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16 November 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Yuletide 2011 - Dear Yulegoat  
Greetings to you, my wonderful Yulegoat!

I hope this letter will provide you will a helpful look into my twisted mind and not kill your creativity with fire. Remember, optional details are always optional ;)

If you're at the advanced level of researching your Yuletide recipients, I do have a huge list of likes (as well as a few squicks) all the way over here. Read at your own risk.

That aside, here's a quick summary of what makes me smile - though I'll quickly touch on things that make me less happy, just so you don't have to worry about accidentally stumbling across them.

Quick list of my personal dislikes or squicks:
- AUs set in high school. Meaning that I'm completely fine with school related things being mentioned in Star Driver.
- Bestiality.
- Character-bashing. I seldom hate characters in any of the fandoms I'm in, and if I did, I'd just prefer them to be kept out of the fic, not made even stupider/more annoying than they already are.
- Stereotypes, especially when smut is involved. By this I mean things like the seme/uke dynamic in yaoi and the fact that in most “vanilla” het-scenes (that I've come across, anyways) the woman - no matter her personality, age, experience or non-smut-related dynamic with the man - 99% of the time turns into a delicate flower, who goes weak-kneed as soon as the guy breathes on her, while the man always starts calling the shots and barely seems to be affected by the situation, besides grunting a bit and eventually ejaculating.
In short: someone “taking the lead” during sex, when there's been no discussing that both people are in on this and when the scene isn't meant to be BDSM or rough sex, really squicks me. It's dubcon bordering on noncon, without the author seeming to be aware of it, and that just rubs me the wrong way.
- Incest, vore and pedophilia (meaning someone younger than 15 is involved) that's written in a happy, fluffy romantic way. They're generally not my thing at all, but implied and/or written in a dark sense that does something to move the plot along, I don't mind them.
- Plots that involve amnesia, characters suddenly age regressing into children and characters switching bodies. They've appeared so much in fanfiction that they've become quite cliche to me.
- Watersports and scat.

Now, with that downer out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

This Yuletide, like the ones before, I wish for happy endings. I'm usually an omnivore when it comes to moods in fiction, but around the holidays I prefer being annoyingly cheerful. But as long as the story leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside or hyped up and ready to take on the world once it's over, what happens at the beginning and in the middle I'm less picky about. Angst, horror, suspense, humor, it's all wonderful!

Anything goes! I have no trouble reading anything from the kid safest of fics to the most explicit of sex and violence. Go with whatever suits the story best.

Things that make me smile (not smut related)
1. Anticipation, tension and suspense. Be it UST, a manhunt for a dangerous killer or a rush against time to save someone's life – if it keeps me on the edge of my seat, I'm happy.
2. Messing with gender roles, in any way.
3. Culture-clashes, where both cultures are seen as equals, only different.
4. Plot-twists I adore.
5. Slash, het and femslash – they're all good as long as there's chemistry in the pairing. I do however prefer the main pairing to include at least one of my favorite characters and I am very attached to the pairings I enjoy (they are listed by fandom further down). But secondary pairings are of course also possible and welcome. And I like gen too, should you not feel like including pairings!
6. Kidnappings, for any reason. I don't know why, I just like that kind of plots. And it's more for the "rescue" part of the plots such actions tend to involve that I enjoy, especially if it is a more unexpected character saving a more "rescuer"-like character.
7. Vulnerability for otherwise "strong" characters. Through being wounded, kidnapped, drugged, bested (even if the person's just pretending to lose to please someone else) or in any other way you can think of.
8. Role reversals (usual rescuer being rescued, “weaker” character saves the day, otherwise more worldy character is courted/seduces/approached by otherwise more “naive” character, etc.)

Other things that make me smile (bring on the smut!...well, if you want to that is)
1. “Hot Spots”, i.e. one or both of the characters in a pairing see stars when they, for example, have their ear licked or stomach caressed.
2. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise). Doesn't actually have to lead to sex – the teasing is fun it itself.
3. Playful dominance/submission + bondage. Nothing too serious and preferably initiated by the “sub”. Small gestures, such as holding the other's hands still, biting, rough play, verbally dominating someone... And in pairings involving both men and women, I do like a bit of femdom, if that works with the personality of the woman in question.
4. Vanilla sex. Although kinky is wonderful, I don't require it to like the smut; as long as the characters are themselves and interact believably, I'll love you for it!
5. People having fun, especially if it's First Time Sex we're talking and if it works with the characters' personalities. Just a relaxed, laughing-with-you-not-at-you, friendly mood to go with a very fun activity!

Fandom specifics! (Info from my sign up in red)

Misc. Plays - pnish
(Characters: Pasupata, Nataraja, Ricchi, Garakusha)

IF there is someone other than me offering this fandom, I will love you forever. This is my number one wish this year (but if you were matched with me on another fandom, I will still adore my gift, no worries!) and should a *pnish*-play-fic find its way into my stocking come the 25th of December, I will be an overjoyed critter!
I picked the four characters I did, simply because they're four of my favorites (and I ship Pasupata/Nataraja like burning). Anything involving one or more of them will make me happy (though crossovers between plays aren't necessary). Seriously, _anything_.

Since it seems I'm the only one who offered this fandom, I'm pretty sure you, dear Yulegoat, didn't match with me on this. That is sad, but as I said above, it will not ruin my holiday (Mononoke and Star Driver also make me smile or I wouldn't have requested them!)

But, if you're feeling in the mood for a challenge, I do have a pimp post for *pnish * over here, that I hope could be inspirational.

Hell, I'd be glad to see any kind of *pnish*-play fic in my stocking this year, so a fic based on the short, subtitled “Host Club Skit” (Part 1, Part 2, Ending Dance), about 4 brothers who run a host club together, would be awesome too! Anything about how their home life is like, what their regular guests are like and so on (Yuuchi, the guy in yellow, is my favorite character there, trying to be cool and sophisticated, while really being just an average guy). OCs are in other words welcome, slash or het with OCs fine but not required.

Quick word on why I like the characters I tagged in my sign-up:
- Nataraja & Pasupata (from Maharaja Mode) I love because of the betrayal and reunion they go through, as well as the secrets that are revealed about them through the play (blanked for spoilers) that Pasupata pretended to be blind all of his life, just to keep the fact that Nataraja was born a thief secret. Slash between them would be delicious. Also, the kingdom(?) they live in fascinates me, as it's clearly a very fairy tale like version of ancient India, twisted around a bit.
- Ricchi (from Secret Box) I love because...I'm honestly not quite sure. I like the fact that he seems to love using his superpower for the joy of fighting and to help people, despite the fact that it hurts like hell after every power-down, that he's a nice guy even if a bit one-track-minded, that he's been told to speak in a polite manner to help keep his temper in check and that he can be quite sarcastic when the moment calls for it. His old rivalry with Taji would also be fun to learn more about. I'd be thrilled to read anything about his past or everyday life - how did Momose find him and convince him to join Secrets? Why was he always fighting with Taji, and not Azuma or Haru? What does his life look like after the play?
- Garakusha (from Samurai Mode) I love because of his loyalty, his will to go through a lot of shit to fulfill a goal and what I perceive (and this is just me, mind) as the UST between him and the younger brother of the enemy, Ryoumei/Ryounosuke - with Garakusha being a bit (sorry, a lot) on the oblivious side.

(Characters: Medicine Seller, Otherself)

I love the mood of this series, not to mention the mysteries! And by that, I mean both the ghosts and the Medicine Seller himself (themselves?). Most of all, I'd love to read a fic about who, or rather _what_, the Medicine Seller is. Why does he do what he does? Where did he come from and where is he going? And what is his relationship with Otherself? Are they the same person? Friends? Lovers? Enemies?
On the other hand, I'd also love an "episode like" fic, with a mononoke of some kind making life rightfully troublesome for someone. It'd be interesting to see it set in modern-ish time (think the final episode), but as it says on the sign-up form, optional details are optional.

I'm not looking for a particular pairing in this fandom, though I wouldn't mind seeing one. Medicine Seller and Otherself interacting in any way is basically enough for me.

Would love to see a third party's view of them, hear what sort of impression the Medicine Seller leaves behind on people and how they react to the change - they seem so uncaring of his less human aspects (the ears, the fangs, etc.), so I'm wondering what they really see when they look at him, and if that changes when they see him vanquishes the mononoke, as Otherself.

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
(Characters: Sugata, Takuto, Wako)

I ship these three like you wouldn't believe! It made me so full of joy when I realized there finally was a show I liked with three people, who could all be romantical and happy together, without anyone being left out or overshadowed by the other two. In short, anything fluffy and shippy, with these three all being in love with each other, would make my Yuletide a shimmery and smiling one!
If that ship isn't one you'd like to sail (please excuse the pun, I'm very tired), I also adore the camp, sparkly universe these three inhabit! What happens after the end of the anime? Will our heroes go adventuring off the island? Will they go into space? Will there be (more) aliens? The possibilities are endless!

Again, I adore the relationship these three have. They're all good friends, though in different ways, and all three seem so aware of their wish to stay together. My personal view on things is that they're all in love with each other (ie. not just Takuto and Wako in love, and Wako and Sugata in love, but Takuto and Sugata in love with each other too), though I have no real proof to back that up.

I guess I have nothing more to add to this. In short: love this poly pairing, but I'd love a gen fic about this show too, with those three in focus, set anywhere on the timeline (though I'm most curious about what could have happened after the final episode).

I also like the rest of the cast, so if you feel like including some of them, that'd just make me happier.
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