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06 January 2016 @ 01:24 am
Final Quest #9  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 9

In Djunsland WINTER IS COMING! Also the Djun is commissioning a huge, super expensive war fleet that will take 10 years to build and then will be able to kill everything. Yay.

Quick cut to Sunstream who is sending out the Call. I'm sure he's having a blast. They do make a point of saying his trance is timeless, so I guess he can't get bored since he's outside of time or something.

Then we're with the Go-Backs (who number 24 elves + two Gliders and a grumpy half-troll) who're trekking through the tunnels towards the Call. We catch Windkin and Aroree mid-conversation. Aroree has apparently apologized for the whole "kidnapping you as a baby and giving you to Winnowill"-thing, to which Windkin replies "don't worry about it, I love being immortal".

Two-Edge shows the Go-Backs boats that they need to take to get to the next tunnel. Venka, for some reason, silently wonders how different Two-Edge really is from his mother (where did that come from?)

Back in the Palace Timmain, Savah and Skywise are watching Sunstream be a statue, sending out the Call. Skywise thinks Sunstream looks kinda creepy. Timmain reassures him Sunstream will be back to his old self once the Palace takes over the Call (the Call is apparently loading up into the Palace's crystals somehow and will be sending automatically day and night once it's fully uploaded).

Skywise suggests that once Sunstream is back with them again, he can tell Skywise of all the elves and Skywise will go get them in crystal pods. To which Timmain replies with several "No!"s. Savah, being the more eloquent of the two, actually explains this reasoning – they don't want to make the decision for the other elves or make getting to the Palace too easy. It's all about the struggle and free will, etc. Timmain says only those who make it to the Palace, who don't give up or deny the Call (or, you know, die) will be ready to choose between the World of Two Moons and going into space.

Quick cut to Shenshen who's out in a snow storm, cold, and hearing the Call loud and clear. She thinks that she might "regret this madness", but that she'll never know unless she tries. She knocks on the door of a cabin and Shuna's son Shukopek (much older than last seen) opens, very surprise at seeing human!Shenshen.

And we're back in the tunnels with the Go-Backs. Two-Edge is trying to get a hidden exit open, but it's frozen solid. Thus they must take road number two: fight their way to an exit that Ahdri (up on the surface) can shape, past all the misshapen trolls. Windkin sends to Ahdri and the Go-Backs are off! Many of them aren't too happy that Venka has ordered them to dodge the trolls, instead of engaging them in outright combat.

Up in Treestump and Clearbrook's forge chamber they are watching Ahdri open up the wall. The Go-Backs rush through, a few badly wounded, and Ahdri closes the tunnel. Clearbrook seems hesitant to have Two-Edge in their forge, but Treestump seems pleased as Two-Edge sort of compliments his bright-metal work. Then the Go-Backs find out that the Palace will leave the Holt soon and we cut to-

-Moonshade and Strongbow, lying in their den, trying to convince each other to either stay in the Holt or go to the Palace. Strongbow literally curses the day Timmain showed them they were more than "just" Wolfriders and the Now.

We get a quick glimpse of Rayek, flying with Ekuar through the air somewhere. They discuss the Call and what will happen when they get to the Palace. Rayek says he won't stay if Timmain and the Sun Folk refuse to try and heal Winnowill.

In the forge Venka and the Go-Backs have just decided they might stay with the Palace and thus maybe "go back to the stars" (which the Go-Backs are fine with if Venka keeps leading them). This is not popular with Two-Edge who throws a temper tantrum, blames Cutter, and starts speaking in rhyme again. Not even Venka can get him to come back from the tunnel he's rushed into. The other elves make comments about how he might make a good king (or not) for the misfit trolls. Then they make some comments about Picknose and how he's too busy being king in the new land (where Ember & co are) to bother come and help with the misfit trolls.

Speaking of Ember, she's telling Teir what a show-off Sunstream is, taking time to lock-send to her while he's sending the Call, letting her know the Palace is about to move. They also discuss that while the Call doesn't bother mortal elves much, it tugs and pulls at the purebloods. Teir says that the Way pulls stronger, especially when he's looking into Ember's eyes.

We're with the Djun again, whose adviser says he's the first Djun to be loved as well as feared. The people feel for the Djun's silent suffering (the loss of his sons and his injury). A lot of his underlings have shown up to honor him in a parade despite the bitter cold of winter. The Djun swears he'll live 10 more years at least so he can see his war fleet sail out into the world and crush all demons everywhere.

Skywise and Cutter are hanging out at the Holt, eating the last of the dreamberries. It's revealed that Pike is staying at the Holt and so is, of all elves, Skywise too! Seems he didn't like the idea of not getting to help elves travel to the Palace.

The Palace is leaving. The Go-Backs have headed in and we get to see Moonshade and Strongbow's tearful farewell as Moonshade is leaving with the Palace too. Moonshade sends that she will keep in close contact with Strongbow and that she no longer knows what The Way is for her.

The comic ends with the Palace flying off and landing at the old site of Blue Mountain. We see the silhouettes of Rayek and Ekuar near the Palace once it lands, with Ekuar commenting "We're just in time!"
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