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26 October 2011 @ 12:30 pm
Fanfics I have put online  
I thought I'd make a coherent (?) list of all the fics I've put up on the interwebs that either are finished or still on going. I have a few dead WIPs here and there, so if you don't see a story you know I've written on here, I've either forgotten about it or left it to suffer in the dark.

Without futher ado, here are my fanfics, listed by fandom:


An Invitation
Yuletide 2009, for Wolfic. Chane invites her friends Jacuzzi and Nice on an outing with her and her fiancé.


Drabble 1
For manga. Fluff, Rayek & Ekuar.

Drabble 2
For stargazer. Foxfur & Skywise.

Drabble. Dart & Kimo, with a second of Aurek/Egg.

Lightstep and Tam (WIP!)
Lightstep, chieftess of ten bloods, leads her Wolfrider tribe through the desert to Sorrow's End, where she Recognizes the healer Tam. Will Tam's lovemate Twen get in the way of their Recognition?
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Moonshade and Chitter
For Icemoon. A moment between parent and child.

My Secret Santa gift to Rainflower, written 2010. Features Shuna, Dart and Kimo.

The Chaos Project (WIP!)
A collections of drabbles, portraying the Elfquest-world if 50% of the elves switched life situation and gender + 100% switched tribes.
1) Early Evening
2) The Air Burned
3) Desert

The Seven Years (WIP!)
Another worldpool/what if story: What if Bearclaw had stumbled on the trolls' well kept secret before the time of Madcoil? And what if humans had made their way to Sorrow's End before the Wolfriders' arrival? Well, let's see...

What Aroree found (WIP!)
What if Rayek's parents got lost, just as he was about to be born? What if they got as far as the other side of the desert? What if they were killed? And what if Aroree found the newborn Rayek, hanging on a tree branch? Find the answers here!
(For easier reading, here are links to each chapter in the thread:
Prologue: Death of the lifegivers
Chapter 1: Stray Gliders do find treasures
Chapter 2: The walls' eyes watch
Chapter 3: Flightless)

Harry Potter

Limbo is a Platform
For fooza. Sirius/Remus. Are transparent benches comfortable?

How To Train Your Dragon

Sometimes You Should Listen to the Romans
Yuletide Madness 2010, for thisissirius. All rumours that the Romans make up aren't lies. Honestly!


Drabble. Wilson and rest are currently not on the best of terms.


The Source of Inspiration
Written for inception_bang, round 1. Arthur/Eames. One morning at work Cobb gets a very odd phone call and an equally odd text. They trigger events that spiral out of control quickly - will reuniting with his former colleagues make things better or worse? And exactly who did he make an enemy out of this time?


Yuletide 2008, for ZiriOokamiotoko. The tale of how the sun goddess Amaterasu ascended to the heavens is now a legend. Is a legend enough to keep humans' faith in the gods? In a small mountain village, faith is about to be rewarded.

Petshop of Horrors

Yuletide 2006 (i.e. old!), for Peroxidepest17. Leon/Count D. Unexplained murders and a possible reunion, or...?

Spice and Wolf

A Friend in Need (Because of You)
Yuletide 2011, for Ailelie. Lawrence runs into an old friend he might have wronged more than he knows. Thankfully, Holo has a plan.

Sherlock Holmes

Open Secrets
AU. Holmes/Watson. Written for holmes_big_bang 2010. Watson has never commented on Holmes' uncanny ability to switch the guise of follower for leader in the wink of an eye, just as Holmes never has asked for details concerning Watson's meetings with 'old friends' and this has worked fine for several years. But thanks to a gang of surprisingly resourceful jewellery thieves and a sudden engagement this might all be about to change. 

Pills in a Cupboard
Sherlock (TV). Post-Reichenbach. Pre-Slash John/Sherlock. Sherlock comes back. John is doubtful. Inspired by this Tumblr post.

The Warehouse
Snippet of a WIP. AU. Holmes/Watson. Three armed men have Holmes and Watson cornered. Facing certain death there is one impulse Watson for once can't fight back.

Yuletide 2010, for Spatz. Set in Neil Gaiman's "A Study in Emerald"-universe. A look into the life of Mary Morstan, in the year of Her Majesty 1883.

Stargate Atlantis

Zelenka/McKay. There's a fight in the main lab.

Watch what you think
Written for "The Czech is in the Male". Zelenka/McKay. Few scientists believe that you can 'jinx' a situation. Even so, Murphy's Law is a strong force.

X-Men: First Class

Of Brothers and Sisters
Post-Movie(s). Mystique muses on her relationship with Charles, though only almost.
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