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04 January 2016 @ 04:14 pm
Final Quest #1  
Summary under the cut!

Final Quest 1

The story starts off with the Wolfriders going on their first far off hunt in ages. Strongbow sends a "wish you were here", which Moonshade answers with "I'm no longer into the adrenaline filled life of a biker, I mean, Wolfrider".

Moonshade, all dressed in preserver silk fabric, runs into Sunstream and Skywise. They talk about how Korafay is all grown so Sunstream can continue his learning in the Palace and...

Sorry, I was busy having a flashback to that side-comic where Ahnshen tries to dress up Moonshade exactly like that and she tells him it's all an illusion and that she's a Wolfrider. Guess that comics now too is retconned. Or just very ironic.

We cut back to the hunt, where Cutter thinks of how he misses Skywise and Moonshade, but that it's right that they should choose their own path.

Over by Ember's tribe, Angrif Djun is visiting the humans called Longriders, who live next to the elves. Not fun. Ember worries and Teir is distracting her with wanting to make cubs. Dewshine and Mender think it's the beginning of Recognition, since Ember and Teir are two seconds away from making out even in the midst of super dangerous human things.

Pool, put on guard, runs into Shadowstalker Lehrigen, who now is old and has cancer. He's come to die among the elves. He believes in reincarnation, so he promises Ember he'll remember her kin when he's reborn and help them out.

Krim comments that it sucks that human apparently are reborn, since that means elves can never be rid of them. Lehrigen says that Krim reminds him of another elf, who he killed, and holds up a lock of hair that's clearly Kahvi. Krim is...less than pleased to learn of Kahvi's death.

During the resulting fight, Kahvi's braid flies into the hands of Teir who has a seemingly traumatic flashback that makes him scream "DON'T LEAVE ME!". Ember comforts him and says she feels his pain – more proof of pending Recognition.

The fight between Krim and Lehrigen (who says Krim can have her revenge, but that she should know Kahvi gave him the braid out of respect) is interrupted by news from Scouter that Angrif Djun, his two sons, and the Longrider warriors ride up the mountain. Khorbasi adds that the Djun plans to betray the Longriders, because he wants slaves to build ships for him out of the elves' woods.

Said and done. Soon the Longrider village is aflame. Children and elderly are burning alive. Yup, Angrif Djun lives up to his father's reputation.

Khorbasi begs Ember to be allowed to help the Longriders. Ember says this will slow down the tribe, but then reluctantly allows Khorbasi to save 3 children. She then holds a speech to the tribe, asking them what their next move should be since this Holt clearly is lost. The consensus is "make the humans pay".

Lehrigen says the siege weapons slinging fire can be disabled by cutting their ropes and Teir dives for that opportunity, clearly beyond reason at this point. Ember orders Mender, Pike, Krim and Sust to follow her into the fray, after Teir. The rest are to take position in the trees for distance attacks. Lehrigen follows into the fight too and teams up with Krim – Krim likes the way he fights and promises him a swift end if he can help her get a crack at Angrif Djun. Their murder-y alliance ends issue 1.
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