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05 December 2006 @ 11:01 pm
Apparently I'm still alive...  
...or something. I'm feeling somewhat guilty for not having been able to access the Net, write fics or roleplay in awhile, but Real Life has to come first *sigh*

I've been unspeakably busy these last few weeks (school projects and swim coach job + driver's license and further education = me slightly dead) and I feel less than good about myself neglecting my Internet life.

Hmm, why not make a little To Do (on the Internet) List?
1. Post on all RPGs I'm in...
2. Continue my "Jeeves and Wooster" fic.
3. Continue writing "What Aroree Found".
4...and fifty-seven other things I've temporarily forgotten.

And with that I end this pointless rant and will try to get back to doing something useful.
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Current Mood: guiltyguilty
Listening to: Beethoven's Last - The Trans-Siberian Orchestra