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06 March 2006 @ 11:30 pm
Random Ranting  
Ah, yes, the precious ranting. The nice thing with having a livejournal is that you can rant and rave about mostly anything just to get it out of your system without having to step on anyone's toes (not counting the flamers and bashers who wish to have their toes stepped on so they'll have someone to yell at).

What's there to say? A lot of course, but what do I find relevant? Well firstly I must admit I've written a lot of crap, most of it being OOC Yaoi and Mary Sue fics that I as a 13-year-old thought to be good literature. I now realise that most of it was plotless nonsense with bad gramma and spelling. But I don't regret writing it. Yes I feel ashamed that these obviously bad stories have me, though a much younger me, as their author, but I won't deny that they have been written. Why? Because writing is all about trial and error, just like any other craft. There are ever so few wonder children out there who're born as experts in any area. Most good authors/football players/painters/etc. have to practise for years before they become good and even longer to as much as be considered excellent by anyone.

That said I have a second confession: I think quality in writing is more important than the subject you write about. When it comes to fanfiction it doesn't matter so much if what you write doesn't follow canon, if you're fic is well written. I've read many Alternative Universe fics that have been way better than the more "canon correct" ones in the same fandom. I've seen Plot What Plots? that have been more interesting to read than some of the long, near epic stories. And I don't mean because of the higher rating. It was all about character interaction and style of writing.

I personally don't understand why some people get so upset when fics don't follow canon to the letter or when they find loads of bad!fics. Yes, yes, I too find it annoying to have to go through an overwhelming amount of badly written fiction to find something I like, but isn't that always the case? When I go to a book store I have to search for hours before I find something I think of as remotely interesting or well written to read. The only difference between the Internet and a book store is that the Internet is much larger and free, thus anyone can put their fiction here. As I said I can understand the annoyance many feel over having to search, but I don't really get those who almost take it as a personal insult.

I'm not telling you not to give constructive criticism to authors you think write bad!fics. Criticism is what all authors need to get better at what they do. What I'm saying is that you should read through your criticism before you post it. Take a close look at it and ask yourself: "Am I telling this writer that I think there are things about his/her writing style/way of portraying characters that are far from perfect and how he/she can make that better; or am I saying 'I don't like the subject you're writing about'?"

As a side note: If there is something that annoys me greatly it's people who can't debate. Such people just state their own opinion and refuse to even consider that they might not always be right and quickly resort to personal insults instead of coming up with arguments to support their own beliefs. I can't help but think of them as stupid. Sorry but that's the case. And that goes for both for the "bad debaters" whose opinions I agree and disagree with. A good debate is always interesting in my opinion and you can be friends with a person who has completely different opinions than you on some subject as long as they respect what you think. 

Telling someone that they're "A fucking homophobe who needs to get laid" just because they don't like yaoi or labelling someone "A perverted fangirl without a life" because they like yaoi isn't discussing opinions. If you do stuff like that you're only making yourself look stupid, not to mention starting a flame war and I have a problem thinking of a more boring or pointless way to spend your time than that.
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