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16 October 2011 @ 01:40 am
Tag, I'm it!  
Time to play catch up with the internet! Sorry for not reading and commenting friends, I'll do my best to get caught up before New Years at least.

So, what's been keeping me busy?

  • University. Life as an aspiring speech and language pathologist is anything but dull! We've been doing voice residency both last term and this, with the last day of that having been two weeks ago, immediately followed by neurology residency. Fun and exciting! But it takes a lot of my time, since I'm out of town (and away from internet access) two days a week. Still, I just finished an exam, so I'm feeling optimistic about free time, for the moment.

  • Summer job. Swim coach again this year, together with my sister. A real lucky summer, water was about 22 degrees Celsius everyday and only one day was canceled due to rain and thunder.

  • Economics. I've got the economic responsibility of making sure 2 fairly big parties (200 and 100 guests respectively) don't crash and burn, budget-wise. The first one went off without a hitch last week; and I danced, acted, helped out with preparing and cleaning up. Also a ton of fun, but wore me out a bit.

  • Pole dancing. My new hobby. One of my friends wanted to hang out more regularly. This was the solution. It's quite a challenge, but my arms have gotten a lot stronger and I've got my own pole to practice on at home (I share it with some friends, but apparently my parents are the only ones that won't make a big deal out of it – they think it's quite a fun idea actually - so they don't mind when they come to visit).

  • Snakesitting. I've got a cute little corn snake that I'm babysitting for a friend while he finds a new place to live. An adorable little animal :)

  • *pnish*. My latest obsession. I reposted a few Rock Musical Bleach-pics and -gifs over on Tumblr a while back. It was only a matter of time before I fell in love with the group, as Tsuchiya “Tuti” Yuuichi is my favorite actor of that cast (and Morijama Eiji isn't bad either). I've got my sister to thank for the introduction to their shows. Favorites so far are Maharaja Mode, Samurai Mode and Secret Box. I will be posting links and recs quite soon.

Thus ends the tale of why I've been lazy. More rants about *pnish*, DS9, the snake and life + fandoms in general to follow! ...eventually ;)
Current Mood: draineddrained
Listening to: Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
crowdog66: garak smilecrowdog66 on October 16th, 2011 12:13 am (UTC)
Whew! That is a lot! :)

Glad to see you're still alive and kicking. I was starting to worry a bit!
Nonesane: Secrets and Liesnonesane on October 16th, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
I have this awful habit of disappearing from the net for months on end when real life gets too busy, sorry to worry you!

If it's any reassurance, my family knows where to find my passwords and lists of important sites where they can tell people the news, should something bad actually happen to me. Would be so creepy to just disappear from the net forever, without anyone telling my online friends I'm gone. That's life in the information age I guess :)

I'll be off out of town again Monday morning, so can't promise I'll catch up tomorrow (have a ton of birthday fics to finish for my sister + meeting with another person on the party economy team), but as I said, I'll do my best to be talking with everyone before New Years!