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Wanting To Write With Far Too Many WIPs Waiting

I have so many things I should be writing and want to be writing!

Will save this here to hopefully add a list of deadlines for myself later on tonight...

Okay, here goes! I've looked through the WIPs I marked as "priorities" way back when (for original stories here & for fanfiction here, though I've come up with yet more stories since then, ack!) and picked three of of each to focus on so I actually might get something done this summer. The others will be written too, just...later.

Original stories

1) Of Elves and Dwarrows Part 1: Soul-Stealing Elves
I've finished the first draft of 16 of 21 chapters! I really should get this done this summer.
I'll encourage myself by link all the beautiful art I've commissioned of my characters, here:
Headshots of Jale, Warsa, Kaaz, Prince Onren, Fanwa, Beswa, Zurkea and Gelame.
Headshots of Guthra, Queen Luheka, Vergar, Droh, Tura, Bjana, Hreka and Marwa.
Raserath saving her brother Narathriel from falling.
Narathriel and Warsa talking, near the end of the book.
Prince Onren and Jale dancing.

2) Rumskompisar och Annat Oknytt
My short story collection all in Swedish that has gone forward ever so slowly. But I need to finish it. Like, yesterday. Because my uncle isn't feeling too well and he really wanted to read something I've written...and now I've made myself sad, dammit.
Oh well, I've finished the first draft of 1 of 10 stories. Better get working on the rest!

3) Secrets in Ice
Only done with the first draft of chapter 1 of 16, but it is something. Co-creating this with my sister (her tumblr and her dA) which has both sped up and slowed down the process of writing/world-building.


1) Witch Hunt
A Star Trek:DS9 AU-fic focused on Julian Bashir and Elim Garak. Only done with the first draft of chapter 1 of 20, but I've apparently written at least 200 words on each chapter. Weird,

2) Dynamics
Mass Effect fic. Because this silly Shepard/Thane smut has been sitting unfinished on my computer for way, waaaay too long!

3) Punishment
This prompt is so old and unfilled I am ashamed. Especially as it has 2k of it already written! The Hobbit fandom needs more dworin smut. yeah. Let's see if I can get all this done before work starts up again in August. Better not hold my breath.
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