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01 October 2014 @ 05:50 pm
Gift WIPs  
Realized I probably should make a separate post for this, since I noticed I'd forgotten to list some gift-stories in my previous post.

For Chibiangle, my dear sister!

Camping trip
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Gin/Kira/Matsumoto
In one sentence: Rescue mission or camping trip?
Summary: After the final battle with Aizen, Matsumoto and Ichimaru both disappeared. Urahara thinks he has a way to get them back.
Why I'm writing it: Gift for chibiangle
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

The Shop
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji/Petshop of Horrors
Pairing: None so far
In one sentence: Mysterious murders leads the Queen's Dog to a Chinese man who does dirty deals with the richer part of London.
Summary: A new serial killer haunts the streets of London. Or rather, the finer drawing rooms of London. After the third unexplained death of a man of noble family, Ciel Phantomhive receives orders to catch the killer – but this time, having Sebastian as the ace up his sleeve might not be of much help.
Why I'm writing it: It's a very much delayed birthday gift for my little sister, mostly slowed down as I'm not all that familiar with Kuroshitsuji. Doing my best to catch up though!
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]

For The Cinereous Carousel.

Cured Cats
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eames/Arthur
In one sentence: There's a reason Eames annoys Arthur so much.
Summary: Before Cobb was a fugitive and Mal was dead, they both did perfectly harmless dream experiments. Sometimes Arthur join in, sometimes he didn't. Sometimes Eames was invited (mostly for the less-than-legal experiments), sometimes he wasn't. This is one occasion when they were both invited at the same time.
Why I'm writing it: Because onidoko requested it :)
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]

Tumblr Prompts


For Yuletide Madness


For people on the Scroll of Colors

If Foxfur lived (working title)
Fandom: Elfquest
Requested by: stargazer
Pairing: Foxfur/Skywise
In one sentence: Worldpool where more technically advanced humans attack the Wolfriders.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: Gift for stargazer on the official EQ-forum.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
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