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04 January 2016 @ 04:40 pm
Final Quest #4  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 4

We begin the issue with Windkin telling Moonshade that he chooses to confined in her, since the Sunfolk have changed so much since he last saw them he no longer knows them. Moonshade explains that that's the Palace's doing and that Dart's said he no longer knows even his Recoginzed Serrin. It's just what happens if you've spend enough time inside it.

That sounds...not at all unsettling. The Palace completely rewriting your personality to the point that even the people you've Recognized no longer know you. Super. Can't wait to go there.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Cult warning! Cult warning!

Ehem, sorry, back to the story. Windkin approaches Timmain, with Moonshade's help, and asks if all elves become part of the Palace when they die. Timmain say that animal-blooded elves' spirits can go where they please after death, while the purebloods join the Palace to "increase its power"; basically, they're Palace batteries :/

But don't worry! The Palace apparently has a bubble-shaped aura of power that stretches all the way to the two moons – so they won't need to hang around exactly in the Palace all the time. Joy.

Windkin comments that he thinks Kahvi would like that and that he'd like help with contacting her and Tyldak's spirits. Moonshade and Timmain say he must send his feelings to them, as not all spirits respond to words.

Over at Angrif Djun's place we get yet another retcon. You remember that descendant of Grohmul Djun who terrorized the Wavedancers? Ardan Djarum? The guy with the gun who blamed his murder of his own wife on the elves? Yeah, he was apparently delusional – a bastard son of Grohmul Djun, making him Angrif's half-brother, who sailed the seas seeking revenge for a murder he himself committed and claiming Grohmul Djun died centuries ago, not years.

Turns out, the gun he had in those Wavedancer comics, he'd stolen from Grohmul Djun's collection of Two-Edge-made weapons. Long story short, Angrif took it back and has since then been torturing Ardan to the point of near death. Ember is not pleased to see the old man being dragged into the chamber.

Quick cut to show Angrif's son has caught up with Teir & co, and is shooting crossbow bolts at them. Then back to Ember, who's about to watch Ardan get his daily dose of torture as part of her "education". Ardan starts to speak vaguely of the Wavedancers and Angrif sees recognition in Ember's eyes, thus concluding that the world is full of elves in need of killing.

Teir & co are cornered in the mountains by their pursuers. One poor deer is lost to an arrow (poor deer). The soldiers aren't so keen to go after the elves when they are hiding among the rocks, but Angrif's son urges them on, knowing that failure means his father's wrath – something you rarely survive.

Hearing that this human is the source of their troubles, Pool takes to a hill and shoots Angrif's second son in the head, taking an arrow to the thigh (sorry, not knee, no Skyrim jokes for you) in the process. He falls and is caught by the others, not mortally wounded.

Back with Ember and Angrif, Ember asks if Angrif will cry for his lost cubs now that both are dead. Angrif thinks she's lying and also doesn't care, because if his son fails said son knows he'll be gutted when he returns. Lovely.

We get more incoherent talk of elves from Ardan. Since Angrif has been torturing Ardan for info for years and now knows said info is true, he shoots Ardan dead. And taunts Ember with it, saying it's her fault that he knows the Wavedancers are real.

Watching people get shot is clearly really psychologically traumatizing for Ember, because Teir is not doing so well. Thus Ember chooses to cut off their Recognition, refusing it as Leetah once did. She says she's doing it for Teir's sake, but the shock of it hits him so hard that he looses his grip on the mountain he's climbing and falls into a river below.

Ember, how did this make anything better? Could you please explain any of the decisions you've made thus far in Final Quest? Nope? Okay then.

Back at the Palace, Windkin tries to reach Kahvi, asking if she's dead or alive, and if "one who shares both of their blood" walks with her. Cutter & co rush in, as Ember has sent for their help – though not for herself but for Teir & co. We are at last greeted with the sight of the spirits of Kahvi, Tyldak (in his Glider form), Skot, Krim, Vaya and several Go-Backs, floating around and ready to lead the way to Teir's aid.

Long story short, this issue has proved that death is nothing to fear for an elf, so why bother avoiding it? Yeah, you can't hug people or eat, but there are worse things in the world, right?

Okay, okay, that's not what the moral is meant to be. But the whole "talking to the dead as if they were alive"-thing really takes the drama and sorrow out of seeing characters die, you know?
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