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24 June 2012 @ 12:59 am
NaNo Meme - Day 22 to 24  
Today's questions:

If you’ve participated in or won NaNo before, what happened to your other novel efforts? Still in the revision process/querying publishers/scrapped it immediately/etc.

I participated last November and wrote the novel I'm still writing. I won in November, but the story was far from done. It's currently at about 100k+ words and there is still over 20 scenes left to write; WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!

Do animals play any part in your story? If so, how do they add to it?

Not really. They show up now and then, as transportation (horses) or in flashbacks and conversations, but never more than "do you remember that parrot that shopkeeper had?" or "I'll ride this horse to this or that place". I like including animals in my stories, but this time around all my protagonists and supporting characters are humanoid.

Is religion featured in your novel at all? If so, which ones? If it’s/they’re your own creations, describe it/them and how it/they play(s) a part in your characters’ lives.

No real life religions were harmed in the making of this novel ;) Meaning no, there isn't much religion in my story and those I hint at are completely made up.

The "demons" have a very matter of fact view of the world, with surprising little interest in how the world was created and if there is a one true meaning of life. The humans in the Empire, on the other hand, are generally somewhat religious, and have always been free to worship whichever religion it pleases them to, as long as it doesn't got against the Emperor's Laws (one of the laws being: all conscenting adults of sound mind may marry).

The main characters (both human) tend to pray to undefined gods, as they themselves weren't raised in a particular religion. They sort of believe, in an absentminded fashion, that there's "something out there" that made the world and keeps it running, but they haven't bothered narrowing it down to a certain being. They simply figure at least one of the worships must have gotten it right and just pray to whatever deity might be listening.

The humans outside of the Empire have all manner of religions, but since they don't show up in the current novel, I haven't bothered defining them yet.
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