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05 February 2015 @ 08:18 pm
Free Horror Stuff I Enjoy  
Making a little list for myself, as a reminder. Will try to add trigger warnings later on, should anyone ask for them (they're horror stories after all, so if I should list all possible triggers in them I'd be here all week...)

Now with short summaries!

A new resident of a small village decides to go against the village's fears and challenge an inofficial curfew.

The narrator's friend goes to get his driver's license renewed and things get weird. More surreal than scary, but it has its creepy moments.

Like this most for the mood and story telling. There is certainly a lot of creepy in it, though the ending was more cathartic than scary.

Just Another Night
The narrator's brother is out partying while the narrator has a quiet night at home. But his brother has a hard time getting home...

Milk Teeth
An interesting take on an apocalypse, with nice music and singing.

Radio Phil
When the narrator and his family has to move, his oldest child Philip starts his own little radio show on cassettes. The narrator, Phil's father, listens to one of the cassettes one night and finds it contains an unsettling element.

A group of friends are looking to play games in a big house. One person in the groups suggets the game "Smee" and tells why he himself won't play it ever again.
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