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25 October 2014 @ 10:23 am
Yuletide Letter 2014  
Hi my lovely, wonderful Yulegoat!

With Yuletide sign-up around the corner I give you this very much optional letter of more detailed requests, as well as some general likes. I hope it inspires you! If not, go do your own thing, I'll love your gift anyway :)

If you want to go the really advanced route, this is my very long list of likes and kinks - and I mean plot likes too, not just smut related likes.

Not my cup of tea
- AUs set in high school. Meaning that I'm completely fine with school related things if they are canon.
- Bestiality. By this I mean animals, not sentient alien creatures. Xenophilia I'm down with.
- Character-bashing. I seldom hate characters in any of the fandoms I'm in, and if I did, I'd just prefer them to be kept out of the fic, not made even stupider/more annoying than they already are.
- Dub-con presented as consent, especially when smut is involved. By this I mean things like the seme/uke dynamic in yaoi and the fact that in most “vanilla” het-scenes (that I've come across, anyways) the woman - no matter her personality, age, experience or non-smut-related dynamic with the man - 99% of the time turns into a delicate flower who goes weak-kneed as soon as the guy breathes on her, while the man always starts calling the shots and barely seems to be affected by the situation, besides grunting a bit and eventually ejaculating.
In short: someone “taking the lead” during sex, when there's been no discussion that both people are in on this and when the scene isn't meant to be BDSM or rough sex, really squicks me. It's dubcon bordering on noncon, without the author seeming to be aware of it, and that just rubs me the wrong way.
- Vore and pedophilia (meaning someone younger than 15 is involved) that's written in a happy, fluffy romantic way. They're generally not my thing at all, but implied and/or written in a dark sense that does something to move the plot along, I don't mind them.
- Plots that involve amnesia, characters suddenly age regressing into children and characters switching bodies. Fanfiction as full of these tropes so I've seen them done a lot before.
- Watersports and scat.

Now, with that downer out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

Anything goes! Would just like to not have the story end too darkly or sad - it's the holidays, after all ;)

Anything goes! I have no trouble reading anything from the kid safest of fics to the most explicit of sex and violence. Go with whatever suits you and the story best.

Things that make me smile (not smut related)
1. Anticipation, tension and suspense. Be it UST, a manhunt for a dangerous killer or a rush against time to save someone's life – if it keeps me on the edge of my seat, I'm happy.
2. Messing with gender roles, in any way.
3. Culture-clashes, where both cultures are seen as equals, only different.
4. Plot-twists I adore.
5. Pairings of all kind of gender combinations – they're all good as long as there's chemistry in the pairing. I do however prefer the main pairing to include at least one of my favorite characters and I am very attached to the pairings I enjoy (they are listed by fandom further down). But secondary pairings are of course also possible and welcome. And I like gen too, should you not feel like including pairings!
6. Kidnappings, for any reason. I don't know why, I just like that kind of plots. And it's more for the "rescue" part of the plots such actions tend to involve that I enjoy, especially if it is a more unexpected character saving a more "rescuer"-like character.
7. Vulnerability for otherwise "strong" characters. Through being wounded, kidnapped, drugged, bested (even if the person's just pretending to lose to please someone else) or in any other way you can think of.
8. Role reversals (usual rescuer being rescued, “weaker” character saves the day, otherwise more worldy character is courted/seduces/approached by otherwise more “naive” character, etc.)
9. AUs and crossovers. I don't need them to enjoy a story, but I don't mind them either. AUs with a well built world can be a ton of fun!

Other things that make me smile (only relevant to smut)
1. “Hot Spots”, i.e. one or both of the characters in a pairing see stars when they, for example, have their ear licked or stomach caressed.
2. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise). Doesn't actually have to lead to sex – the teasing is fun in itself.
3. Playful dominance/submission + bondage. Preferably initiated by the sub. Small gestures, such as holding the other's hands still, biting, rough play, verbally dominating someone... And in pairings involving both men and women, I do like a bit of femdom, if that works with the personality of the woman in question.
4. Vanilla sex. Although kinky is wonderful, I don't require it to like the smut; as long as the characters are themselves and interact believably, I'll love you for it!
5. People having fun, especially if it's First Time Sex we're talking and if it works with the characters' personalities. Just a relaxed, laughing-with-you-not-at-you, friendly mood to go with a very fun activity!

Fandom specifics!

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
(Characters: Akemi Homura, Kaname Madoka)

Homura is easily my favorite character in this series. Her obsessive loyalty to Madoka is impressive and fascinating (though destructive). I'd love to know what happened after the show - how does Homura adjust to life in the new world. Does she ever get to see Madoka again? Does Madoka watch over her especially? An overview of Homura's life would be interesting to see, from the point where the new world is made to the point where Homura eventually, as we all do, must move on to the next world, so to speak.

An AU of some kind would also be interesting! As you might have suspected I ship Madoka/Homura, but I prefer them to be aged up to at least 18 if they're going to do more than kiss. Any AU that lets them be together, as friends or as lovers, would be great, though I would love the AU to be "magical" in some way since weird magic is such a big part of the canon.

I haven't seen the movie and while I don't mind spoilers I won't get referenses to it. If you want to write something set during the anime I'm perfectly down with that as well!

Sapphire and Steel
(Characters: Sapphire, Silver, Steel, Lead)

The creepy, alien atmosphere is so great here. I love how Sapphire and Steel are clearly not human. I love how the 'cases' they go on are a mix of cosmic horror and detective work. A 'case fic' would be great, but I'd also love to see what their life is like when they're not on Earth - is there life on other planets they also help? What is their own home like? Do they have a 'home'?

If you like writing crossovers I think this is a series that lends itself well to that. If you ship Sapphire and Steel or other Elements, I'm down with that, but I'd love that to be combined with their "not human" qualities; i.e. I don't think Elements do romance exactly like we humans do it. Do they even reproduce?

I've seen the TV episodes, not listened to any of the audio stories, so feel free to go completely AU after that. I'd prefer no main character death, if that's okay with you dear Yulegoat! Also, my favorite character is Steel.

The Silvered - Tanya Huff
(Characters: Danika Hagen, Tomas Hagen, Mirian Maylin, Sean Reiter)

I love this world! If you want, please tell me more about this world and how it works. I'd love for something set post-book, starring any of the characters. What does Danika do now that she's free again and the country needs to be rebuilt? What does Mirian and the others do with their newly formed pack?

And while I'd love a "future fic" I'd love a worldbuilding or past-fic as well! What was life like in this world before the magic users split up into "elements"? What were the first pack members created like?

"Present time" fic but set else where is also great! What is it like in the pack-only parts of the world? What are the packs like further south? Are there people who transform into other things than wolves? Will some other country try to ally themselves with Danika's people now that the war is over? So many possibilities!

I don't really have a favorite character or ship here, so go with whatever you personally like the most or go gen - it's all good!

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
(Characters: Danika Hagen, Tomas Hagen, Mirian Maylin, Sean Reiter)

I ship these three like you wouldn't believe! It made me so full of joy when I realized there finally was a show I liked with three people who could all be romantical and happy together, without anyone being left out or overshadowed by the other two. In short, anything fluffy and shippy, with these three all being in love with each other, would make my Yuletide a shimmery and smiling one!

If that ship isn't one you'd like to sail (please excuse the pun, I'm very tired), I also adore the camp, sparkly universe these three inhabit! What happens after the end of the anime? Will our heroes go adventuring off the island? Will they go into space? Will there be (more) aliens? The possibilities are endless!

Again, I adore the relationship these three have. They're all good friends, though in different ways, and all three seem so aware of their wish to stay together. My personal view on things is that they're all in love with each other (ie. not just Takuto and Wako in love, and Wako and Sugata in love, but Takuto and Sugata in love with each other too), though I have no real proof to back that up.

I guess I have nothing more to add to this. In short: love this poly pairing, but I'd love a gen fic about this show too, with those three in focus, set anywhere on the timeline (though I'm most curious about what could have happened after the final episode).

I also like the rest of the cast, so if you feel like including some of them, that'd just make me happier.

A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman
(Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson)

This world is so wonderfully dark, but with just enough hope in it to not make me despair. If anyone can outwit the ineffable, it's Sherlock Holmes. I'd love anything set in this AU (because it is a Homes fusion AU crossover and no one can tell me any different) be it before, during or after the story. How did Watson and Holmes meet in this world? What have their lives been like? What are they planning right now? What will their lives be like when (if?) they defeat their enemy? What do they think of Moran and Moriarty?

As you might have guessed, I'm a Holmes/Watson shipper. Been shipping them since I was tiny, so if they're not your cup of tea please don't pair them up with anyone else. Them being super close friends is also great!

Oh, and if you like Irene Adler, I'd love to see her included somehow. She is one fantastic lady and she needs more 'screen time' everywhere!

(Characters: Chalres J. Chrishunds, Johnny Rayflo)

I'd love for something set post-manga, where they're living together and trying to work out their relationship with each other and the world. What does Charles do now that his connection with the church is what it is? Has he embraced himself fully, with all he is and isn't? And Rayflo, has he become a better partner to be around?

While I would love smut with these two, especially involving the vampiric aspect of them, I'd love a fic that just centers around their relationship if smut is not your thing. New perils are also great! What trouble can the two get themselves into? Vampire hunters? Crazy scientists? The world finding out about vampires?

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