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22 August 2006 @ 11:22 am
Hugh Laurie  
The last year at my current school has begun and things are looking good (so far). Might even have my driver's license at the end of next month.

During my summer vacation I took some time to myself where I just lazed about and did whatever I wished. This lead to me discovering the wonderful actor that is Hugh Laurie.

It all began with me seeing that the entire season two of "House, M.D" was being broadcast as a rerun (or however that is said in English...) and I, having seen all the House icons floating about here at lj, decided to have a look at it.

I was hooked instantly. Not only was the whole concept of the series both funny and interesting, the lead actor was a bloody genius! So I'm now impatiently awaiting season three (and my DVD box of season one), waving my little House/Wilson flag.

But I couldn't just leave it at that, could I? I had to go and find what Hugh Laurie had done before House - I recognized him from somewhere and it wasn't "Stuart Little". This lead to me discovering "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" and "Jeeves and Wooster"! *House/Wilson flag is joined by a Jeeves/Wooster banner*

So now I'm throughoutly addicted to Mr. Laurie's many fine achievements. Will perhaps dare write some fanfiction later, but I'm not sure how well that'll go. I'm not sure I can do House and/or Wooster's voice and use of language justice.
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