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04 January 2016 @ 04:31 pm
Final Quest #2  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 2

We begin today's issue with Angrif Djun shouting orders at his men to crush the elves, who've wrecked all the catapults. Ember orders a retreat. Krim sends her farewells to Pike and their son Sust, since she plans to go down in a blaze of glory attacking the Djun. Pike accepts this and Sust seems to do so too.

Seconds later, Sust is badly wounded by an arrow and Mender dives to the rescue, literally shrinking the heart of a second attacking human. The Djun sees this and orders Mender captured, because of course he wants a healer. The elves take refuge in the treeline, with Krim and Lehrigen leading an attack on the Djun.

Pike, watching Sust get healed, has a swift change of heart and decides he can't let Krim die alone, so he begs Sust to stay behind and goes after Krim.

Krim, in her turn, has with the help of Lehrigen gotten so close to Angrif Djun that she manages to castrate him, making sure he can have no more heirs. Pike pulls her out of harms way at the last second, rolling them to refuge under a catapult, while the Djun's men carry him to their physician.

Pike and Krim share their last farewells, where Krim sends that death isn't just going back to the Palace. She doesn't finish that sentence though. Pike flees, and Lehrigen takes his place at Krim's side. They share some last banter before they both die.

As the human soldiers head for the rest of the tribe, Teir and Ember do the thing we've been waiting for them to do since forever. They Recognize. Such great timing.

The rest of the Wolfriders have time to get back to the Holt and sit around sharing stories (Pike talking to Sust about Krim rejoining Skot in the Palace, and that there's "more" than the Palace) until Ember and Teir snap out of their Recognition-daze. Luckily, Mender is there to help.

Well, luckily for all people who love plot-holes. See, most of the Djun's men are busy with subduing the surviving Longriders. Only Angrif Djun's son Lodok and his personal guard go after the elves. They're hunting Mender, since Angrif Djun has promise a reward of 10 000 silver sheks to whoever brings him the healing elf.

Lodok thinks Mender is paralyzed by fear. As you can assume, Mender kills Lodok with one touch, sending his guards into a panic. One soldier flees, knocking Teir unconscious on the way, while Mender takes care of the rest easily. He basically superhero:s his way through them, it's that easy.

Here comes the plot-hole. With Angrif Djun's son and all his guards dead, and with Mender there to help her carry Teir to safety, Ember decides to...just stand around.

Yeah, I have a really hard time wrapping my head around what makes her stay behind while Mender heads for the hills carrying Teir. Sure, there are more soldiers coming after Lodok and his men, but by the time they get to Ember, Mender is barely visible in the distance and he's carrying Teir, thus slowing him down.

I guess we can blame Recognition's mystic confusion powers (Cutter did turn into a kidnapper when he Recognized Leetah), but seeing as Mender hasn't Recognized anyone and he's going along with this, it's really weird. He even said "but you" to Ember, as if she needed his help to walk too – does Recognition make you dizzy and unable to run? Because Cutter's whole kidnapping stunt didn't exactly show proof of that. For crying out loud, he managed to go through the trial of Head, Hand and Heart after days of denied Recognition. Seriously, what is going on here?

Well, whatever it is, it has Ember surrender to the Djun's men. Teir is obviously not happy with this when he wakes up, but Mender keeps him still, saying Ember surrendered to get him to safety (again, how and why?!? they could at least have incapacitated Ember or made them have to flee from an active fight – this just makes no sense to me).

Angrif Djun, when faced with Ember, says he'll send his second son Rathol to kill her whole tribe except Mender, who he'll make heal him with the incentive of lopping of Ember's head if he doesn't.

Ember's answer is pretty much "yeah, good luck with that".

Teir is still really not okay with this whole 'plan' (and I agree with him), but Ember reassures him via sending and asks him to lead the tribe and not go after her, for Mender's sake.

All this unnecessary drama is interrupted by Khorbasi returning to the Holt with 4 human children (not 3 as Ember said, hehe), one of them badly burned. Mender heals the burned child and they all head for safer ground. Ember sends a promise to Teir that she will survive and that he must not let Mender come for her. This sending also confirms that Ember and Teir are lifemates now.

Why isn't the Palace sweeping into rescue Ember and her tribe? Because Ember made Sunstream pinky-swear to not help her with magic unless she was on the brink of death. So yeah...ending issue 2 in a very dramatic but also very convoluted place. Huh.
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