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12 April 2013 @ 11:41 pm
Plot Post: Safe House  
We all have our vampires-werewolves-witches stories, don't we? Well, here's mine at least. Watching Being Human (UK) made me want to revive it from the long dead (much like The Hobbit got me working on "Of Dwarves and Elves").

Mostly place-holder, since it's late and I'm tired XD

Basic premise:

Some supernatural creatures exist. Most have fled into a parallel dimension that witches (the most politically powerful of the magic users) created some 600 years ago, but a few - the more asocial, murder happy ones - have stuck around and a lot of others have chosen to blend in to modern society, since the parallel place is a bit too medieval for their taste.

The story focuses on a safe house, somewhere in the north of Sweden. It's run by witches and offers a safe place for any supernatural creature who's in a bad way - be it addiction, abuse, having no clue how to deal with what they are, etc. - who can't seek shelter with the regular places due to obvious reasons.

* Amrita (actually Pancras) Misra. Our recident vampire, who deliberately keeps forgetting to mention he's actually 300 years old and not 30, like the others at the safe house have been led to believe by lie of omission. On the run from his Maker.
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