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29 October 2012 @ 09:03 pm
Yuletide Letter - 2012  
Hello, awesome amazing Yulegoat!

As always, optional details are optional. If you are reading this, I hope that my letter helps you in your writing and doesn't take the wind out of your sails.

If you're taking the advanced route, I have a mile long list of gen and smut-related likes (as well as a few squicks) all the way over here. Bewarned, there there be dragons!

That aside, here's are a quick overview of things that make me happy in a fic! Before that, I also have a short list of dislikes, so you don't have to worry about hitting one of those by not knowing of them. As a whole, some of these dislikes/likes are smut-related; since I have no clue what rating the fic will be, I decided to include them.

Quick list of my personal dislikes or squicks:
- AUs set in high school. Meaning that I'm completely fine with school related things being mentioned in Madoka Magica.
- Bestiality.
- Character-bashing. I seldom hate characters in any of the fandoms I'm in, and if I did, I'd just prefer them to be kept out of the fic, not made even stupider/more annoying than they already are.
- Stereotypes, especially when smut is involved. By this I mean things like the seme/uke dynamic in yaoi and the fact that in most “vanilla” het-scenes (that I've come across, anyways) the woman - no matter her personality, age, experience or non-smut-related dynamic with the man - 99% of the time turns into a delicate flower, who goes weak-kneed as soon as the guy breathes on her, while the man always starts calling the shots and barely seems to be affected by the situation, besides grunting a bit and eventually ejaculating.
In short: someone “taking the lead” during sex, when there's been no discussing that both people are in on this and when the scene isn't meant to be BDSM or rough sex, really squicks me. It's dubcon bordering on noncon, without the author seeming to be aware of it, and that just rubs me the wrong way.
- Incest, vore and pedophilia (meaning someone younger than 15 is involved) that's written in a happy, fluffy romantic way. They're generally not my thing at all, but implied and/or written in a dark sense that does something to move the plot along, I don't mind them.
- Plots that involve amnesia, characters suddenly age regressing into children and characters switching bodies. They've appeared so much in fanfiction that they've become quite cliche to me.
- Watersports and scat.

Now, with that downer out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

This Yuletide, like the ones before, I wish for happy endings. I'm usually an omnivore when it comes to moods in fiction, but around the holidays I prefer being annoyingly cheerful (with the exception of American McGee's Alice, since annoyingly cheerful would be very OOC for that series). But as long as the story leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside or hyped up and ready to take on the world once it's over, what happens at the beginning and in the middle I'm less picky about. Angst, horror, suspense, humor, it's all wonderful!

Anything goes! I have no trouble reading anything from the kid safest of fics to the most explicit of sex and violence. Go with whatever suits the story best.

Things that make me smile (not smut related)
1. Anticipation, tension and suspense. Be it UST, a manhunt for a dangerous killer or a rush against time to save someone's life – if it keeps me on the edge of my seat, I'm happy.
2. Messing with gender roles, in any way.
3. Culture-clashes, where both cultures are seen as equals, only different.
4. Plot-twists I adore.
5. Slash, het and femslash – they're all good as long as there's chemistry in the pairing. I do however prefer the main pairing to include at least one of my favorite characters and I am very attached to the pairings I enjoy (they are listed by fandom further down). But secondary pairings are of course also possible and welcome. And I like gen too, should you not feel like including pairings!
6. Kidnappings, for any reason. I don't know why, I just like that kind of plots. And it's more for the "rescue" part of the plots such actions tend to involve that I enjoy, especially if it is a more unexpected character saving a more "rescuer"-like character.
7. Vulnerability for otherwise "strong" characters. Through being wounded, kidnapped, drugged, bested (even if the person's just pretending to lose to please someone else) or in any other way you can think of.
8. Role reversals (usual rescuer being rescued, “weaker” character saves the day, otherwise more worldy character is courted/seduces/approached by otherwise more “naive” character, etc.)

Other things that make me smile (bring on the smut!...well, if you want to that is)
1. “Hot Spots”, i.e. one or both of the characters in a pairing see stars when they, for example, have their ear licked or stomach caressed.
2. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise). Doesn't actually have to lead to sex – the teasing is fun in itself.
3. Playful dominance/submission + bondage. Nothing too serious and preferably initiated by the “sub”. Small gestures, such as holding the other's hands still, biting, rough play, verbally dominating someone... And in pairings involving both men and women, I do like a bit of femdom, if that works with the personality of the woman in question.
4. Vanilla sex. Although kinky is wonderful, I don't require it to like the smut; as long as the characters are themselves and interact believably, I'll love you for it!
5. People having fun, especially if it's First Time Sex we're talking and if it works with the characters' personalities. Just a relaxed, laughing-with-you-not-at-you, friendly mood to go with a very fun activity!

Fandom specifics! (Info from my sign up in red)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
(Characters: Akemi Homura)

I really fell in love with Homura as a character once I learned of her backstory. I ship her with Madoka and hope that they will have some form of reunion, one day; but if you don't ship that/aren't interested in writing that I'm also interested in Homura's life in the "new world". How does she, as the sole person with memories of the old way things were, adapt?

(As you've probably already guessed, I'm not looking for lolicon smut. Should you feel inclined to add a sex scene to your fic, which I wouldn't mind in and of it self, please have the characters be older than they are on the show.)

Mumintroll | Moomins Series - Tove Jansson 
(Characters: Snusmumriken/Snufkin)

My favorite character is, and has always been, Snufkin; anything with him as the main focus would be great! Either him interacting with Moomintroll, out on a journey, or interacting with some of the other characters.

Moomintroll finally getting to go on a journey with Snufkin, or simply following him, would be interesting to read about! I think that was one of the plots to the newer Moomin comics (not the original ones), where Moomintroll & friends set out to find a missing Snufkin and ended up on all kinds of adventures; don't know how it ended or where Snufkin actually was, which annoys me to this day...

I will confess to first having fallen in love with the 1990 cartoon/anime version, before I read the books, which might give you some hints about what sort of mood I'm looking for. However, I've read the books too, so inclusion of elements from the cartoon is in no way necessary; I just thought I'd point out that I like the "lighter" side of the Moomins most (have nothing against angst and deep thinking, but around Yuletide I prefer to have a happy ending attached to such things).

I'm Swedish, so if you can/want to write the story in Swedish, that would be wonderful (though I'm not complaining if you write it in English, just thought I'd say I'm able to read Swedish).

(Characters: Dream Gazer)

I have very fond memories of this series and Dream Gazer was always my favorite of all the characters. I like how she always was the center of calm, but that she wasn't invinsible or cold. "The Dreamnapping" is my favorite episode, mostly because it has her as the main focus.

When it comes to cartoons I'm nostalgic about, I love a bit of "realism" in the fanfiction; people actually die, have children that don't magically pop out of the ground, people bleed if they're hurt, etc. I'm not asking for a realistic explanation to the whole "giving children their dreams"-thing, seeing as that most likely isn't how it works in real life. What I'm wishing for is a "realistic atmosphere". For example: exploring why the MoonDreamers do what they do; how did it start?; what were humans like before they could dream?; why don't the MoonDreamers give dreams to adult humans?; what exactly is the Cosmic Cube and where did it come from?; how long has Dream Gazer been alive, seeing as she's the oldest MoonDreamer; what is the social structure of Starry Up?; and so on and so forth.

I'm a big fan of action/adventure as well, should you wish to go down that road, or combine the two.

As a side note, I grew up watching this show dubbed to Swedish. In that version, Dream Gazer has a _completely_ different voice; much less older woman and more like a young man (though Dream Gazer is still referred to as 'she', on the rare occassions when they bother with pronouns). This caused me to believe Dream Gazer was a man for a good part of my childhood, and as I got older, hand me thinking she was trans* (which would have been awesome, because media needs more trans* characters). Not quite compatable with the English voice acting, but I thought I'd include it as my headcanon, seeing as this is my Yuletide wishes :)!

(I'm trying to get some audio of the DreamGazer's Swedish voice online, but we'll see how that works out...)

American McGee's Alice
(Characters: Cheshire Cat)

I love everything about this version of the Cheshire Cat; loyal yet cautious and focused on his own survival, cunning and unlikely to do anything overly foolish or "brave".

I've played both the original game and the sequel, and am interested in seeing what happens to the Cheshire Cat and the rest of Wonderland after the second game. How has it all changed? Does the Cheshire Cat have a new place or is his world even more chaotic than ususal? What is his relationship with Alice like? If you ship the two of them and want to include the pairing, I'm perfectly fine with that.

As for Wonderland vs the real world... I will admit to being on team "Wonderland is real", mostly because I'm such a fantasy geek. I prefer to keep the surreal tone, with Alice being the only one who can actually see the Wonderland elements of the world around her, but that she actually disappears from the real world when she goes to Wonderland. Wonderland characters being able to interact with other real world characters...well, it could be interesting to see some sinister real world character tapping into Wonderland somehow (via Alice?) to take something from it/threaten it somehow. Could make for an interesting plot.

And speaking of plot, I greatly enjoy both the action/adventure aspects as well as the mystery/horror aspects of these games. It being Yuletide and all, I do wish for a happy-ish ending (as happy as these games ever get), but I have nothing against dark and disturbing elements in the plot itself. Maybe the aformentioned human outsider finds a way to get to Wonderland and starts wrecking havok? Maybe unexplained murders start happening in the real world and the Cheshire Cat isn't sure if Alice has gone truly insane and started killing innocents? Maybe it's the Cheshire Cat who gets himself into trouble for once and Alice has to help him out; I am a big fan of role reversals.

If you haven't played the second game, feel free to go completely AU after the first game and invent your own "what happened after Alice got better"-scenario. I'm a big fan of AUs in general actually, so if you want to go completely off from the original setting, be my guest! Just avoid high school and sports team-AUs; they're not really my cup of tea.
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