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06 June 2014 @ 10:00 am
Where you can find me  
I'm all over the internet right now, so thought I'd post a little 'summary' of all my different accounts, both for my own benifit and for anyone who's curious.

I'm on a train right now, thus no links added yet, just usernames. Finally had time to go on LJ with a computer, thus links~

The list:

On Archive of Our Own I'm Nonesane.

On Dreamwidth I'm nonesane.

On Inkitt I'm S. M. M. Lindström.

On GoodReads I'm this author.

On Tumblr I'm nonesane and nonesanewriting (which is, to no one's surprise, my writing blog).

On Twitter I'm Nonesane88 (because plain ol' Nonesane was taken, the horror!)

Aaaand that's about it, I think?

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