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28 September 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Sorting out my projects  
I never seem to get a clear idea of what I myself am working on when it comes to writing, which is a bit annoying. I'm going to make two posts where I try to sort out what I should be focusing on these last months of the year + what I should put aside for a while.

This first list consists of original works. The next is about fanfiction.


A loyal man
In one sentence: The story of a man who does despicable things to keep his best friend safe.
Summary: Aysela and Sen grew up as best friends in a world with few troubles. Sen used to say they were two halves of a whole, as their own personal magics complimented each other: he tore things apart and she mended them again, all with just a thought. But their peaceful world one day started losing its stability – a natural disaster no one saw coming. The only solution was to flee, but in the new world loyal friends soon turn to enemies...
Why I'm writing it: It is hardly a new trope, but Harry Potter's Severus Snape made it famous; I'm of course talking about “loyal man goes undercover as the enemy's close ally, just to protect his female best friend/love interest” - I've noted the genders of the people in question, as they usually are treated quite differently from the guys who give up everything to save their male best friends (Sirius Black for example). For one, they're seldom suspected of being in love with their best friend, but that's another rant for another day. No, guys like Snape (Ichimaru Gin from Bleach being another example) really have nothing else in their lives, just this one person they feel understands them, who they must protect or avenge at any cost. And I do mean any - when these guys go undercover, they go deep.
At least two of my favorite characters fall under this trope, but none of them are main focus of the stories they're in, so I thought “what the hell” and thought this one up. I plan for it to be about 5-10 chapters long, with each chapter being prefaced by a handwritten note/page of a newspaper/other “mood setter” - except for the prologue and epilogue, perhaps. I really wish I had the artistic skill of turning it into a comic (or a manga, since I think the Japanese art style would fit very well), but alas my stickmen wouldn't do the story justice, so I'll just settle for writing it.
This story will also contain implied rape/dubcon (it depends on how you look at it), cold blooded murder, polyamory, magical battles and lots of gray morality.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Blood of Your Blood
In one sentence: Follow three generations of a small clan of dragons as they struggle through life.
Summary: This is actually 3 novels, each focusing on a different generation of a small dragon clan, living on the border to the human lands, in the ruins of a once proud city:
1) At first there's only Argera and her two children - one is her biological son Masar, the other an adopted human boy she's named Rotet, who was left out to die in the woods near her home. The first novel follows them as bounty hunters, collectors and four assassins stumble over them and either add to or subtract from their peaceful existence.
2) The true origin of the dragons that was revealed in “book 1” has the dragon clans fighting a civil war and the human nations to the West are growing stronger.
3) Two young children of a powerful duke find out a traumatizing secret about their own origins.
Why I'm writing it: Because I love dragons, 'raised by fantasy wolves'-scenarios, families who form because they're basically thrown together yet still love each other, and long as well as epic tales of how characters age and new generations come into the world and have their own adventures. I even have badly drawn family trees...
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Chase and Capture
In one sentence: A lenghty courtship ritual is about to come to an end - violently or happily only time will tell.
Summary: Two lovers have been playing the longest courtship game in known history; he runs and evades, she does her best to pursue and capture. So far, he's been lucky, and as she can't use deadly or maiming force in this chase that is no shame on her. But the two have started missing each other and their number of enemies is growing - will they managed to survive to their wedding day?
Why I'm writing it: Because of that silly Muskeeters movie where Mads Mikkelsen has an eyepatch. Honestly.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

In one sentence: More BDSM-themed erotica.
Summary: Paktren (Pak for short) is a young, shamed nobleman from a small, poor noble family. Strategist Machle has spent the past ten years on the run from his mad wife. They're both about to have their lives turned around.
Why I'm writing it: I think Game of Thrones of all things might have inspired this, in some remote way.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Portal Guards
In one sentence: People planning revolution get unexpected help from a creature guarding a dangerous treasure.
Summary: The armies of High Queen of Favet has conquered the small queendom of Nalane. Our heroes, both once servants at the royal castle - one a soldier, the other a cook - are thrown into exile at the country's border, close to the edge of the eastern Wildlands. Loyal subjects of the rightful queen they plot ways to overthrow their new ruler and find unexpected help in the woods.
Why I'm writing it: There needs to be more stories about friendship where the friends both are women. There'll be some f/f pairings in there too, because we need more of that as well, but most of all we need we need women portrayed as loyal friends who don't stab each other in the back.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Rumskompisar och Annat Oknytt
In one sentence: A collection of short stories in Swedish.
Summary: Stories of different room mates and the trouble they can get you into.
Why I'm writing it: My oldest uncle wants to read a book I've written, but he doesn't speak English. Thus this was born.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Secrets in Ice
In one sentence: Roadtrip to save kidnapped brother turns into epic adventure and many friends are made.
Summary: The leader of a foreign army kidnapps Amaruq and Unnuk's brother. It's up to the sisters to save him, as well as solve the mystery of ancient technology and a city quiet for far too long. They travel across the world to achieve their goal and on the way they make many lifelong friends.
Colab with: chibiangle, my sister, is co-plotting and illustrating
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Soul-Stealing Elves (Of Dwarves and Elves, part 1)
In one sentence: "Classic" fantasy and steampunk meet in an endless mess.
Summary: Jale is in love with prince Onren and worrying about that. His sister Warsa worries more for the war they're all going through. Kaaz worries mostly about his place in Fanwa's heart and the plans of his cousin Guthra. And Narathriel has a mountain to climb.
Why I'm writing it: I dug this old thing up after having seen The Hobbit in cinema, brushed it off, tweaked it a bit and then decided to give it a go again.
Status: Plotting [X], World Building [X], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: Here.

In one sentence: Two actors meet and fall in love during a very geeky musical.
Summary: The popular anime-based musical Mirror Worlds is getting a sequel with an extended cast. Hayate is more than pleased about this, since he enjoyed the role of maybe-villain a great deal and got to act alongside good friends. But how well will things go now, when there's an actor who's more of a dancer than a singer assigned to the role of his best friend - and who the rest of the cast is convinced he should date?
Why I'm writing it: This was my other idea for NaNo and easily the smuttiest thing I've ever considered writing. It's basically erotica. Also, it's interesting to me to see if I can write something set in the "real world" without losing interest in ten pages because there's no hidden dimensions, spaceships, magic or telepathy, to only mention a few things.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Those With Magic
In one sentence: Three magic users take the trial to become full fledged guardians.
Summary: Three very different people and how they are introduced to an immortal group of magic users who fight evil. Joining is a great honor, but taking potion for immortality could mean death.
Why I'm writing it: For my love of "somewhat military organizations" such as seen in Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist etc.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Travel to Other Shores
In one sentence: The sequel to my novel How to sway them.
Summary: Following the upheaval in the Empire, familiar and new faces go out to have more adventures and tie up loose ends. Also, slavery is abhorrent, but we all knew that already.
Why I'm writing it: Because I fell in love with my How to sway them characters and want to continue their stories.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Twelve Months of Villainy & Professor Balance and Equilibrium
In one sentence: A universe that runs on comic book rules can be an interesting place to live.
Summary: Professor Balance was never cut out to be a villain, but circumstances prevent him from being either a civilian or a hero. Eqilibrium is living the dream, being the one to come save the day, fighting the good fight. There is an attraction between them, but is that only coincidence?
Why I'm writing it: 50 Shades of Gray is getting a movie. We need more healthy erotica with actual BDSM and not rape to be out there. These two novels will hopefully have better representation of what BDSM is supposed to be.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

What Happened After
In one sentence: A fledgling group of superheroes take their first steps.
Summary: Most don't know the details of the great accident that cut the city off from the rest of the world. A few do, however, and they're set on setting things right.
Colab with: chibiangle, my sister, is co-plotting and illustrating
Why I'm writing it: Because more superheroes, that's why.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet



Bryna & Bhadraksh
In one sentence: Two friends travel across the world and fall in love.
Summary: Bryna's older brother Keegan returns from another raid, one hand short, pockets full of gold and with a prisoner in tow. Said prisoner is named Bhadraksh and looks to be as much of a warrior as Bryna herself (in other words, not at all) and she soon finds herself talking to him, in secret. Faced with the consequences of her people's way of life, Bryna chooses to break with them and return Bhadraksh to his people - but what chain of reactions will that set off?
Why I'm writing it: Originally, it started as my very first attempt at writing a heterosexual pairing, seeing as I thus far haven't been able to find too many het-pairings in fandom that I enjoy reading about - even though I like my fair share of female characters and have begun to find myself heterosexual ships. Also, messing with gender roles and social norms is a favorite hobby of mine.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

The Collective
In one sentence: A human space empire, genetic engineering gone overboard and a ragtag bunch of aliens trying to make a life for themselves.
Summary: Ralphie “The Mutt” Kerjeiok is a cleaner on a remote space station, along the border of the United Human Planets' solar systems. One night, when the dock personnel skip work to go drinking, Mutt finds herself helping a very much illegal AI-controlled space ship make berth. After that, life just goes crazy. Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, there is a laboratory...
Why I'm writing it: Sometimes I'm more in the mood for Scifi than Fantasy or a mix of the two (it happens, though rarely) and when such a mood strikes me, I go and poke at this. I like the characters well enough, but the plot needs work...
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

In the Navy
In one sentence: One naval captain unwittingly wins the trust of a magical creature and culture-shocks ensue!
Summary: The plot is still pretty up in the air with this one. There will be adventures at sea, battles with pirates, kidnappings and lots of close calls, as well as some romance and smut along the way. I just have to wait and see what comes to me.
Why I'm writing it: Purely for fun. I had these two characters in my head: Keiran Hurst, newly appointed captain of a small ship in a very British-like navy somewhere in the 18th century; honest, friendly, strong moral believes, though maybe a bit simple in his world views and stubborn as all hell. Second is Nunra, the "magical creature", if you will. He's quite set in his ways as well and is a very solitary creature, but with a life debt to pay to Hurst (which Hurst isn't even aware of, mind), he finds himself stuck on a naval ship full of humans he doesn't understand. They're just a fun, mismatched couple to write.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [ ], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Madam Rug, Lord Everice and the City / Madam Trasmatta, Lord Alltiis och Staden
In one sentence: Two heroes, two languages and lots of chaos.
Summary: There's a revolution going on. It's quiet and it's bloody and the lives lost are never remembered by anyone but their killers and their handful of allies. However, that's only in one reality. Yrsa is far too young to be thinking about wars or murder. No, she's plenty busy just trying to be a child in a far too overcrowded city, sneaking Outside to play without Madam Rug noticing (which never works) and trying to get the brooding wizard she and her friends have nicknamed Lord Everice to accept them as apprentices. War is a strange, adult concept, but as the City travels from world to world, it might become a part of Yrsa's reality far too soon.
Why I'm writing it: I really want to write something in Swedish for once, seeing as it is my first language, but at the same time I think of way too many things that just don't work in Swedish, which I want included in this story. The solution? Have two protagonists, one whose mother tongue is Swedish, the other born to English speaking people. The rest...is a mess.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

The Nox Trilogy
In one sentence: A family curse interferes with the life of our main character.
Summary: Inés Walldroup is on the way to the funeral of her biological mother, who she never got to meet. Well at the funeral, she's greeted by a myriad of strangers who she's apparently related to and finds herself more than heartily welcomed to the family, so to speak. But when they start talking about how dangerous it would be for her to go back to her dad, step-mom and brother, things start to go down hill for real.
Colab with: melodytime
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Orch Prince
In one sentence: Appearances can be deceiving.
Summary: The youngest (as of yet unnamed) prince of a kingdom in the same world as Of Dwarves and Elves has a secret - he's a magic user, a healer to be exact. Magic being a thing of foul creatures such as orchs and elves, he's been keeping this a secret, because he's not stupid. But not being selfish, he's done his best to use his powers in secert, with the aid of a myserious knight who's been lurking in the woods around the castle.
Why I'm writing it: Female humans x Orchs/beasts/etc. are quite common. I thought the worlds needed more male identifying humans falling in love with another sentient being for their personality instead of their appearance.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: Here, sort of.

In one sentence: A mercenary finds himself hired by two demi-gods to escort their son to his wedding, which half the county is trying to stop.
Summary: Fred is not a popular man, but in his line of work that's rarely a problem. Still, this latest job is proving to be quite a handful. Suddenly being assigned as the bodyguard to a man so naive it has to be an act, turns out to be one of the worst (or possibly best?) jobs he's ever taken. Hopefully he'll be able to survive his little quest, what with religious fanatics and royal knights popping up from behind every other bush and tree, waving weapons and shouting curses. It will be a long three months.
Why I'm writing it: Purely for the lulz. And smut.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet

Safe House
In one sentence: Werewolves and vampires make odd room mates.
Summary: Robin is a newly turned werewolf who ends up in a protection program run by witches. He ends up having to share a room with the building's only vampire and slowly but surely gets his life back together.
Why I'm writing it: I watched too much Being Human (UK) and wanted something like it, only happier.
Status: Plotting [/], World Building [/], Writing [ ], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: Here.

Story of a Relationship & Letter to a Sister
In one sentence: The life and adventures of two men who end up quite interested in one another.
Summary: This is the partly orderly, partly chaotic tale of Alwyn Barlow and Durrell Carlisle. They come from different social classes and their personalities should clash like fire and water – yet somehow, after a chance meeting in a gentlemen's club, they find themselves meeting over and over again. Or maybe that's not where the story begins. Maybe it begins when Blyss Hollins receives a letter from a brother who's been missing for a year. Or maybe it begins somewhere in-between.
Why I'm writing it: I started writing Letter to a Sister from Alwyn's POV before I knew who he was. Quickly, that story developed from being a letter, to being scenes framed and held together by a letter. And then the 'prequel' of Story of a Relationship sort of just followed. At the moment, I'm honestly not sure which one I'd 'have to read first', if I were the reader. It's quite confusing.
Status: Plotting [ ], World Building [/], Writing [/], Editing [ ]
Plot-post: None yet
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