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04 November 2006 @ 04:58 am
Dear Santa  
Since this is my first time participating in Yuletide, I'm not quite sure how to do this. Hope my wish-list makes sense and that it'll help (not hinder) your fic-writing!

You don't have to include all of the things I like in the fic, not even one. They're just guidelines, not rules; listen to your inspiration first.

Ratings: I like all ratings, when it comes to fics. Smut is good, but I like plot first and foremost - at least when it comes to long fics.

Things that make me happy:
1. Long build-ups. I love the anticipation when, for example, two characters, that are romantically interested in each other, take forever to get together (denying their feels all the way), or when there's a murderer on the loose, who avoids the police/detective/etc. until the very end.
2. Messing with gender roles. It doesn't have to be big things, anything in this category can usually make me smile. Especially if a none-human race is the focus of the fic.
3. Culture-clashes.
4. More "realistic" takes on cartoons (this mostly has to do with Thundercats). People actually dying in fights, children actually having parents instead of just "popping out of the ground", and such things.
5. Unexpected plot-twists, as long as they make sense.
6. Angst, humour, death!fic, dark!fic, general, fantasy, AU, h/c, sci-fi, fluff and so on and so forth. In other words: Any category is great, as long as the plot is interesting and the characters are IC.
7. Slash, het or femslash. I prefer slash most of the time, but as long as the characters have chemistry I'll read and enjoy.
8. Kidnappings, of any kind...don't ask why, I'm just weird that way.
9. Light domination/submission games, especially with an "unexpected" dom. Blindfolds, light bondage, things like that.
10. "Weak spots"; a person always seeing stars when, for example, having their ear licked or stomach caressed.
11. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise)

Things that make me...less happy:
1. Character-bashing.
2. Incest, MPreg, more "advanced" BDSM (just not my thing)
3. Scat, "golden shower" (just...no)
4. Blood-play (unless there are vampires involved)

Random thing that annoys me: The word "prick". It means "dot" in Swedish and therefore, seeing it written as a reference to male genitals, always makes me laugh, or at least chuckle a little.

Fandom specific stuff

Elfquest: In this fandom I'd really like a Rayek-centric fic, either set post-Rouge's Curse or an AU set post-Shards. AUs in general, involving Rayek, are great too. There doesn't have to be a pairing, but I'd rather not see Rayek and Winnowill ending up in a loving relationship. Any other pairings are fine, though.
If you can't stand to write about Rayek (he's not the most likeable elf, I know), I also like Strongbow, Dart, Kimo (especially Dart/Kimo), Venka and Aurek (Egg).

Farseer: Nothing specific here, other than what I've already wished for.

Thundercats: This was my absolute favourite cartoon when I was a kid. My favourite character was, and still is, Tygra. Therefore I'd really like to read about his life pre-Third Earth, or any of the Thundercats' lives, before their home planet was destroyed.

WITCH: I'm really interested in the Oracle, as a person. Slash between him and (Commander? Master? I don't know what he's called in English) Yarr would make me very happy! But it doesn't have to be a fic with a pairing, general is just as good.
If the Oracle doesn't interest you, I'm mostly interested in the people who live/"work" in Kandrakar. But I did say "Any" when it came to characters, so any it is!

Hope that helped! And as I said before: Put inspiration before my guidelines! Don't feel that you have to include or exclude anything, if that messes with the story you have planned.
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melodytimemelodytime on November 11th, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC)
hahaha, you're kinda sounding like Barbossa now Nonesane... They're not actual rules, they're more like guidelines... ahrr! (sorry have the weirdest crack humor today)
Nonesanenonesane on November 14th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)
I feel a bit like Barbossa (from the first movie that is) at the moment - in other words: Dead, in desperate search for something that will give me my life back and in great need of apples (or chocolate, which ever comes first).

Nah, now I'm being over-dramatic. But school's really suffocating me right now...