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03 April 2012 @ 02:00 am
Art Commissions  
No, I'm not doing any! I'm not that cruel.

For those who haven't seen me draw something, here's my dA gallery, you're free to have a laugh at my expense. I mostly keep it around to be able to favorite and comment on other people's work and only uploaded three pictures so it wouldn't look so empty.

The thing is, I love art in all its forms. I greatly enjoy beautiful drawings and images, but I don't have the practice, talent or patient to try and make some on my own, just like I know very little about playing musical instruments. I've tried a little bit of everything, but I've only ever had fun while writing and singing; ergo, that's what I've stuck with and become good-ish at.

I'm not a very visual kind of person. I have trouble picturing characters I invent, planning clothes, facial features, hair styles. The same goes for when I create alien species or fantastic creatures - I have a general outline, a lot of facts about culture, behavior, personalities and plot, but nothing about what they truly look like. Just a vague idea of color, scales, size and such.

So now I'm thinking about finding some artists to commission, to give my ideas some shape and make them easier to describe when I write. But I'm usure of how to give an artist enough material to work with, as I have no images to give them as basis and very little descriptions beyond personality and vague outlines.

Anyone have any experience with asking people to draw their characters, without having any art to referr to? Any tips on how to do it?
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