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03 April 2011 @ 02:01 am
I won't be able to sleep tonight! Oh, why do I always discover such awesome things when no one in my time zone who could care is awake. Why?!

Okay, deep breaths. Calm, even breaths. Pull yourself together.

Now, those who have known me long enough know that my first ever fandom was this:

Yes, ThunderCats. As an adult watching this show, it's easy to get bored with the bad writing, predictable episode centered plots, heavy handed moral messages, mediocre animation and everyone-laughs-endings. In short, it's a 80s kids' show made to sell toys and not the best there ever was in form of quality.

That said, it is my most favorite cartoon of all time, because of the nostalgic value it holds for me.

It first aired on Swedish television when I was five and I watched every episode religiously, all summer, as did some of my friends. And after that we kept on playing ThunderCats, developing our own mythos and social structure - creating our own little alternate universe where I always was Tygra, melodytime always was Cheetara and whatever siblings we could rope into the action got to be everyone else.

But why am I reminiscing about a childhood cartoon obsession?

Well, for several years there's been talk of a modernized reboot of the series, like what's happened for other popular 80s shows. I haven't paid such rumours much attention, seeing as such plans often are just random gossip or fall through.

But now. Now!

It. Looks. EPIC!

Nostalgia googles or no, the animation is beautiful, the character designs are much less spandex and 80s hair yet still recognizable and from what I've read around the Net, there's going to be a consistent plot all the way through the show!

I might just have a heart-attack, I'm so happy! Or worried? I don't know.

I know this will be a kids cartoon, but so is Avatar: The Last Airbender and that show is just as fun for an adult to watch as it is for a child (maybe even more so, with all the hints and innuendo). And I'm picturing this as something like the Avatar cartoon - epic plot, fun characters and beautiful animation.

My hopes could of course be in vain, but I've decided to remain positive. They've of course made changes - Snarf doesn't talk (which can only be good, honestly) and my favorite character Tygra is apparently Lion-O's brother this time around...however that works (Is he a liger? Does that mean he's sterile or do Thunderians not work like that? Interesting fic ideas already!) - but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

When I really think about it, I actually welcome the changes. Trying to be the old show would not be a good thing - it's much better to try and improve on somethign than outright copy it.

As for me, personally: whatever new cartoon that comes out with my beloved ThunderCats - carbon copy of the old show or a completely new thing - it doesn't matter, because the characters would never be the ones I remember. My ThunderCats are forever lost in a crazy mix of half-remembered cartoon and years of play-pretend.

Yeah, this new show can turn out to be crap. But until I know that for sure, I'll be insanely cheerful and obsessed with nostalgia. Have no fear though - I have people I can bother in real life with this, who might actually care a little, so I won't spam lj too much ;)

Found another trailer!

Seems like they're going for a bit of magic vs tech and the destruction of Thundera the planet has now become the destruction of Thundera the city/empire. Interesting.

Though I'm a little worried they'll derail the original personalities of the characters (such as they were)...but yeah, still awesome.
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