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12 March 2013 @ 10:06 pm
Plot Posts: A new idea that'll last for a week or so  
Thought it was time to take my mind off work (as fun as work is) and do something silly and writer-y again.

All this Hobbit and Being Human (UK) watching/reading had me digging up my old "Classic Fantasy" + vampire and werewolves stories. Because most of us have them. At least I do.

While reading through the notes, I notice that they were everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I've taken story notes in txt-files, in docs, on paper notes lying about, in notebooks, everywhere. This, of course, make the stories hard to keep track of.

I've started writing in Scrivener and I love it. I recommened it to all writers, especially now that they've added spell check! But the thing is, I'm not always in front of my computer when I get a quick idea. Sometimes I'm at work, sometimes I'm on the bus, sometimes I'm just to lazy to boot up anything else than a txt-file (though my internet browser is almost always open).

Thus, the "plot posts". I'll be making a few of them and they'll be my stories' home away from home. I'll write the basics of what I have (characters, basic plot) in the main post, and then comment with various ideas when the mood strikes me.

I'll leave the posts open for commenting by everyone (except anons, to avoid spam). I don't expect anyone but me to be interested in my little story puzzels, but you're free to jump in with a comment any time nonetheless :)
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