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06 January 2016 @ 01:04 am
Final Quest #7  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 7

We start off with Venka and Two-Edge in the Go-Backs' current lodge home somewhere in the Frozen Mountains. Venka tells Two-Edge that Aroree has picked up a faint, open sending and gone to investigate who it's coming from. Venka also says she hopes they won't have to fight whoever is sending. Two-Edge only comments that he's glad Venka has picked up the shield he's made for her, since he made it to be dented in battle - in place of she herself getting smacked around. Venka then says "You took a dream of mine and made it real, Two-Edge", to which he replies "I am full of surprises". The meaning of this is not explained in this comic. We can assume it's a callback to Dreamtime, but at this point anything is possible.

Outside, Aroree is seen flying. She mistakes the sender (Windkin) for Tyldak since he's wearing his long-flying-wings. Windkin says he knows Aroree's face "somehow" and when she tells him her name he laughs and calls her his kidnapper. She doesn't understand right away and when he explains who he is and what she did to him, she is ashamed and asks for him not to mention Winnowill again. Windkin agrees to this and tells her he's looking for Venka.

Back at the lodge Windkin says hello to the Go-Backs and thanks them for not spitting him on their blades. One affronted Go-Back says "Whaddaya think we are? Barbarians?!" (yeah, uhm, were you never told of the time your people invaded the Sun Village? No? Really?). Venka invites Windkin inside and tells him that after they settled (after a long search for Kahvi) the Go-Backs insisted she become their chief. One of the Go-Backs pipes in with "And why not? She kept Rayek from wiping us off the face of the world!", another chiming in with "Aye! That high-nosed snot-bag!". Venka chuckles at this, then continues by saying that Two-Edge lives there too, but in the tunnels beneath the lodge and that he only comes up to talk to her.

Windkin of course let's Venka know Kahvi is dead - which she already suspected - and tells her she has a brother, Teir, whom she says she'd like to meet soon. She also makes a comment about Kahvi knowing the advantage of getting cubs by magic users for all her contempt for them, and that she never believed Kahvi loathed Rayek as much as she said she did. Windkin then goes on to say that no one knows where Rayek is, but that they've found other elves, Wavedancers, and that Sunstream has Recognized one of them.

Cut to the Wolfrider Holt! Here Shenshen is walking around being down about not getting to be a midwife what with Teir and Ember cutting their Recognition short. Pike brings up that humans breed almost as much as rabbits, to which Shenshen replies that she can't bring pregnant humans to the Holt all the time and going to them would be suicidal. There's a bit of a discussion between Pike, Shenshen, Redlance, Nightfall, Newstar and her mate Ohler about the up- and downside of living with and in the Palace.

And in "Ember's Lofty Mountain Refuge" we see Freetouch wrestle Dart into new leathers she's made for him, while Dewshine comments to Tyleet (who has silver streaks in her hair that appeared over night) that her hair change means a harsh white-cold will set in soon. (I had no idea elves had hair that could tell weather. The more you know~? New magic? Edit: It was pointed out to me that this indeed has happened to Tyleet before. My memory just failed me).

Mender shows up, looking for Freetouch as they apparently were picking strawberries together (in autumn?) Freetouch makes a comment about not being able to leave Dart half-dressed (though seeing as his new shirt leaves his chest completely bare despite winter coming up I don't really see the point of her comment), to which Mender replies with a flirty "How about less than half?". This ends with Freetouch tackling him and they begin to wrestle playfully while an exasperated Dart watches.

Ember and Teir walk by, Ember commenting on how impressed she is with Freetouch "juggling Sust, Pool and Mender". Ember and Teir then admire "twin flames", the swords they got from Treestump and Clearbrook, along with other supplies from Cutter's Holt. Ember worries about the human children, if they will survive their new life, and then comments that humans who are healed by elves (i.e. burn victim girl) seem to carry elfin magic with them for life. (I don't remember this being a thing before, but okay. I thought Shuna got her magic from being in the Palace so much, but fine.)

Days later Sust is gutting a fish, which leads to Mender and him talking about gutting Angrif Junn and all humans who work for him. This disturbs Dart, who brings up how wrong it is to enjoy killing/maiming/hurting others, foe or not. Dart brings up that Mender once said Cutter and Leetah represent the two sides of Mender, but also hints at Mender going down a darker path (*cough*Winnowill*cough*). Mender acknowledges that Cutter and Leetah are everything he'd be if he could, but that he's nowhere near as good as they or Dart are.

And we're back in the Palace! Sunstream has been off visiting Korafay and Brill, of which he tells an amusing anecdote to Savah. Skywise asks if Suntream is putting off becoming "the link" because of his lifemate and daughter, but Savah says there's much more to it. Cue Timmain in wolf form showing up and leading Skywise and Sunstream to Cutter. Turns out that Sunstream is waiting with becoming the link until Cutter is ready to give the word - he says to Cutter: "You're still my chief! I won't send 'til you say so."

Inside the Palace Shenshen asks Leetah for some shaping, which Leetah doesn't like. Leetah angsts over this + Moonshade one day asking her to remove her wolf-blood. Outside Cutter senses that Leetah is distressed. He also thinks that the Palace has to be "removed" before Sunstream starts broadcasting 'elves are here, hello other elves' since the Holt couldn't take the flood of elves that might show up. He goes inside the Palace only to be met by human-shaped!Shenshen, who Leetah has agreed to shape.

To be contiuned in #8.
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