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Fanfiction WIPs

After the original stories post, here's my list of fics that are in-progress, sorted by "currently writing" and "on hold".



Through the Wall
Pairing: Rosalind Lutece/Robert Lutece
In one sentence: How they met.
Summary: Rosalind has no idea who she will be facing when their invention finally works out. R. Lutece is not a common name, so she expects to see her mirror image.
Why I'm writing it: I played the game and there was no return.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]


Gin lives (working title)
Pairing: Gin/Kira
In one sentence: See title.
Summary: Ran might not have been in on Gin's betrayal being fake, but someone else was...
Why I'm writing it: I like fix-it fics and I also like making up a bankai for Kira.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Inner Worlds
Pairing: Gin/Kira
In one sentence: Gin is dead and Kira might be going crazy.
Summary: Aizen is defeated, Gin is dead and a new enemy has infiltrated Soul Society. Kira should be helping in the fight, but he keep getting distracted by the voices in his head. Well, one particular voice.
Why I'm writing it: I just like this trope. Which trope that is, you'll see when the fic is done.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Ran knows about Aizen (working title)
Pairing: Gin/Kira
In one sentence: It's better to be in danger together.
Summary: child!Gin and child!Ran manage to escape Aizen's underlings through fighting together. After much ado, they end up with Urahara in the world of the living, having figured out Aizen's up to no good and that whatever his weapon is, it involves sight. Thus, Gin always wears a blindfold and the two of them are badass.
Why I'm writing it: The world needs more Gin & Ran being BFFs and BAMF.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Bleach/Mushishi (working title)
Fandom: see title
Pairing: Gin/Kira (implied)
In one sentence: Ginko meets a stranger on a mountain.
Summary: Traveling towards a remote village, Ginko stops to rest for the night high up on a mountain. His campfire attracts an unusual companion.
Why I'm writing it: The mood just struck me while I was watching a Mushishi episode.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Vulcan Courtship/Vulcan Marriage/Vulcan Honeymoon (yes, a trilogy)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (set in the Star Trek universe)
Pairing: Holmes/Watson (Kirk/Spock too, when the 3rd one rolls around)
In one sentence: A kink meme fill about Pon Farr that got out of hand.
Summary: Wounded in battle, Medical Officer James Watson is sent to his home colony to recover – a colony he hasn't visited since the age of twelve. Well there he finds himself rooming with a very unusual Vulcan by the name of Sherlock Holmes (or, well, that's the name he prefers Humans use; apparently they always butcher his real name) and the dull retirement he thought he'd have turns much more interesting.
Why I'm writing it: This was intended to be a very short, smutty fill for a kink meme request, but I had way too much fun designing the world and think up non-sex-related situations Vulcan!Holmes and Watson could end up in. Also, the titles just had to be used, silly as they are..
Status: Plotting [/ ], Writing [ /], Editing [ ]


Lightstep and Tam
Pairing: Leetah aka Lightstep/Cutter aka Tam
In one sentence: What if the Sun Folk were Wolfriders and vice versa?
Summary: Once the humans set fire to their forest, the Wolfriders' chief Lightstep must lead her people to safety...
Why I'm writing it: Cutter needed to be kidnapped once, is all I'm saying.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

What Aroree Found
Pairing: None yet.
In one sentence: Rayek if he was raised by Gliders.
Summary: Aroree finds something shocking while out hunting. How will the Gliders react to having a child among them, for the first time in millenia?
Why I'm writing it: There was a tribe-switch challenge on the official form. I couldn't resist.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [/]. Prologue and chapter 1-3 have been posted here.


Pairing: Man!Shep/Thane Krios, past Irikah/Thane Krios
In one sentence: Shepard topping the hell out of Thane.
Summary: Shepard and Thane are sparring, when Shepard noitces something interesting.
Why I'm writing it: Kink meme prompt.
Status: Plotting [X], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Putting on a show
Pairing: (Fem!Shep)/Garrus Vakarian/Thane Krios
In one sentence: PWP threesome with voyerism.
Summary: Garrus getting annoyed with Thane keeping a cooler head than him leads to an enjoyable show for Shepard.
Why I'm writing it: Kink meme prompt.
Status: Plotting [X], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Two becomes three (working title)
Pairing: Fem!Shep/Thane Krios, Fem!Shep/Garrus Vakarian/Thane Krios
In one sentence: How a threesome came to be.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: Because I hate choosing between these two when it comes to love interest in the game.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Open Secrets the Prequel/Sequel (working title)
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
In one sentence: What happened before and after Open Secrets.
Summary: Watson wakes up in a trap and, as he works his way out of it, thinks back on how he came to be the crime solving partner of one Sherlock Holmes.
Why I'm writing this: I really like the way Open Secrets turned out, but there was so much untold backstory, as well as possible future adventures to be had that I just couldn't help myself but continue this, as well as make Watson's motivations and personality a little more fleshed out – he did things in Open Secrets that made little sense to anyone but me, I should think, so I hope a look at his firsts days with Holmes will shed a little light on how he' developed as a person when they became friends.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Witch Hunt
Pairing: Bashir/Garak
In one sentence: An AU where genetically engineered humans are the current unfavorite of the Federation's part of the galaxy.
Summary: Bashir has had better days. Newly press-ganged into joining a secret network of spies and assassins because of his status as a genetically engineered human, he's done his best to keep going with his head held high and his morals intact. But when he's ordered to assist in the murder of four other human beings, it becomes the last straw and he's suddenly one of the most wanted men in the galaxy, on the run with four questionably sane people and soon the doctor of a fifth, less human guest. Will he ever be able to return home? Or at least escape Section 31 with his limbs and mind intact?
Why I'm writing it: Because I love the pairing and inspiration for the AU struck when I rewatched the episode where Bashir meets other (not so fortunate) genetically engineered humans. An excerpt is already up over here.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]




Bleach/Master and Commander (working title)
Fandom: see title
Pairing: Gin/Kira/Matsumoto
In one sentence: Three wounded strangers appear on a ship in the middle of the ocean.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: I always have an urge to cross all my fandoms with MaC. I don't know why.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]

Bleach/Young Justice (working title)
Fandom: see title
Pairing: Who knows?
In one sentence: Hollows are showing up in the Young Justice universe.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: Because I can, and I'm most likely very sugar high right now.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Fandom: Firefly/Star Trek: DS9
Pairings: Garak/Bashir, Zoe/Wash
In one sentence: Because Firefly needs more aliens.
Summary: The crew of Serenity are forced to take on two freeloaders for a month, one of which appears to be some sort of mutant – Wash keeps calling him a government experiment, and with River on-board, no one is really arguing with him – but the truth might turn out to be even more unbelievable.
Why I'm writing it: I'm not quite sure. I do honestly like Firefly with or without aliens (and Word of God says there are no canon aliens there), but the possibility of having the awesome crew of the Serenity meet up with Garak and Bashir was too tempting, so space anomaly to the rescue!
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Dart and Kimo (working title)
Pairing: Dart/Kimo
In one sentence: The slightly AU travels of Dart and Kimo.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: I ship Dart and Kimo. They need more fic.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

The Chaos Project
Pairing: Leetah/Cutter, Rayek/Teir, more to be added.
In one sentence: All the tribes switch places.
Summary: Leetah has just become chief of the Catriders, after the death of half her tribe in a vulcano outbreak. Will she lead her people to destruction or safety?
Why I'm writing it: Because of the tribe-switching challenge. I wanted to see if I can make _all_ the elves and tribes switch places.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

The Seven Years
Pairings: Several, some of them very one-sided
In on sentence: A Worldpool/AU that has the Wolfriders come out luckier than the Sun Folk.
Summary: Three things that could have happened do happen and the future for both the Wolfriders and the Sun Folk change dramatically. But while the Wolfriders might have a more peaceful lives to look forward to, the Sun Folk have seven rough years ahead of them.
Why I'm writing it: Because I'm a horrible person? Seriously, this is the darkest Elfquest fic I've ever written, including that one when one of my plant-shapers dreamed of crushing humans under the root-feet of dancing trees. There is implied rape, death, violence and so much angst and twisted characters that I'm a bit worried of ever posting it anywhere...and still I keep writing. There's just something wrong with me.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

Threemating of DOOM (working title)
Pairing: Cutter/Leetah/Rayek (don't look at me like that)
In one sentence: Find out what insane circumstances it would take to get these three mated to each other!
Summary: After one of their usual spats, Leetah dares Rayek to spend four days alone in the desert, out of view from Sorrow's End. He takes on her challenges, but returns a day early, with a dead troll, a half-dead wolf and a strangely pale elf with an aura of bad magic around him. What consequences will this have for the Sun Folk?
Why I'm writing it: The pairing of Cutter/Leetah/Rayek is basically an impossible one. In canon, Cutter and Rayek start out hating each others' guts and while they're more civilized towards one another nowadays, they're hardly attracted to each other. This is of course why it's so much fun to think up a scenario where they might all have hooked up!
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]

Weird Recognition (working title)
Pairing: Rayek/OFC
In one sentence: What would it be like if Rayek Recognized someone with Winnowill still trapped in his mind?
Summary: Recognition bares your soul of another and bind the two of you together for life. But when you've already got your soul tangled with another quite destructive one, how dangerous can such a meeting of eyes and souls get? Not being the most popular guy on the planet doesn't help much either.
Why I'm writing it: manga over on official Elfquest website's forum posed the question “What would it be like if Rayek was the one to be romantically pursued one for once, instead of the other way around?” or something to that effect, and my brain just ran away with the idea. This story is slow in coming, as I'm terrified of getting things wrong when I write OCs into fanfiction.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Pride & Blankets
Pairing: Harry/Draco
In one sentence: After the war things suck for Draco Malfoy.
Summary: A strange plague that eats away at a person's magic and health has struck the magical community of Great Britain. Things aren't made better by small groups of former Death Eaters attacking people right and left. The Aurors are overworked and it's not made better by the fact that Draco Malfoy suddenly finds himself in need of a bodyguard.
Why I'm writing it: melodytime likes Draco/Harry and wished for this for X-mas...years ago.
Status: Plotting [X], Writing [/], Editing [ ]


Pairing: Nataraja/Pasupata
In one sentence: Old habits are hard to get rid of.
Summary: SPOILERS! Pasupata can't quite get used to the fact that he's able to actually look at people now, instead of next to them or through them. Nataraja doing stupid things helps break him out of it.
Why I'm writing it: I really like this pairing and the possibility of one or both of them having been attracted to each other while (spoilers) Pasupata pretended to be blind was just too delicious not to explore.
Status: Plotting [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]

The World as It is
Pairing: Nataraja/Pasupata
In one sentence: A look at a small country and the people who live there.
Summary: Things are slowly returning to normal. Vishnu is days away from reclaiming leadership from a very grateful Shiva, who's already planning an adventure to wash away the pressure and responsibilities that come with ruling a country. However, this little adventure might just get him and his two best friends in a lot of trouble.
Why I'm writing it: The whole concept of the nation the cast of MM live in fascinates me. It's very much a fairy tale look at something quite like ancient India; a bit polished and, of course, filled with a lot of magic. I just couldn't help but mess around with it for a bit.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Sparrington (working title)
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow/Commander James Norrington
In one sentence: Jack Sparrow's life after Beckett brands him.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: I miss all the wonderful Sparrington fics, okay?
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [/], Editing [ ]


Pairing: Watson/Holmes
In one sentence: Holmes finds out that Watson in a werewolf in a quite bloody fashion.
Summary: The Watsons have been cursed by madness for generations. No one knows when it started, exactly, but the disease is very real and very dangerous. Most kill themselves before age has time to color their hair gray; some with drink, some with ropes, and a rare few by the angry hands of a mob. James Watson isn't like that, though. No, giving up and giving in has never been his way. He's sworn to never become like his drunk of a brother, and hopefully, with the dangerous life he leads, he'll never have to. But chasing down criminals isn't enough and some days the wolf is too restless – this is one of those days.
Why I'm writing it: Another kink meme fill that just ran away and made itself a plot. An excerpt is already up over here.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]


Rare and Beautiful
Pairing: James T. Kirk/Spock
In one sentence: An away-mission goes badly, as always.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: Kink meme prompt.
Status: Plotting [X], Writing [/], Editing [ ]


Vocaloid Sirens (working title)
Pairing: None yet.
In one sentence: The Vocaloid "robots" in a fantasy setting.
Summary: -
Why I'm writing it: To entertain my sister.
Status: Plotting [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Tags: fic, lists, writing

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