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06 January 2016 @ 01:15 am
Final Quest #8  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 8

We start off with the Wolfriders all seeing the now human shaped Shenshen. It seems she still smells like an elf. Strongbow is not happy with Shenshen going off and helping new human life into the world, not to mention that humans tend to kill people they don't understand (e.g. Shuna's husband).

Moonshade steps in and Strongbow and she argue. While they do that we cut to Cutter brooding over the happiness of his people and how he can't please everyone. He and Skywise discuss Strongbow and Moonshade and how they can't be helped + how that sucks.

Then Timmain shows up. She sends **Blue Mountain** to Cutter who goes "Aha!", while Skywise is confused because his lack of wolf-blood now makes understanding wolf-sendings hard. The suggestion is thus: move the Palace to the remains of Blue Mountain. That way the Wolfrider's Holt won't be overwhelmed by strange elves the moment Sunstream becomes The Link. Most seem fine with this, but Skywise doesn't like the thought of being so far away from Cutter.

Meanwhile we cut to a now grown Korafay and Reef, just hanging out. She's eating fish that swim into her mouth (yes, really) and then she does a floaty dance above the waves, catching the attention of a human fisher who throws her a flower. Reef is freaked out by this. Korafay does her best to calm Reef down, and she seems to know Reef won't report her to Snakeskin and the other Wavedancers. Korafay says that one day, when Reef is brave enough to send and to go to the Palace she'll go with him, to meet Timmain. According to Korafay, once you've touched minds with Timmain you can't help but feel safe.

Back in the Wolfrider Holt human!Shenshen sets out. Moonshade and Strongbow exchange sad looks. Timmain goes back into the Palace and Cutter comments on how the Sun Folk are getting taller and taller. Skywise says it's what the Palace does to immortal elves. Turns out Cutter knows Leetah and Skywise have been fighting to stay his size. They have a big emotional sending exchange about it. It's very dramatic.

Timmain reshapes into her High One-self. She and Sunstream open The Link, calling all elves on the World of Two Moons to the Palace. We get a shot of a lot of familiar faces (Wavedancers, Teir, Ember, Tyleet, Scouter - one who I assume is Door - Cutter and Leetah), as well as one random elf on a pony and...eh...swamp elves:

Picture of swamp elves

Yup. Swamp elves. So basically, anything can be canon now.

The downside of this sending is that it wakes up Winnowill's spirit, hanging out inside Rayek's head (this is regular-sized Rayek apparently, not the High Ones shaped one Winnowill made him into in Rogue's Curse, so that's apparently ret-conned too, or this is something that happens before all that, making anything that happens to or with Rayek now rather moot). A mental battle starts up, with Winnowill going "We should rule the world together!" and Rayek going "arghjrgh". Ekuar tries to cut in, only for Winnowill to black-send at him through Rayek. This pisses Rayek off to a degree that he finds the will-power to force Winnowill back to sleep.

Ekuar, once back awake, asks Rayek if maybe they should go and check out the whole Palace thing, since it might mean freedom for Rayek from Winnowill (somehow). Rayek says nobody would welcome him back, but Ekuar counters with that they can't be sure of that until they go have a look.

In the Go-Back's camp there is a big dance for Kahvi, which has been going on for more than a few nights. Windkin and Aroree are hanging out in a corner (naked) sending about how sweet it would be to, ehem, "...drift entwined with a fellow Glider on a warm, gentle breeze..." Yeah, you get the picture. Venka is also hanging out, as naked or half-naked as everyone else, pleased with the situation. From the shadows Two-Edge watches, brooding about how Venka and him probably never will hit it off.

And then they're hit by the Link. Venka sheds a single emotional tear and the Go-Backs are immediately ready to, well, go back to the Palace. Venka asks Two-Edge if they can get there by going under ground, which he says they can. They are, however, aiming for the Wolfrider's Holt, since that's where Two-Edge last knew the Palace was. (Apparently Sunstream forgot to add directions to this huge sending...or something?) There is also a shot of the misshapen trolls guarding their gold, seeming to imply that the Go-Backs will have to fight their way to the Wolfrider Holt through the tunnels Two-Edge is leading them through.

We end the comic on a shot of Sunstream with a map of the World of Two Moons behind him, sending and looking very zen.
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