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06 January 2016 @ 12:40 am
Final Quest #5  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 5

Ember sits upon her not-throne and sees Teir drowning, before her contact with him cuts out, due to the whole denying-Recognition-situation she started. Understandably, she sends for the Palace to aid him and the rest of their kin.

In the Palace spirit!Kahvi joins forces with the rest of the Go-Back spirits (did they just fuse??) to speed up the making of a pod. Cutter just has time to send to Strongbow to take his place as acting chief, before they're off.

In the river by the mountain, Teir is being thrown around as if he's stuck in a very wet pinball machine. Kahvi's spirit shows up to more or less taunt him into not giving in and dying – since he thinks he's destined to always end up alone due to Ember cutting off the Recognition. Kahvi talks about how she left him when he was about 1 years old, since she wanted a girl not "the disappointment of a lad".

I can't really recall Kahvi thinking male elves lesser to female, but whatever. Apparently Kahvi's spirit has been stalking Teir ever since, mostly laughing at him, hearing all his thoughts, and rarely being proud of him. Mother of the year, everybody.

Kahvi's mockery makes Teir so angry he swims to the surface, where Windkin – his father – rescues him. Teir is healed and the Palace pod rushes to Ember's aid.

She is hung up somewhere public and humans are throwing unpleasant things at her. Ember tries to think herself calm, knowing Angrif doesn't plan to kill her just yet, but the tales of what ancient humans once tried to do to Redlance still ring true. Ember thinks that humans never change, they just get worse.

Windkin flies in, protected by the Palace's shield, and cuts her free with Skywise's sword. Not even the gun's bullets can pierce the shield. Teir and Ember reunite and Ember tells the others about the gun.

Angrif feels impotent for a moment, knowing not even the pistol could stop the demons and that the healer now is beyond his reach. But he rallies and swears to cut the elves' forest to the ground, to build a war fleet.

The pod appears by the rest of Ember's tribe and Ember is less than pleased to see Khorbasi's human children. Cutter thinks that the events of the past days must have wounded her deeply.

Then the elves try to settle all family connections – Teir tries to deal with the fact that he now has a grandmother (Dewshine), a father (Windkin) and a cousin (...Cutter).

Cute background event to this: Skywise gives Yun a one-arm hug and says he just felt like it :)

Teir asks how Ember still is so coherent, what with Recognition and all, and she says more or less "I did what mom did when she Recognize dad – don't feel like having cubs right now, pretty busy. Still love you though!" Mender and Leetah figure out a way to make the urge of Recognition go away, because that's another thing healers can do now, so the two of them are free of that (and the narration box now calls them lovemates instead of lifemates...I'm confused, but what else is new?)

They howl for their dead. Skot and Krim's spirits making an appearance to dance around the mourning Sust and Pike for a moment. Then the living elves go in the pod to the top of the mountain, since Khorbasi says it could hold a legendary human safehaven. There this issue ends.
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