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06 January 2016 @ 01:32 am
Final Quest #10  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 10

We start our comic with Cutter's disembodied head, being nostalgic and making bad word puns about how much he wanted to find all elves everywhere back when he was an itty-bitty chief in the Original Quest.

While Cutter is being emotional about The Call and all elves who'll hear it, we cut to human!Shenshen who, of course, is being an awesome midwife. We stay long enough with her to see that she's humming The Call, but still not interested in following it.

Back with the Palace, it's donned the Halloween costume of Blue Mountain. The Go-Backs inside are doing the Furby "bright light, dooh!"-routine, with Moonshade assuring them they'll get used to not being cave people in no time.

Sunstream is slightly more with it now that The Call has downloaded into the Palace. He's so with it in fact that he senses Aurek/Egg underneath them, who is shaping his way up into the Palace. Awkward introductions are made once Aurek pops out of the Palace floor, until Venka announces something more awkward: Winnowill approacheth! (and with her Rayek and Ekuar).

Apparently no one has any issues whatsoever with letting Rayek and Ekuar into the Palace, despite the fact that the last time Winnowill was there she had super villain intentions towards it and all of the World of Two Moons. Rayek is even allowed to have a quick reunion with his parents – who have been gone from the plot basically forever – and thinks about how awesome and High One like they're becoming and what a boob he was for ever rejecting them or something.

Venka, being Venka, controls Winnowill's spirit with no effort at all. Since Rayek senses that the Palace basically has gone Super Saiyan he asks Timmain if healing Winnowill is an option now. An attempt is made, but it goes poorly. And...well...

(Disclaimer: Rayek is my favorite character and I might not be so pleased with what's coming up in 3...2...1-)

Yeah, turns out Rayek is the root to people being unable to heal Winnowill. To fully heal, Winnowill must be given over (or something? It's very vaguely stated) to Timmain and the Palace gang for healing. So basically, Rayek must give up ever having Winnowill by his side and let her be freeeeee for her to be de-moustache-twirled.

At this point I was thinking okay, fine, they could go somewhere interesting with this, even if it's very out of the blue. I was thinking that, until the story hit us with this:

Instead of letting Winnowill get the healing she's been needing for the past, oh, 15 000+ years, Rayek decides to just love her whole and walks out. And. Everyone. Let's. HIM.


They've found the way to heal the Biggest Bad there ever was in ElfQuest, who's a huge threat to everything and everyone, and what do they do? They just shrug and go "oh well, let those two silly kids work out their horrible, messed-up relationship, possibly risking all life on the planet, thihi".

I'm not surprised Rayek made the choice he did (though I'm disappointed the Pinis won't let him have any positive character development in this area...). I am surprised a Palace full of people who know what a huge threat spirit!Winnowill is to, well, everything and everyone, let Rayek of all people walk away with her inside his head, again! Have they no logic or self-preservation left at all??!! This is as if Batman and the whole Batfamily had a way to make The Joker not murder people and had him captured, but instead of making him not-murdery handed him over to Harley Quinn for therapy. Ugh.

So yeah, that happened.

...sorry, I got a bit carried away there. Long story short, Rayek & Ekuar's detour to the Palace was utterly pointless. Moonshade of all elves gives Ekuar the tip that he and Rayek can stay in the Forbidden Grove, and gives them the "gift" of Petalwing that will join them. Rayek is less than pleased. They walk off into the snowy lands and are probably never seen again.

Moving on: Shenshen, Kimo and Shuna are attending another childbirth, which went super well thanks to Shenshen (who points out that having five fingers is really handy, har har). Random-human asks Shuna if things would be this great about everything if elves and humans were friends. Shuna answers a more sophisticated version of "eh, maybe?".

Back under the Wolfrider Holt, Ahdri is bonding with Two-Edge over unrequited love. She convinces him to teach Treestump to work metal better. Two-Edge is still rhyming, but he's no longer hiding in the deep tunnels, so yay?

Over in the vicinity of whatever Ember's tribe is called at this time, Dart and Mender are visiting Queen Drub and her brother Flam. It turns out that Dart and Mender are there to broker some sort of marriage contract between Picknose's family and Drub's, to form an über-troll-kingdom under the Wolfrider Holt. Queen Drub thinks that sounds swell.

We cut back to Treestump, Two-Edge, Clearbrook and Ahdri, who comment on Picknose's return. Two-Edge is eager to show off his skills to Picknose, while the elves hope the misfit trolls will get calmer with other trolls around. Picknose, on the other hand, has organized the move and is being carried through underground tunnels together with Oddbit, Old Maggoty and, of course, Trinket. Picknose brings up that Trinket is more of a handful than the misfit trolls ever will be (this is triggered by Trinket voicing disappointment about Mender not coming along for the ride).

At the Wolfrider Holt a Palace Sphere has appeared. There is an emotional reunion between Moonshade and Strongbow, with Moonshade dressed in her leathers promising to spend all of spring with Strongbow. Skywise is also along for the visit. He confides in Cutter that he's missing Timmain and unsure of what Timmain feels for him, if she feels anything – High Ones being High Ones with time meaning nothing to them and all that.

Later that evening, Cutter asks Leetah to ease the wolf Filcher's aching bones (Cutter's bond-friend, maybe?). Leetah reminds him that she can do so much more than that, to which Cutter replies "oh it's the Way; remember how you'll have to let me die one day?" Such a sweet-talker. Leetah doesn't reply to this out loud, but she thinks about how she wishes The Call will reach him and make him change his mind before he dies of old age. (So The Call can brainwash people, or...?)

Speaking of people Leetah wish to keep alive past their mortal lifespan, we're back with Shuna! She is being greeted as a sage in some village somewhere. She is wondering if it'd be possible for the inter-cultural friendships she's helping to forge to continue growing – with the last of the Djuns without living offspring and unable to breed, maybe her birth people might choose a new way someday~!

Yeah, sorry to rain on your parade Shuna, but things are looking bleak over in Westeros, eh, I mean Djunsland. The Djun is dying, but his death ship armada is more than ready to sail. On top of that the Djun is channeling an aquatic version of the Mad Max world, as he asks his subordinates to mount his head as decoration at the front of the main ship once he's died. For moral or something.

But pay no attention to the man behind the canvas curtain! The elves sure aren't. They are in fact organizing a big chief meeting, with Ember, Snakeskin, Venka and Timmain going to Cutter's Holt. And they party down!

In the middle of the party, Skywise introduces newcomer Dre-Ahn, who rode in on his no-hump sometime somewhen. He doesn't speak or send, only sings. For some reason.

We end this issue with the reveal of Wolfrider-sized Timmain walking out as naked as usual and making bedroom eyes at Skywise. Cliffhanger?
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