints I've missed.

Anyways, back with Skywise and Timmain. Skywise is enjoying the afterglow and thinking that he "at last knows where he is and where he's going". Skywise then send to Timmain that she and he will be taking all the High Ones' children home and that he couldn't bear to leave anyone behind on the World of Two Moons.

Timmain gives him a look that I'd translate to "You're cute when you do all that thinking stuff" and then leaves without a word.

Deep within the hollows of the Father Tree in Strongbow and Moonshade's den, Moonshade is talking to Leetah. More specifically, she wants Leetah to take away her wolf-blood. Moonshade says that while Strongbow only feels the Call as a faint whisper, she is being pulled in two by it and her wolf-blood. And she's choosing the Call. She wants to go to the stars.

Leetah does as Moonshade asks.

Later, toward dawn, Leetah reflects on how she hears the Call both when she's awake and when she's asleep, but that her learned love of the Way plants her firmly in the soil of the World of Two Moons. She thinks of how she and Cutter don't need the stars. She wants him to be her lifemate on this world, for all time. Though she's only thinking this, not sharing with anyone.

She meets Skywise, who's still riding the high of being Timmain's beloved. He tells Leetah that he's as happy as he's been with her and Cutter in their den, but that there's more too. He says that he now sees all elves are meant to change! No one should cling to the old ways! Not when they can feel like he does right now! The healers must unite to make all elves immortal!

Uhm. Yeah. His words, not mine.

Cutter, meanwhile, is being sent thanks and praise from all other current elf leaders, which makes him uncomfortable. Thankfully that is interrupted by the wolf pack making a racket about Moonshade. They're all very confused (though not angered) by her new scent.

Strongbow, on the other hand, is horrified when he realizes what's happened.

Leetah sends to him that Moonshade still is Moonshade, like Skywise still is Skywise. Strongbow...doesn't agree. At all. And stomps off into the woods.

The news of Moonshade's choice stirs things up at the party. A comment from Freetouch - about how Moonshade waited for as long as she could in her decision for Strongbow's sake - sends Cutter into a guilt spiral about what his choice to keep to the Way is doing to Skywise and Leetah.

He leaves for the Palace, seeking Timmain's counsel.

This part. This part gets a bit trippy. I'll try to explain it, but I think I'll have to write a lot of it word for word.


Cutter opens up the conversation with saying: "A Wolfrider must give up his skin, sometime, so others can make use of it. I still believe that, High One. But Skywise and Leetah..."

Mini!Timmain answers: "Once, you nearly gave up your skin to save mine. You did it without hesitation, without thought. What did you know?"

We get a quick flashback to that time Cutter shielded wolf!Timmain from getting shot by human arrows (right before Cutter & co decided to go into wrapstuff to wait for Rayek to finish time traveling the Palace), as Cutter answers: "That my blood runs...That my heart beats...That I live and breathe because of you, mother of all Wolfriders!"

Timmain shifts from her mini-me form to her white wolf form and sends: "And through all the long turns of the seasons – when you rode upon this back, waiting to reunite with your Recognized soul mates and cubs – what else did you know?"

Cutter's answer: "Because of you, I would never – could never – give up! You kept me going".

Timmain counters this with "No. You did." and shifts into her gray form – the one she used way back during the war for the Palace. She sends: "When I looked like this, when our eyes first met I the pit, you did not know me...nor I you. A wide-eyed, artless cub you were, but full of the fire to learn...to understand. As for me..."

She shifts back to High One form and sends: "When the Palace restored this form, I had lived so long as wolf, it took me much time to know Timmain again. Studying the Scroll of Colors...remembering...I saw that our downfall was inescapable. Despite Rayek's mighty attempt to prevent it the trolls' revolt cast my companions and me back to a pitiless brutal time – to the lesson of pain. But the greatest teacher of all, for all time, is you!"

Cut to Leetah, sensing Cutter's mounting panic. Sunstream is also receiving an alarm from the Wavedancers. Seems the super powerful scary ships the Djun set out to make are finally arriving at their home.

And, uh, there are two more pages in the comic. I don't know how to put this into words so I'll just have to scan them.

This is what happens:

Cutter is Timmain, up is down, Soylent Green is people and my brain is done. Goodnight.
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