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06 January 2016 @ 12:57 am
Final Quest #6  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 6

Ember, Cutter & co explore the top of the mountain they've fled to. It's an old human safehaven for sure, but it's long abandoned and seems okay to live in. Only Ember hesitates and wishes for Cutter's counsel.

They go off to a private place and Ember tells Cutter she's afraid she's failing in her task to uphold the Way. Cutter reassures her that she's doing her best, what with how the Palace has changed everything. Ember calls the Palace as a beautiful trap that takes away all parts of life that is life (preach it, Ember!) and says things might come down choosing between the Palace and the Way.

And we find out, through conversation between Sunstream and Skywise, that they've never thought of how much the Palace can change the Wolfriders.

...hoooooh boy. Do I really need to address all that is messed up with that realization? That the two Palace dwellers closest to the Wolfriders haven't thought about such an important question for we don't know how many decades? Urgh.

Anyways, Teir is still trying to deal with having a lot of family (does anyone know what happened to his adoptive family? I can't remember if we've been told.) Kahvi is still hanging around, being all spirit-y. Tyldak encourages her to now tell how she died, and Kahvi makes a remark about "now? Oh yes...'time'" – more vague spirit stuff, yay...

Kahvi tells how she first met Lehrigen (whose soul she claims to have seen flash by on its own journey, so now we can see human spirits as well) when he was a young man out to catch elves to prove himself along with his friends. Kahvi kills is friends and leaves him alive. He swears to hunt her for the rest of his life and does so. Kahvi is at this point in her life without friends or kin that are close to her, so this deadly game becomes pretty much what keeps her going.

Finally, the both of them got caught in a blizzard (Lehrigen looks to be about 30-ish there, maybe?) and Kahvi spears Lehrigen, but mistakes him for dead so he gets the chance to push her off a cliff. As she dies she offers him her braids as a token of respect and asks him to throw her corpse to the wolves nearby, which he does. He then goes on to swear that his fellow men will call him demon slayer and that Kahvi only will be the first of many.

The elves thank Kahvi for that lovely story (and for creating a elf-slaying murder machine? Seriously? Remember how Lehrigen Shadowstalker was a huge problem to the elves and had killed several before he encountered Ember's tribe? Good going here...). Kahvi leaves with a cryptic sending to Cutter: **I'll see your sweet body in the Palace when I visit.** A curious thing to send, as Cutter hardly ever visits the Palace (~foreshadowing~).

With the spirits leaving to do spirit things (I guess), Pike asks Krim one last question before she leaves – about what there is more to death than the Palace. Krim answers: **It's what is...it's the dream,** leaving Pike and readers alike confused.

Since dreamberries can't grow in this new Holt of Ember's, Pike decides to go back to Cutter's Holt (and to be with his lifemates, since they still "live" in the Palace – one more for the death worship cult!). Yun too goes with them.

Back in Cutter's Holt, Dart and Freetouch request to join Ember's tribe. Skywise flies them back under the concerned watchful eyes of Moonshade and Strongbow (Strongbow being the one who worries most).

Strongbow then calls council (by talking!) and voices his worries about how Ember is minding the Way (Denying Recognition! Taking in humans!), but Cutter shuts him up by telling him of Ember's own worries for how the Way is preserved.

We are left on that discussion unresolved, and with the looming threat of what Angrif Djun will do next.
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