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12 May 2013 @ 10:31 am
Age meme  
lady_drace gave me the age 17, so here we go:

I lived with my parents and sister in the north of Sweden, in the house I grew up in (I lived the first four months of my life in an apartment in town, but since I can't remember that I don't think it counts).

I drove my parents cars (they had two at the time - north of Sweden means everyone has to drive to get where they want or walk from a bus that goes every two hours) to practice for my driver's license.

I was in a relationship with FREEDOM! Which is silly-talk for saying I was single.

I feared having to move away from home and picking a university education, thus deciding what I was "going to be when I grow up" because I had no fucking clue.

I worked as a swim teacher on weekends and some week-nights.

I wanted to be happy, which I was, most of the time, and still am.

Want to meme? Tell me how old you are, and I'll pick a random age for you to remember.
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